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:-) Mike on Mahina planning to sail around the world
Mahina is a 1959-60 Hawaiian Tahiti Ketch. With Mike at the helm we intend to embark on a voyage around the world as soon as we can. House is sold! Largest concern is my own health, Mahina will be ready to go this summer!
End of discussion
04/09/2006, Garibaldi Highlands

After a final go around this morning, father is on his way home with a new piece of ID in hand. I am still a little stunned, we covered a lot of turff! Not sure if we accomplished much though? It's late evening now and no news yet if everybody got home well? Marianne announced Investors from Toronto and maybe another visit from Chilliwack?
One of my favorite world maps and I sort of feel like the middle east right now, in the dark?!

Quick update from Judy: After 7 days in intensive care, Charlie was moved to a regular floor room Saturday 5:00 p.m. Yep, he,s already bugging them to release him today and one doctor told him this morning "absolutely not." Charlie is a little better and appears to have turned the corner, but still has a lot of problems. He cannot breathe w/out oxygen at all times. He has a heart valve problem which will be addressed as soon as he has recovered from the penumonia.

Loss of ID
04/08/2006, Brakendale

Had the understanding we would meet at 0900 this morning so I was ready to go with a list of chores, not often there is a car available these day's! Nope he understood 1000 so called right on the hour with plans to go walking because he had missed his excersise. Then it was also decided to meet for dinner again at 0600. When we met for dinner it turned out father had lost his only picture ID and some credit cards in the same restaurant last night. So the question was, how to you board an airplane without picture ID these days? So off we went to the new cop shop in town and spoke with the constable on duty who then later came through by building a backup picture ID which became available later that evening.

On the defensive
04/07/2006, Garibaldi Highlands

Still loosing

Thanks Kirsten
Sun some cloud cover
04/06/2006, Garibaldi Highlands

Thanks to Kirsten for remembering the correct dates for the last two pictures I posted, the two in the tub and mom with me. Our father is here today arrived around noon. it has been an interesting afternoon, we are trying to get right to the point if that is possible. Remember the apple does not fall far from the tree!

Coming to the rescue
04/04/2006, Garibaldi Highlands

Wow, yesterday was a rough day. Wrote an amazing novel that took most of the evening. Hope I got my point across. Result is that I get an e-mail this afternoon, he is on his way. Not sure what we will accomplish, the facts are all on the table, from my point of view at least. We must hang in there somehow until the house is sold. Must have faith in the fact that this will happen? Hope the solution is not to give it away, maybe that's the required move? Not sure? Hard to believe that I am joining the fifty something crowd next month! As long as I can hang on to Mahina I'll have a home!!

Supplies for the month
04/03/2006, Garibaldi Highlands

Was so glad I had made the effort to go to the free clinic or I may have seriously hurt myself Sunday night. So I was on a mission again, so lucky, Doc J. will see me at 1130, took a cab to be sure I would get there on time. Then I sat for just over an hour and we finally did connect! Everyone wants to see an MRI of my head and neck but there is a 6 months waiting list. They will call us when there is one month to go. Like in the movie industry: "Hurry up and wait"!

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