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Margaret Gale
Bear Week
Peggy/ weather, gorgeous
07/10/2012, Provincetown, Mass.

We arrived in P town yesterday. We came up through the Cape Cod canal, as we exited the canal the bay was quite rough. Bob changed the itinerary instantaneously. (he has been known to do this) He said, "We can either motor in this chop to Plymouth or have a nice sail to P town."
He left out the "chop" part associated with the "nice sail." So needless to say Flori and I were not happy sailors. Claudio loved it.

It is bear week in P town. I think they could rename it to bear/bare week.

The weather has been beautiful. Today we dinghied to the beach at the tip of the point. Saw some seals. (and some bears)

Tonight we plan to eat at Mews (great restaurant, we ate here 2 years ago and as soon as we arrived yesterday, I called for a reservation.) We leave tomorrow for Marblehead.

Red Brook Harbor
Peggy/ weather: sunny, warm
07/09/2012, Pocasset, Mass.

Left Newport at 7:30 am yesterday. Headed to Red Brook which is at the foot of the Cape Cod canal. We actually sailed for a few hours until the northerly wind died. Arrived Red Brook at 3:30.

Re: Illnesses, etc.
Peggy, I am feeling better. Just some residual achiness at the points of impact from my fall, and I still have itchy bites from the black flies at Sore Thumb.

Bob, His back is still going in and out, (In being good and out being bad. ) But thankfully he seems more in than out.

Flori, Yesterday she stubbed her toe on the companionway of The Floriana. Probably broke the toe. I explained buddy-taping.

Claudio, he's fine, and loving every minute of this trip. I only heard him complain about the heat.

RE: Dining, Last night all four of us ate at The Chart Room restaurant(Not to be confused with the lovely chain of Chart House restaurants. But it was the only game in town or at least on the dock. Anyway it was OK considering that Bob and I had survived on turkey sandwiches the past 2 nights.(And not because of poor provisioning, just due to exhaustion/ilness)

OK it is 7:47am (Way past our departure time!!)

Leaving Newport

Overnight stay in Newport. Very crowded on this holiday weekend. But the harbor remains as always a phenominal nautical experience.

Block Island Sound
Peggy weather :warm and muggy
07/07/2012, Newport

Margaret Gale: Left Montauk this morning, destination Newport Rhode Island.We met rough choppy seas. Bob says "Welcome to Block Island sound."
BOB: Back goes in and out. I told him not to crank the winches anymore.
ME: Still very under the weather.
Floriana crew: Fine.
Newport: Lots and lots of long sailing vessels.

Ship shape and bad shape
Peggy, weather: great
07/06/2012, Lake Montauk

We had a great motor sail from Fire Island inlet to Montauk. 6:am to 6pm. Our friends Flori and Claudio are sailing with us on their boat a 42 foot Kantor. They came in last night to the boat basin. Bob's back was hurting so I volunteered to "hop off" our boat and help them tie up. When I maneuvered myself over the bow pulpit the dock was much lower and I wound up falling onto a concrete sidewalk. Hurt my left hip, left elbow, and tbe back of my head.
Today was not a good day. Besides being achy, queasy in the morning, fly bitten(When I questioned Bob about flies in the ocean. He said, "Oh the north wind is blowing them from the shore to our boat.") and sleepy from the anti-seasickness medication, Bob was in a bad state with his back. He took a Flexeril which made him groggy.(Not good having a groggy captain in the ocean.) So we alternated napping in the cockpit for the whole 12 hour trip. But we made it.

07/09/2012 | T Hackett
Sorry to hear all that. Also, do you proof read these or is it just because of the Bonine?
07/10/2012 | Peggy Van Tassel
It is because I was doing it from my cell phone. Anyway I think I fixed the typos now.
Are we having fun yet?
Peggy, weather Mad hot
07/05/2012, Robert Moses boat basin

We have arrived. Our first destination. After loading the boat in 90+ heat I was looking forward to Sore Thumb. Bob and I both planned to go for a swim. Too bad. Sore thumb was shoaled in. The power boaters and their families were all enjoying the Sore Thumb beach. We found another cove on the north side of the bay. By now the small black flies were biting so I doused myself with OFF. I had my bathing suit on (use which is rare because usually I am too cold) and we anchored in this cove directly opposite Sore Thumb. Let out 150 feet of anchor and once again I was thinking we would be swimming soon. "Too much current," Bob advised. We had to move again. I volunteered to work the wIndlass because I was still getting bitten in the cockpit snd I thought the breeze on the bow would deter the pesky critters. Wrong. I had to stop and go down below and put on long pants and a windbreaker (90┬░use heat) to avoid the fly bites. So off we went to the boat basin for the night.

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