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Margaret Gale

Flori at Fort Sewall

07/12/2012, Marblehead, Mass.

View of Marblehead harbor.

We have arrived
Peggy/ weather remains perfect
07/12/2012, Marblehead, Mass.

We left P town yesterday morning and it was about a 6 hour passage to Marblehead. Flat calm seas, with little to no wind. But, we arrived. This was our northernmost destination, unless you count Salem which we will sail to tomorrow. (It is like around the corner from here.) Even Flori says she won"t need Bonine for that trip.

Marblehead is serene, and the harbor is filled with beautiful sailing yachts. I commented to Bob that every boat I see is so well maintained and shiny. (Every) Also the Corinthian Yacht Club launch is immaculate. Speaking of the Corinthian Yacht Club, Bob tripped on the top step going into the yacht club and he went sprawling forward and landed on the deck yesterday afternoon. He said he remembers tripping on this same step two years ago. (The top step is a little higher than the rest.) A woman sitting nearby commented that she sees a lot of people miss that step. I guess things are just very laid -back up here. Today he has a very sore chest.

We walked through town with Flori and Claudio today and then we enjoyed a nice lunch on the outside deck of The Landings restaurant.

P town transport
Peggy/ weather could no be bettet
07/11/2012, Provinctown, Mass.

I took a pedicab to the Mews. Bob preferred to walk, actually he agreed to the pedicab thing after I reminded him how I never got to take that Segue tour in Naples, Florida thanks to him. He did not want to walk back with me to get the pedicab so I went by myself. It was one of the highlights of my trip so far.
Meanwhile the Floriana crew had walked to the Provincetown tower and
? courageously climbed to the top of the tower and then Flori and Claudio wakled to the Mews and we all had a nice dinner.

Bear Week
Peggy/ weather, gorgeous
07/10/2012, Provincetown, Mass.

We arrived in P town yesterday. We came up through the Cape Cod canal, as we exited the canal the bay was quite rough. Bob changed the itinerary instantaneously. (he has been known to do this) He said, "We can either motor in this chop to Plymouth or have a nice sail to P town."
He left out the "chop" part associated with the "nice sail." So needless to say Flori and I were not happy sailors. Claudio loved it.

It is bear week in P town. I think they could rename it to bear/bare week.

The weather has been beautiful. Today we dinghied to the beach at the tip of the point. Saw some seals. (and some bears)

Tonight we plan to eat at Mews (great restaurant, we ate here 2 years ago and as soon as we arrived yesterday, I called for a reservation.) We leave tomorrow for Marblehead.

Red Brook Harbor
Peggy/ weather: sunny, warm
07/09/2012, Pocasset, Mass.

Left Newport at 7:30 am yesterday. Headed to Red Brook which is at the foot of the Cape Cod canal. We actually sailed for a few hours until the northerly wind died. Arrived Red Brook at 3:30.

Re: Illnesses, etc.
Peggy, I am feeling better. Just some residual achiness at the points of impact from my fall, and I still have itchy bites from the black flies at Sore Thumb.

Bob, His back is still going in and out, (In being good and out being bad. ) But thankfully he seems more in than out.

Flori, Yesterday she stubbed her toe on the companionway of The Floriana. Probably broke the toe. I explained buddy-taping.

Claudio, he's fine, and loving every minute of this trip. I only heard him complain about the heat.

RE: Dining, Last night all four of us ate at The Chart Room restaurant(Not to be confused with the lovely chain of Chart House restaurants. But it was the only game in town or at least on the dock. Anyway it was OK considering that Bob and I had survived on turkey sandwiches the past 2 nights.(And not because of poor provisioning, just due to exhaustion/ilness)

OK it is 7:47am (Way past our departure time!!)

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