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22 February 2018 | Mazu’s cockpit
20 February 2018 | Ixtapa Island
20 February 2018 | Ixtapa, Mexico
14 February 2018 | Zihuatanejo
09 February 2018 | Guadalajara Country Club
08 February 2018 | Guadalajara Country Club
08 February 2018 | Guadalajara Country Club
07 February 2018 | Guadalajara Cabana Museum
07 February 2018 | Cathedral Guadalajara
07 February 2018 | NH Collection Hotel, Guadalajara
06 February 2018 | Zihuatenejo
06 February 2018
06 February 2018 | Zihuatenejo Bay
04 February 2018 | NH Collection Hotel Providencia, Guadalajara
03 February 2018 | Zihuatanejo Bay
26 January 2018 | Villa del SOL, Playa la Ropa, Zihuatanejo
24 January 2018 | Cantinita Beach Bar, Playa la Ropa
18 January 2018 | Troncones

Our new cockpit tables

22 February 2018 | Mazu’s cockpit
Clever Peter designed two cockpit tables for Mazu that can be quickly set up and/or stored away.
The small cockpit makes it awkward to have a permanent table. He took the measurements before his last trip home and built the tables at home in his workshop.
The main one in the photo rests on the compass stand and stays in place with two bungees that clip around the grab bars. The aft end rests on a removable aluminium post with a rubber foot.
The second table connects to the bar at the transom with a standing post holding up the forward end.
They all dismantle in less than a minute and fit into the new bag I sewed which you can see attached to the port railing.
Now we are set with a cocktail table, dinner table and guest table.
Come on over!

Not moving far from this beach chair

20 February 2018 | Ixtapa Island

They like to make the tourists happy here!

20 February 2018

Ixtapa Island

20 February 2018 | Ixtapa, Mexico
We departed Zihuatanejo Bay in search of clean water to make into clear water and ended up stopping at Ixtapa Island. It was so beautiful we stayed for four days.
Ixtapa Island is a day trip tourist destination where guests arrive and depart from the mainland by pangas. There are four little bays, two of which are golden sandy beaches offering beach chairs and lunch under the restaurant palapas. The other two are coral bottom and great for snorkeling. The water is pristine clear and relatively flat with no surf. Perfect beaches for landing dinghys and for swimming.
The day trippers started arriving at 9 or 10am and were all gone by 5 or 6pm which meant nice quiet evenings.
We paddled and swam, drank Piñacoladas and Victoria beer, snorkeled, feasted on camarones and guacamole , and relaxed. Every day we decided to stay one more day. We had to come back today though because I have a dentist appt tomorrow. But even so we waited until the end of the day after a nice birthday lunch on the beach.

Dare to Dinghy

14 February 2018 | Zihuatanejo
While out at anchor if I can’t find a way to shore, regardless of whether or not I need to go to shore, I feel a little trapped.
When I go alone I take my trusty paddle board and when we go together we take the dinghy.
For some unknown reason Peter always manages the motor while I managed the lines, our stuff, and the flash light.
So on days like today while he is busy working on never ending boat projects I must take the dinghy in myself to bring in the laundry and bring back some provisions. STRESS!
What is it about those little motors that get the best of us?
Here’s a few things that come to mind.
Sometimes they start sometimes they don’t.
Some like the choke out some like it in.
Sometimes the pull cord sends you flying across the boat and sometimes it gets caught in the sunglasses dangling from your neck.
There are no gears on this little engine so sometimes you start at full speed ahead.
If you find yourself accidentally facing the wrong way toward an obstruction or shore there is no reverse you have to swivel the whole engine around to go in reverse and then back again while at the same time remembering which direction the accelerator works.
Peter likes to sit on the left of the motor so the accelerator works like a motorcycle with higher speed towards him. To me the right side is logical so towards me is stop and away from me is go. Of course all of this changes when you swivel the motor around.
Once I’m on my way I feel ok until the shore landing.
This week during the Sail Fest events in Zihuatanejo there are 40 boats at anchor and there are designated dinghy guys who help you land and launch the dinghy. It also means more witnesses to a crash landing.
I’ve just barely mastered the surf landing of my paddle board so that if I do fall off I can make it look as if it was almost a planned swim.
But the dinghy is a new challenge. Plus I am worried about dragging the prop through the sand if I get turned around.
So today in my conservative nature as Jesus is waving me in I shut the motor off just before I reach the beach. But was a little too early. So here I am floating along just out of his reach. The poor guy had to come waist deep into the water to rescue me. I imagine they have seen it all and when they see a woman approaching in a dinghy they’re probably cursing or laughing to themselves. I had to give him a little extra than the typical 10 peso tip. Haha.

As I dropped of my laundry I met another sailor and we had a laugh about the dinghy. She said she can’t even start their motor so I felt a little better.
Still it is frustrating and a new challenge which I realize will get easier with practice.

In the mean time, here I sit in a comfortable beachside cafe procrastinating to get back in the dinghy to go back to Mazu.

3 days later....
I’m happy to report that after a little practice I am much more in control of the dinghy now. At least in minimal surf and nice warm water. Even driving with my left hand like a pro.

Make the most of your day!
Vessel Name: Mazu II
Vessel Make/Model: Sinek 43
Hailing Port: Victoria, BC
Crew: Peter Cosmann and Sandra Watts
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