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Magic Carpet Adventures
Greg, Donna Lou and Boat Cat Ziwhot's Search for Adventure Captain Gregory (KI6IIU) and Admiral Donna Lou (KI6IIS) Norell E-mail:
Wedding Harvest Computers

Ford F250 Running After Computer Scare
After our safe arrival at Marina San Carlos we hurried to Hurricane proof Magic Carpet so we could return to the USA and travel to our Son's wedding in Boston and Harvest a Crop of Olives in California But Murphy's Law struck us again our bullet proof Ford Diesel truck waiting in storage would not start, After lots of conversations and inspections challenging our command of the Spanish languish it was determined it as the computer. Greg ordered a new computer ASAP There were none available in Mexico none available in USA, the only way to get one was to have the old one remanufactured 3 to 6 weeks. After a big trying personal search we found one near our home in California, we had it overnighted t some friends in Tucson Arizona who personally rushed it across the boarder and hand carried it to Magic Carpet it was just what we needed. Our truck was running again. The drive to California was uneventful the wedding was fantastic harvest was OK. We have returned to San Carlos and Magic Carpet, it takes about 10 days to hurricane proof her and about 6 weeks to set her back up and upgrade her for this season. We hope to head south early February or sooner.

Magic Carpet's Ships Log
01/08/2012 | alexander& florence montavo
It must be very complicated being vagabonds with so many connections that seem to keep you tethered.
It is good that you are able to continue towards your dream.
Please be careful. Your dream can be misconstrued by people less fortunate and can be translated into nothing but contempt towards you.
Our prayers are with you. We do not know where you are most safe.
Upon the land the people are desperate. When you are upon the water the water and winds and currents can be treacherous and then there are pirates.
We know that you are not naive people. We understand that you are an exceptional couple with adventurous courage. You have ventured into a wilderness of vast horizons that is more expansive than the land masses.
May your courage be tempered by humility and your humility be blessed unto your souls redemption.
Follow your bliss.
01/09/2012 | Victoria and Suzanne
Hi Mom! Suzanne and I are checking out your blog- Ryan sure liked seeing the Whale Sharks and baby whales... May 2012 bring you safety and the joy of adventure you seek. Hope to see you soon! Please take care of yourself for us. We love you!! Bonne Annee!
Chabosco Hits 15 Miles to Go.
Admiral Donna Lou

Convection Clouds starting to Brew

All was well aboard Magic Carpet when we anchored in the calm waters of Bahia San Pedro we were thinking of all the work putting her away for Hurricane Season. After a leisurely Breakfast we pulled the anchor (35lb CQR with all chain road). All weather information had reported light winds out of the N/E . All Hell Broke Loose The light winds were building from the S/W the Seas were building the sky was filled with convection clouds over San Carlos area being close to shore we reefed down turned on the Yanmar and still made very little head way soon we were making no head way, we dropped the main rolled up the head sail and tuned around, seas were building winds were building we flew back to San Pedro dropped the hook behind a big mountain set up anchor watch using our Radar and 2 sets of BIG eyes. As the wind built to a reported 70MPH the wind was blowing the tops off the building seas like a great sheet fantastic sight, we keep our eyes on the lee shore but the anchor held tight no drag. Our little dinghy which we were towing turned turtle, but we had to leave it for a while, about midday the wind died. ( a Chabasco for sure). We righted our inflatable everything was tied in so all was well.(our out board engine always rides on Magic Carpets rail) The rap around swell was now tossing and turning Magic Carpet like a washing machine it was time to get out of there. Our mighty Yanmar started plowing our way back home, the sea's were big the wind was down, Once again we thank Bill Lee for his great design of our Lancer 36 she's lively fast and most important she's strong, she serve us well. We were tired that evening and did not check into the net they called us to if we were Ok ,it felt good to know we were not alone. Several cruisers had a harder time then we did but in the end all was well.

Magic Carpet's Ships Log
01/31/2012 | Mike Robinson
Anchor watch remined me of a site I discovered and a new free app they have: is a very cool online cruising guide. You must sign up (free) to get all the details. They just introduced a cool app called "drag queen". Sounds dicey but it uses cell phone or computer gps to alert you if you are dragging.
Float Party at La Mona
Admiral Donna Lou

La Mona Float Party

La Mona was the location for the Net Controllers Float party our first! About 26 Boats arrived Fun was had by all accompanied by a great Beach party pot luck Campfire Stories and a few songs. Sadly the morning we had to head for San Carlos, we Island hopped always listening to the Marine Radio and Ham Radio for weather reports hoping to avoid a Chubasco,( winds for 3 to 4 hours up to 70MPH). We were off, Bay of LA to Isla Partita Norte, Isla Partida Norte to Willard on Isla Tiburon, Willard to Bahia Kino, Bahia Kino to Bahia San Pedro. The Passages were challenging because of the large tides. Strong currents & rip tides.

Magic Carpet's Ships Log
Mexican Navy On Call
Admiral Donna Lou

Mexican Navy Boarding Magic Carpet

The Mexican Navy boarded Magic Carpet while we were there they were very nice and polite and offered us food and water. We thanked them but assured them we were well supplied with provisions. They said just call if we needed anything, nice guys. We enjoyed our time with them. Sailing South back to Bay of LA area to La Mona anchorage we were passed by a school of Pilot Whales heading North straight at us at fast pace what a fabulous sight. Dorado were so plentiful we could no longer fish, we never take more than we can eat and our freezer was full the job now was to eat it all up before we reached San Carlos.

Magic Carpet's Ships Log
01/15/2012 | alexander& florence montavo
A question about the bow of the Mexican Navy boat: is that black device on the bow a push devise or some kind of an apron?
Upper Sea Puerto Refugio
Admiral Donna Lou

Picture of Sail Rock Entrance to Puerto Refugio

Number One New Year's Pledge!
Bring sail blog up to date. Time passes fast when you are having fun. Don Juan the near perfect hurricane hiding hole in the Sea of Cortez. Far north 28 degree 56'n, 113 degree 27'w is full of marine life, better than the best fish market. Don Juan always offers us great harvesting opportunity's Needless to say we ate well, fully protected from the wind and the sea. A great place to catch up on "boat work" entertain fellow cruisers with Magic Carpets signature dish, Bouillabaisse and Artisan Bread with homemade dipping olive oil. We were starting to feel pushed so much to see & so much to do & so little time. Olive harvest was fast approaching 8 weeks - Our son wedding Sept. 10, a command attendance event, not a cruiser attire event. Our goal this season was to sail farther north than ever before, Isla Angel de la Guarda and Puerto Refugio. After a Brief stop at Bahia de los Angeles Village to purchase a few fresh vegetables and lunch at Guillermo's where we were greeted by Herman Hill Baja's (82 year old) Gold prospector and heard of his exercise plan getting ready for his up coming trip into the mountains to retrieve his 40 lb's of his hidden GOLD stash. (just think of the dollar value at today's prices) We than sailed north to Isla Mitlan & Las Rocas where we anchored a few day's sharing the cove with whales the night sounds were fantastic. We enjoyed snorkeling and did a circumnavigation around the island and found it not as exciting as expected. The bird population and nesting area were fascinating. At a lunch break aboard Magic Carpet we were visited by Banditos who helped them self's to Greg's face mask & snorkel , the banditos must of felt guilty and left a few peso's in our inflatable Aladdin that was tied to Magic Carpet's stern. Thank God for spares. Leaving we sailed for Sail Rock a giant Rock white with Bird Poop a great land mark leading the way to Puerto Refugio's west passage. During the next ten days we moved to several different coves. Water visibility changed daily from great to OK to poor. The Marine life and bird life were not afraid of us and were actually interested in us. Baby Seals wanted to swim with us, fish came by to look us over. Pelicans wanted to board Magic Carpet and a Brewers black bird moved aboard and after a few days living with not potty trained bird. We moved to another anchorage and in a few days the bird found us and was joined by his partner.

Magic Carpet's Ships Log
Magic Carpets passage from Isla Partida Norte to Puerto Don Juan
Admirals Report Donna Lou
07/23/2011, 28 53'N 113 02'W to 28 56'N 113 27' W

Magic Carpets passage from Isla Partida Norte to Puerto Don Juan, 28 53'N 113 02'W 28 56'N 113 27' W Five hour reach with light to moderate winds from the SSE. One whale spotted at a distance, dolphins frolicking about. Magic Carpets meat line hocks onto a very large very colorful male Dorado he jumps takes one good look at us and spits the hook. Were glad he's free, but wish we got a picture of him. The procedure when the fish on call go out is. Grab the rod, pull in Aladdin (inflatable dingy), pull in teaser, slow Magic Carpet, keep fighting the catch, land the fish, keep it from making a big mess in Magic Carpets white cockpit, fillet & bag ASAP, it takes 4 hands for sure to accomplish this. Mother Nature took our big Dorado but has given us three Sierra keepers and four catch and release. Puerto Don Juan is just like a private fishpond; it's the best natural Hurricane hole in the Sea of Cortez. It's full of claims, oysters and the best eating fish. Were surrounded by mountains prowled by coyotes waiting for big fish to chase little fish ashore just for them. The ever present blue footed Boobies, Pelicans & Gulls diving for their fair share. It's all a constant reminder to us that we a truly in paradise.

Magic Carpet's Ships Log
08/14/2011 | Mike and Diane Robinson
one more year! Looking forward to crossing wakes with Magic Carpet.

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