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:-) Mike on Mahina planning to sail around the world
Mahina is a 1959-60 Hawaiian Tahiti Ketch. With Mike at the helm we intend to embark on a voyage around the world as soon as we can. House is sold! Largest concern is my own health, Mahina will be ready to go this summer!
Still in rehab at GF Strong
Clear and cold, blue sky

Still in rehab, but my two social workers are both working hard to get me placed in Squamish. How great that would be.

At EF Strong rehab.

After a CT scan at Lionsgate General Hospital I was declared a SCI case. Stands for Spinal Cord Injury. After 6 hours on the table they removed one of my ribs and created a new CT12 Vertabra. They used the bone from my rib to cut lots of pieces and two metal plates for the reconstruction.
The bulge on my left is where the rib was removed, finally all the staples and stitches where removed.

Just after surgery
10/10/2012, VGH

Just before surgery, the nurse told Scott that they do a lot of these surgeries and I had a 50% chance of walking again.

Before surgery

Still smiling, little did I know what was to come?

A clean fore deck?
AM Overcast - PM Blue sky
07/19/2012, Squamish

Tomorrow could be watch day unless plans change.


Being spoiled by my new connection.
By now I am beginning to think it will stick around.
Galley tap and Grey water system's next.
VHF in the hole needs power and antenna.
Whew that was a strange winter, out back is still covered well.


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Mahina I Te Pua
Who: Mike on Mahina
Port: Squamish, BC
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