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Our adventures on the high seas and other places
Cloudy and completely calm
15 December 2009, nearly halfway

It's so calm out here that we could dive over for a swim. There's not a breath of wind but we have our screecher up anyway in the vain hope that some will come up. This calm is covering a huge area of the Atlantic and is affecting boats behind and in front of us. We spoke to Herb, the weather router last night and he recommended staying south of 17 degrees north otherwise any wind that comes up will be on the nose...we don't want to go backwards!!! As I was helping hoist the sail I glanced in the water and a Mahi Mahi was swimming just under the surface right beside the boat. I could see it's bright yellow tail and green flashes of it's body....wonderful. Excitement in the last day or so??? No nothing comes to mind. Oh yes, Ray fitted a new ring to the mast to manage the ropes...very exciting! As of last night we have travelled 1213 nautical miles so far with another 1560 to go to Antigua or St Maartens.

13 December 2009, west of the Verdes

We had some great wind last night and today and have made some better headway west and south travelling 124 nautical miles. Just landed another Mahi Mahi after the line being in the water less than 5 minutes...I love this type of fishing. There's now 4 Aussie/NZ boats within cooee of each other and we have our own private net where we chinwag about the weather we're heading into next. Soujourn come from the Bay of Islands in NZ, Fancy Free come from Brisbane, and Julianna 2 come from Sydney. We've just got an email from a boat we met in the Bahamas saying they'll be in St Maartens for Christmas so we're really looking forward to exchanging stories since we last saw them two years ago.

fine patches and squalls
12 December 2009, west of the Verdes

Another 100-mile-day...sigh. We've found ourselves in the wrong place for decent winds over the next few days and it's going to effect such a large area that there's nowhere for us to go that will give us better wind in the next few days. We need to head further south though or we'll be caught in another calm. Last night wasn't comfortable. We went through squall after squall with winds building from 10 knots to 20 knots in a short period of time and, because we had the mainsail flying, we were being pushed around a bit. There was a lot of thumping and creaking going on as the water and wind pushed Meander in unusual directions. We had to put our rails up inside and secure the cupboards and one of my bottles of yoghurt was a casualty. Hopefully there's enough culture left to grow another bottle.Today was much more pleasant and comfortable though there were a few squalls about. The boats in our immediate vicinity are Fancy Free who is west of us by about 3 degrees and Sojourn who are a couple of degrees behind that. We heard a boat on the net reporting being rammed by whales last real damage apparently and they were grateful there was no damage to their rudder. They were a lot further south than us. Another boat further west is having trouble with their gearboxes which is affecting their rudder. They need to disengage the faulty gearbox and set up the emergency rudder system so we'll see how they've gone when we talk on the net tonight. Our problem continues to be our SSB radio and getting it to tune consistently. I've changed its setting so tonight will be the test for that.

13 December 2009 | Ole-Johnny og Monica
Its so great that we every day can read how things going out on the big big blue ocean. We cross your fingers for you guys. Love from us all.

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