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Milo's great news
29 October 2010, kennelled in Vanuatu

For all those following our blog who are concerned about Milo, he's doing fine in the kennels in Vanuatu and eating well. He went under to have blood taken for testing, his teeth cleaned, toenails clipped and a face trim about 3 weeks ago. When he came to, Ray said he looked like a ferret. Not only had the vet trimmed around his eyes but she'd shaved his entire head including his ears...I don't imagine that was a very good look.

Then we had a moment that caused us a bit of distress. The blood tests that were sent to New Zealand came back with questionable results that could potentially have meant he was harbouring a tick-bourne disease. It was unclear what that meant but it didn't sound good. Would he be allowed home at all? Or did he require treatment and a longer stay in Vanuatu? So the blood tests were sent off to Australia for re-testing (apparently Australia tests differently).

Today we got the email saying his blood tests are clear!!! Yahoo, Milo's coming home. He flies out of Vanuatu to Sydney quarantine on 8 November. spending 30 days in Club Eastern Creek resort and body spa (not really). We can then collect him around 8 or 9 December. Poor little bloke.

31 October 2010 | Wendy & Stefan
Glad there is light at the end of the tunnel for Milo! Is Ray home on the Sunshine Coast yet? Are you Julie & Ray. Glenys & Greg still available for a get together 13th November while we are up on the Sunshine Coast. Hope to catch up also with Atitudes and Dutch friends who have just arrived across the Pacific in Brisbane
Anchored in the Burnett River
24 October 2010, Bundaberg, Australia

Ray phoned at 4pm this afternoon saying he had his first sight of home in 4 years. Three and a half hours later he was anchored in the Burnett River off the Customs and Immigration docks flying his quarantine flag and very relieved to be home. Sam and I will do the five hour drive up to Bundaberg to see him tomorrow but I'm not sure if he'll be coming home with us. Depends on what Aussie Customs and Immigration require. We'll all sleep better tonight knowing he's home.

24 October 2010 | Fran & Bruce
Welcome home, Ray...looking forward to catching up soon.
25 October 2010 | Linda and Bill
Welcome home Meander and crew. Congratulations on a successful voyage. Well done and we know how you feel to see the Aussie shores again.....savour the moment. Looking forward to celebrating with you on the weekend!
26 October 2010 | Wendy & Stefan(Juliana ll)
Congratulations! Welcome back to OZ! Hoping to see you 13th November!
26 October 2010 | NATASHA & TOLE
very happy and relieved with Ray's arrival! our biggest hugs to the HERO! and congratulations to the crew! thank you.
not having heard from you we're sending our greetings and a note that we missed you and so keen to seeing you again via this site... lots of love, Natasha & Tole
27 October 2010 | Pat From Jubilee
Way to go Ray. We have been back from our cruise for 2 years now and I find myself checking out your blogs and others to cruise vicariously from time to time. I have enjoyed watching your return to Oz. To you, Julie and Sam, congratulations on a safe and wonderful trip. We're planning to be out again at some point and how you all are too!


The Crew of Jubilee
Home tomorrow
12 knots SE, small swell and seas, sunny conditions
23 October 2010, Distance to Bundaberg - 125 nm

All well onboard. ETA late Sunday. Looking forward to arrival.
Girls, we will call once we have phone signal tomorrow (Sunday).

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