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:-) Mike on Mahina planning to sail around the world
Mahina is a 1959-60 Hawaiian Tahiti Ketch. With Mike at the helm we intend to embark on a voyage around the world as soon as we can. House is sold! Largest concern is my own health, Mahina will be ready to go this summer!
We have a deal
04/20/2006, Garibaldi Highlands

We have an accepted offer. So far so good. Charlie does not need a new heart valve all good! White count still high doing more tests. Diana had a bad day today. Have still not heard back from out east?

Swinging garbage
04/16/2006, Garibaldi Highlands

Had to clear out at noon again because the house was to be shown. Walked into this in the second park on my way to my bus stop.

Easter 2006
04/14/2006, Garibaldi Highlands

Happy Easter everybody. Not a word from my father, wonder where he is? Have a showing on Saturday. The pain in my feet is just shuting me right down. It is a bad day when I wake and within the first half hour I just want to get on the pain killers. Hope there's lots of chocolat for everybody, remember it is healthy!

Help has arrived
04/13/2006, Garibaldi Highlands

The deposit was made as promised, could there be a light at the end of this tunnel? Nothing new on the house front except that the engineer has now declared that he can not provide the letter promised? This does not help us battle this urban legend that we are going to end up in the creek! All I can do is maintain a positive attitude and hang in there until that one party shoes up that likes what they see. The general consensus is not to spend any more money but sell as is.

Charlie is home
04/12/2006, California

Great news, CCG is back at home. Needs a heart valve fixed in a few weeks but this pneumonia did not get him down! My promised support has not arrived and no word yet on how the Birthday and the new ID all turned out?

End of discussion
04/09/2006, Garibaldi Highlands

After a final go around this morning, father is on his way home with a new piece of ID in hand. I am still a little stunned, we covered a lot of turff! Not sure if we accomplished much though? It's late evening now and no news yet if everybody got home well? Marianne announced Investors from Toronto and maybe another visit from Chilliwack?
One of my favorite world maps and I sort of feel like the middle east right now, in the dark?!

Quick update from Judy: After 7 days in intensive care, Charlie was moved to a regular floor room Saturday 5:00 p.m. Yep, he,s already bugging them to release him today and one doctor told him this morning "absolutely not." Charlie is a little better and appears to have turned the corner, but still has a lot of problems. He cannot breathe w/out oxygen at all times. He has a heart valve problem which will be addressed as soon as he has recovered from the penumonia.

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