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Drowning our sorrows
Even more fabulous
7 December 2007, Spider Island, south of the bridge

Last night we drowned our sorrows with a Spaghetti night aboard Meander. Meander just seemed ot swallow up all eighteen of us, ten of whom were kids. So we'll all be taking it easy today and there's no better place than this. What a great position for the launch and we have our own private island just perfect for 10 energetic kids to run rampant! Not bad for Milo either. Plenty of lizards. Today Ray and the other guys solved our bent rudder problem - what a team. Saved us immense costs and lots of time now that we don't need to haul her out to fix her. God bless the cruising community!

Launch postponed
Still fabulous - a bit cooler
6 December 2007, Moving to the other side of the bridge

Well, we heard today that the launch has been postponed for 48 hours and is due now on Saturday afternoon. Titusville Marina is home to a huge number of America's endangered Manatee (like Dugong in Australia) and today we were able to see one up close. It was great. Looks like we're moving to the other side of the bridge for a better viewing position.

Here at last
5 December 2007, Titusville Bridge anchorage

Well, we made it and settled into the anchorage along with lots of other boats waiting for the launch. We finally caught up with the other families we met at St Mary's - the Saniti crew and Salt & Light - and we had a few drinks with them. We're all hoping the launch will go to plan so we'll see what happens tomorrow.

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