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Matou's Adventures
Charlestown Bay
03/30/2013, Canouan

We has a great 15 mile sail up wind this morning to Canouan. We were planning to go to the island of Mayrou but when we got into Saline Bay, the Omar from the sewage treatment plant was not good! So, we sailed on to Canouan. It was a beautiful day for a sail with 18-20 knots of wind and very little waves. We had a good long snorkel/swim in the afternoon. My tummy is growling now, better fix dinner!

03/31/2013 | Judy
Happy Easter Jane!! Hope you enjoyed the day. It was a nice one here. Finally about 60 degrees, but supposed to get colder to or row again. We do have sme crocuses blooming though. We loved the shot of you kiteboarding! You are my hero!
Kiteboarding 103
03/28/2013, Off Frigate Island, Grenedines

Today's kiteboarding was better than yesterday's, although the amount of saltwater consumed, via mouth, nose, ears, and other places remained the same as yesterday and the day before! Both Tom and I had some good rides today! Tom had one that I thought was going to bring him to the next island, Carriacou. The chase boat couldn't catch him he was flying so fast! All in all, we had fun, got a good work out and discovered new muscles...that are now a little sore!

Kiteboarding 102
03/27/2013, Off Frigate Island

Butter and Alex continued our instruction on kiteboarding today. It was a lot of fun, considering the body slams, salt water dowsing, and losing sunglasses! Really, it wasn't that bad. Both Tom and I were able to stand up for short periods, and then we would lose control of the kite! Tomorrow should be better!

03/28/2013 | Judy
Awesome!!! Good for you guys. Water and beach look gorgeous!
Kiteboarding 101
03/27/2013, Union Island

We took our first kiteboarding lesson in 20+ years. It was a lot of fun, even though I think I drank half the Caribbean Sea! Alex, our instructor was very patient with us. We are old enough to be his parents, but they say age doesn't make a difference! Lesson 2 today!

Happy Gulls
03/25/2013, Hillsborough, Carriacou

The Morning wake up at sunrise was with the mating Happy Gulls! We haven't seen them this whole trip until last night when we anchored. I wonder if they migrate??? They are a noisy crew of birds! Also In our anchorage are several Venezuela fishing boats. They are not noisy!

On our way N
03/24/2013, Hillsborough, Carriacou

We started our journey North back to the BVI! We stopped at Flamingo Bay, Grenada our first night and then sailed past Kick 'me Jenny to Carriacou and spent 2 nights at Sandy Island. Tonight we are in Hillsborough with an amazing sunset...enjoy. I must have taken 10 different pics with the progression of the view! At Sandy Island, we found Sea Ants again. I tried to swim ashore, got about 20 yards and turned back saying ouch, ouch, ouch! This time I have welts in many places! We saw a few more whales just south of Carriacou. We are in awe each siting. And a little scared...we keep our distance!

03/28/2013 | Judy
LOVE the sunset pic!!! Frameable for the boat. :) Sea ants sound nasty. Worse than swimmers itch?? Happy
Easter! Supposed to get in the 50s up here!!!!!!

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