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Our adventures on the high seas and other places
Anchored in the middle of nowhere
23 December 2007, Somewhere on Great Bahama Banks

Well, we didn't make it to the Russell Beacon because we ended up with a broken mount on our port alternator. Our kind travelling companions all slowed down so that we were able to stick with them and we fell short of the Russell Beacon by about 10 nautical miles. Very kind. We all anchored with good hold in ten feet of beautiful water in the middle of the ocean. It was quite bizarre. Not land in sight. Just six yachts in the middle of nowhere and by morning another six ring ins had joined us. Safety in numbers I guess.

Nuts & bolts
Bound for Russell Beacon
Time to leave Bimini
22 December 2007, Somewhere in the middle of Great Bahama Bank

We're heading off for the Berry Islands with four other boats (seems like the flottila is growing) which is a small cluster of islands between Bimini and Nassau in the Bahamas. We're cruising with Saniti, Sucia II, Bowfix, and one other. We'll be crossing over a huge sand bank that's only about 10ft deep, crystal clear torquoise and some coral reefs here and there. It's a fairly long trip (about 57 miles) from Bimini to the Berrys, so we're going to drop the anchor about a mile south of Russell Beacon. Weather will be fine and clear with 5-7 knot winds and a full moon to light our anchorage tomorrow night. We won't be in range of any internet signal until we reach the Berry's. The next day we'll push on to the Berry Islands and in particular Chub Cay. There's a substantially renovated marina there with a good grocery store. We'll be needing the basics like milk and bread by then. Should have internet access there I would think so will update the blog, check emails and attempt to skype. Our aim is to be at White Cay in the Berrys for Xmas and meet up with our other boatie mates on Salt & Light for a pot luck on the beach. We bought a mother of an antennae before we left the States and hope to be able to pick up internet from Nassau or perhaps a super yacht that's cruising by. Fingers crossed.

Just sailing
Milo missing
22 December 2007, Bimini, The Bahamas

At around 6.30pm tonight Milo went missing. The response by our fellow boaties was unbelievable. Practically all the boatowners around us (about 6 boats) helped us launch a full scale search of the island. A wonderful guy, Doug, took us by golf cart miles and miles looking for him. Wonderful. Finally, through talking to as many locals as possible we tracked him down 3 or 4 miles away in the hands of a young Bahamian guy. He relinguished Milo of course but we didn't quite get to the bottom of how he got there. Someone told Ray that everyone wants a Shi Tsuh for Christmas. Or maybe the guy was planning to try and find us tomorrow. Who knows. The whole boat dock breathed a sigh of relief when Sam came onto the docks with the hairy mutt in his arms.

Heart stopping moments
27 December 2007 | Kristy
Hi Sam. Merry Christmas to you all. Good to hear you found Milo after his big adventure. Hope you're enjoying your trip and not getting too seasick.

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