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10 April 2013 | Marina Mazatlan
10 March 2013 | Tlaquepaque, Jalisco
27 February 2013 | Marina Mazatlan
21 January 2013 | Marina Mazatlan
31 December 2012 | Teacapan, Sinaloa
31 July 2012 | Dana Point Marina
22 June 2012 | Oceanside/San Diego, CA
21 May 2012 | Las Cruces, NM
12 May 2012 | Marina Mazatlan, slip 5-40
28 April 2012 | Stone Island, Mazatlan
15 April 2012 | La Cruz de Huanacaxtle
11 April 2012 | Riviera Nayarit
05 April 2012 | Near Punta de Mita
01 April 2012 | Banderas Bay, Nayarit
26 March 2012 | Guadalajara, Jalisco
19 March 2012 | Puerto Vallarta
11 March 2012 | La Cruz de Huanacaxtle
08 March 2012 | La Cruz
04 March 2012 | La Cruz de Huanacaxtle
23 February 2012 | Yelapa, Jalisco

La Cruz update

10 April 2013 | Marina Mazatlan
Capt. Crabby
Just a quick update. We're back in Mazatlan after 10 days in La Cruz. We took the bus, and rented the top floor of a beautiful house with Frank and Stefanie from "Endless Summer". We had a private pool and beautiful surroundings. The house is owned by an American couple who live on the first floor.
So, to update La Cruz info., the Huanacaxtle Cafe is out of business, they lost their lease; 109 is now 119; Tacos on the Street now has a bar, you don't have to bring your own beer anymore, and Masala and Black Forest are still great. You might think all we did was eat, and you're right. We did a lot of swimming in the pool and catching up with acquaintances from last year.
We still haven't gone anywhere, as we have put "Marsha Dee" on the market and have had some prospects looking at her. If we can sell her anytime soon, we want to purchase an Irwin 37 that's for sale here. It has a lot more room, 2-heads and a shower!
Anyhow, we'll see what happens, and see you all in late May.

Guitar Lesson in Tlaquepaque

10 March 2013 | Tlaquepaque, Jalisco
Capt. Crabby
We just returned from Guadalajara with Frank and Stefanie from "Endless Summer". We took the bus, about $80.00 US round trip on a beautiful bus with only 24 wide reclining seats with individual TV's, Wi-Fi, clean bathrooms and even a free lunch and drink... like flying first class. It's about a 6-hour trip from Mazatlan to Zapopan, on the outskirts of Guadalajara. We sated in the beautiful B&B that we stayed in last year, walking distance to the historic district, restaurants, shopping, etc.
We took a double-decker tour bus to Tlaquepaque one day, and Tonala the next for shopping. Tlaquepaque is really nice, beautiful art galleries, shops, restaurants, etc. Frank and Stefanie bought a lot of stuff for their new house in Tucson. We took a double-decker bus that you can ride all day, get on and off wherever you want for less than $5.00 each US.
Anyhow, we're back in Mazatlan, and guess what, we have 25-30 knot winds, chilly temps, and the harbor entrance is closed. I'm beginning to wonder if we'll ever get out of here. First we were waiting for several important things which were delayed, and now the weather's been inclement for several weeks.
Anyhow, it could be worse. It's a lot warmer than So. Cal. And we're having fun here. We'll keep you posted as things develop.
Best to all from the crew of the "Marsha Dee".

Still in Mazatlan

27 February 2013 | Marina Mazatlan
Capt. Crabby
Well, here it is almost March, and we’re still in Mazatlan. Of course, there are worse places we could be. First our friends Frank and Stefanie on Endless Summer, who were bringing some important stuff for us, were delayed almost 2 weeks. Then, I discovered that in order for my satellite phone to work, they have to send me a new SIM card. The company that provides the service is in Canada, and cannot ship to Mexico, so I had to have it shipped to my daughter who will ship it here. It was supposed to arrive at my daughter’s last week. Of course, it didn’t, and when I called the company Monday, they said, “Oh, sorry, we forgot to ship it”. Now supposedly, it’s on its way, but who knows how long it’ll take.
Also, the weather here has been lousy. It’s been chilly and windy and the sailing conditions aren’t great. The harbor entrance has been closed a lot due to bad weather. We actually had to turn our electric heater on last night and this AM!
Anyhow, we’re still having fun. Last night we went to Bruja for lobster with Frank and Stefanie, Phoebe and Reg from Three Sheets, Paddy and Diane from The Islander and Ron and Maryanne Lucas from Teacapan. For 220 pesos (about $17.00) you get two whole lobster tails with all the trimmings as well as salad and after-dinner drinks. Also, the drinks were 2 for 1. The lobster was great.
We’ve got the boat ready to go and want to head down to La Cruz, but with the lousy weather, we’re now considering a trip to Guadalajara next week, in hopes that the weather will improve by the time we return.
Anyhow, Mexico is still great, and we’re having fun and catching up on a lot of little projects that we’ve been putting off. The boat has never been better. We got a new dinghy cover, fixed the broken shower, installed a new 30 amp battery charger, remodeled the galley and lots of little annoying items.
Hopefully, by early March we’ll have more exciting news to report.
The crew of the Marsha Dee

Spring cleaning

21 January 2013 | Marina Mazatlan
Capt. Crabby
We've been thoroughly cleaning the inside of the boat for the last couple of weeks, taking everything off, cleaning and putting it back. Not much fun, but it sure feels cleaner now. We had the nonskid areas on the deck painted so now the decks look almost as nice as the hull.
We hope to head out to PV and points south in the next 10 days-2 weeks.
It's been a little chilly here but it's starting to warm up again.
We met a nice couple on a beautiful 40' sailing trawler called"Traveller" and we've had some nice visits with them, and looked jealously at their walk-in engine room, washer/dryer, large shower, etc. Must be nice!
We'll update soon, and best to all.
For all you OYC members, how was the long trip to "I" dock? Must have been tough for some of you.
Capt. Crabby and Jeanette

Happy New Year from Mexico

31 December 2012 | Teacapan, Sinaloa
Capt. Crabby
We arrived in Mazatlan on Dec. 18, and spent a couple of nights on the boat. All is well with the exception on a few cucarachas. We took the bus to Esquinapa where our friends the Camilles picked us up to go to Teacapan. We've just been relaxing and going to several parties given by Norteamericanos in the area. Too much good food!
We'll head back to Mazatlan on Jan.3 , and get started on recommissioning the boat for our next cruise. We're considering heading down to La Cruz again and then either to Manzanillo or over to La Paz, we haven't decided yet.
Our friends Frank and Stfanie on "endless Summer" will be returning to Mazatlan later in January, and we'll see what their plans are.
Anyhow, Happy New Year to all, and we'll update soon.
Vessel Name: Marsha Dee
Vessel Make/Model: Coronado 32
Hailing Port: Oceanside, CA
Crew: Fred Coleman, Capt., Jeanette Nelson, First Mate, Don Coleman & Darwin, crew.
About: Were all retired, in our 60's and 70's and are leaving on the Baja Ha-Ha in late Oct. Don will crew as far as Cabo, and Darwin will go on to Mazatlan. After that, Fred & Jeanette are on their own.
Extra: This is on our bucket list
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