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A Cross Ocean Experience
Seven thousand miles of outstanding cruising since November 2008 means it's time to do a little renovation and more planning for the future. Find out what ...
Universal shame
Richard Cross

Amongst the multitudes of spares and supplies that we have been trying to stow in some kind of manageable system, are engine parts. We re-powered in 2006 with a Universal M-25 XPB, a process not to be taken lightly, and hopefully never to be repeated. A complete "offshore" spares kit from Universal is priced at $1,300, so I opted to play Russian Roulette and try to reduce the cost by guessing what would fail first. Pictured above is what we chose. For this paltry collection, which surely will either be not enough or never needed, we paid $610. It included a package (far right) of 9 copper washers and 4 steel ones priced at $75 the pack. Have they no shame. These people must think that because we sail we are stupid. In this they may not be alone.
This, and other last minute paperwork hassles and money woes all bring to mind the wonderful (if fictional) character Jack Aubrey .. totally at ease and in balance when voyaging, but "all at sea when on land". He longed to escape the hassles of shore bound life for the more predictable challenges of the sea. We can only hope that we will enjoy some of the same balance.

The BCC, maintenance & gear
11/14/2008 | JF
Aubrey also said he
"never knew a man that didn't think about money."
Bottom job
Virginia Cross
10/30/2008, Driscoll's Mission Bay

Two weeks until departure day. Mandy gets a bottom job and a couple of coats of wax (ouch, my aching arms) to look her best.
When we got her out of the water we discovered that our "Kiwi Prop" had a split housing. We got on the phone to John in New Zealand and he told us that a few of the older models had the same problem, but that they were using a stronger material now with good results. He would get a replacement sent off to us FedEx. We cannot fault theim on their efficient service, but we were rather alarmed at the discovery of the crack in what has been so far a lightly used part.
We are now both carrying around multiple lists and we seem have taken up a second residence at the Westmarine store on Shelter Island.

The BCC, maintenance & gear
11/07/2008 | harold cross
I will try again to send greetings.I will be away on the departure date so I wish you both a fantastic cruise,with fair winds (if your lucky) and easy going tides.Love Dad

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