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Civilization again - yeah!
Blowing a bit but we don't care
7 January 2008, Nassau Harbour Club Marina

Yesterday we made the five hour trek from the Berry Islands to Nassau and had a great sail. We had been trapped in Cabbage Cay in the Berrys for about the last five days due to the huge cold front that moved across from the States and created some significant winds and swells around the Bahamas. There were six of us in the anchorage and we were the only cat. It's times like these we were grateful for our stable platform. The monohulls around us gave new meaning to the term Rock'n'roll. We were able to sneak into the shelter of Darville's docks (Flo's Conch Bar) because of our shallow draft (we only draw 3.5 feet). We went in a little before high tide and a little too far to starboard and ran aground. Skipper Jack managed to get us off and we ended up on a mooring for two nights in the shelter of the island. We could see the mast lights of our monohull mates rocky back and forth in the wind and swell and believe me, they were sick of it. Who can blame them. Each day we'd pool our various sources of weather forecasting to try and understand when our weather window would allow us to cross to Nassau. We all agreed Saturday would be the day. Winds were swinging NE and swells would be in our favour, though theh prospect of 10-12 foot seas with wind swell wasn't all that enticing. Early Saturday morning when Chris Parker gave his weather report it was clear Sunday would be the better day. The two larger (and braver) monohulls weren't going to wait. They turned their bows and headed out the cut to the open seas and we watched with admiration as they dipped and troughed their way through the swell. They both made it safely to Nassau with a much clearer understanding of their boats' capabilities and with a much more enlightened crew. At times their cockpits were awash as the odd 10-12 footer reminded them these were heavy seas. Four or us remained for another night of rock'n'roll and this time we stuck with the group. We had a pot luck aboard Meander and watched Master and Commander - just to remind us things are much easier for us. At first light we headed out the cut knowing that the winds had dropped to 10-15 knots and seas would be between 5 and 8 feet. Well, what a wonderful five hours of sailing we had. Four foot seas, 12 -20 knots of wind and clear skies. Meander, usually the slowest because of her size and weight, rose up out of the water when the winds hit 16-20 knots and delivered us 7 knots under sail. She's built for stronger winds that girl. With everyone desperate to do laundry, short on water, out of fresh milk, fruit and veges and bread and some desperate for a warm shower, we gratefully entered Nassau Harbour and tied up at the marina dock, booked for us by our mates who arrived the day before - bless them.

Just sailing
11 January 2008 | Laura and James
Here is a recipe to make your own bread with only three ingredients and follow the directions:

1 12 oz can of beer (room temp)
3 Tbs sugar
3 Cusps self rising flour

Mix all ingredients and pour into greased and floured bread pan. Let rise for 20 minutes and bake at 375 degrees for 35 minutes.
12 January 2008 | Leanne & Marie
Glad to see you made it okay. Keep in touch with us. Mom & I leave tomorrow on our cruise but we're bored today. Hope Sam is enjoying the adventure, mom misses him.
Berry Island Club
Exceptional - warm and beautiful
27 December 2007, Chub Cay/Fraziers Hog

We've been at the Berry Island Club since Boxing Day and were able to tie up to the dock and hook up to power for $15 a night. What a bargain. It's nicely protected in current and predicted winds. Crystal clear waters, gorgeous fish (which none of us seem to be able to catch) and a short walk to a beach over the other side of the island. We're here with Saniti, Sucia II, Bofix, We're Playin', Voyager C, and another yacht. Kids are having a great time trying to spear fish, casting the bait net, swimming and generally hanging out. There's no shop here til Friday when the guy with the key comes back from Bimini so we're on the long life milk. We made damper last night and this morning in a fire the kids made on the beach. So, our fellow yachties got a taste of Australia. Tonight the chef is back at the club and we're going to taste Conch salad or Conch fritters in true Bahamian style. Tomorrow we may head out to somewhere new but we'll see which way the wind is blowing. We plan to spend New Year's Eve at a place called Flo's Conch Bar on Little Harbour Cay. Apparently it's just the guys house but if you radio ahead and let him know you're coming he'll cook up whatever he's caught that day. Hope he's ready for boatloads of us. We'll radio on VHF 16 when we're within range.

Hi Julie and Ray and Sam,
We are currently in the Canadian Rockies and will be in Cuba from 5 - 17 January, then 2 days in Nassau, then a few days on Eleuthera (Surfers Manor resort northern part of Island near Spanish Wells). Please advise if you think we can catch up with you there. After this, we go to Fort Lauderdale and then down into Florida Keys.
Happy 2008, Jenny and Graham and Gail and Peter from Newcastle who are travelling with us.
1 January 2008 | Les n Lesley
Hi Guys, Looks like your having the time of your life. Happy sails and catch up with you when we can. All the best for 2008.
4 January 2008 | Tony and Ursula
Happy New Year Julie, Ray and Sam
Glad you made it to the Bahamas just fine and hope this latest cold front didn't hit you too bad. We got some snow up here and 7 degrees F low temps.
Can't wait for your next update!
5 January 2008 | Leanne & Marie
We miss all of you, glad you're having a grand time. Had mom in the er and she stayed overnight, not enough fluids in her body, cough is better. take care and lose Milo again.
Xmas at Chub Cay
25 December 2007, Private island

Being a private island it wasn't easy to find anywhere for our Christmas lunch. We were all soundly anchored so wherever we chose to go needed to be within a short dinghy ride of our boats. This island charges $100 if you want to take your dinghy in and tie up to the dock to have a look around. They don't charge you if you go in for fuel though. We could have gone to their restaurant for Xmas dinner, which some chose to do. About six boats, including us, were keen for a Pot Luck on the beach. Some of our fellow boaties, better organised than me, went ashore to get set up and were chucked off by security. So...Meander was the venue in the end and we had great fun with everyone aboard. We all decided we needed to leave Chub Cay tomorrow.

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