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Our adventures on the high seas and other places
Going to town
28 August 2009, Cala Taulera, Mahon Harbour

Poor Ray...he has an endless list of things to be fixed and the main automatic toilet has been causing him angst for a few weeks now. He spent hours on it this morning only to find that it's pretty well shot. Interestingly, a replacement motor is just about as expensive as a whole new toilet, and they're in vicinity of 250 euros...that's a lot of money to put down the toilet. So, after a morning of sorting out jobs we had a snooze and then headed into town to check out Mahon (Mao). Robin Brandon's Pilot Guide of the Islas Baleares says, "Due to it's excellent harbour and it's position in the centre of the Mediterranean Mahon has been the prize that many nations have coveted, and traces fo the long British occupation during the 18th centuryare unmistakeable". The terrace style housing lines the harbour featuring the classic sash windows and there's even a Gin Distillery that Ray and I only visited yesterday out of duty of course, and then had to do tastings so as not to insult the locals. We had a very pleasant wander through the streets of Mahon and found a supermarket and a bread shop, so filled the shopping trolley while we were at it. We had glorious views from the top looking down Puerto de Malon and enjoyed the quaint little streets, some with the original cobblestones.

Two bits of good news
Sunny and hot
27 August 2009, Cala Taulera, Mahon harbour, Menorca

Ray tracked down the Raymarine service person here in Menorca and we brought the boat into the dock so he could properly diagnose our problem. We were expecting that the E80 would need to be removed and sent off to the mainland for repair but Lluis, after checking things out, informed us that the chartplotter was fine...the problem was the chip itself. What a relief...we thought we'd need to hang around here for several week awaiting its repair. Now we need to try and sort out a replacement disk via the United States...nothing's easy. The second bit of news came with a phone call from the vet in Corfu, Greece. I had been thinking about calling him about the Rabies blood test he did on Milo a few weeks ago, because it seemed the results may well be back. As it turned out he called me this morning with good news...that the test had been successful and his result was good...our first step in a very complicated process to get Milo back into Australia. Now, we just need to get hold of the paperwork. So I phone our mate Lluis the Raymarine tech and asked him if I could receive a fax through his office and he very kindly agreed...better head in there now to see if it's arrived.

Thundering into Mahon
Thunder, lightening and 35 knots
26 August 2009, Puerto de Mahon, Menorca

We haven't seen a thunderstorm in about 4 months but we could see the light show from way offshore as we approached. We listened in to VHF 16 for the storm warnings and, sure enough, we were heading straight into it. It was just on dawn and visibility was already a bit difficult but the radar gave us positions on a number of large vessels heading for us. A cruise ship managed to spot us and changed direction within a couple of nautical miles of us. It was grey against the grey sky but I could see his lights. The green and red channel markers for the entrance to Mahon were flashing in the distance so we knew once we were in the harbour we'd be fine, we just had an hour or so of bluster. As it turned out we got the edge of the storm rather than it's full force but it still gave us a decent dose of wind and some rain. By the time we dropped the anchor in Cala Taulera, a really sheltered bay in the harbour, it was 7.30am and time to switch on the SSB radio for the Dragnet on 4033.0. This is one of the nets that cruisers get together on to find out where each other are and discuss weather, anchorages, wifi and a whole lot of other tips.

31 August 2009 | Wooza


Love your work. tell ray to dicth the GPS - it's all on Google Streets. Tell him I can see you guys anchored up in Mahon Bay. Just near the kiosk.


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