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Our adventures on the high seas and other places
28th Georgetown Sailing Regatta
Windy and lumpy but settling tonight
8 March 2008, Volleyball Beach, Stocking Island, Georgetown

Today was the start of the Regatta that many of the cruisers have been working up to over several months. With over 200 boats in the harbour and many of them having been in Georgetown for months, the Regatta has been a constant topic of discussion. Today it launched with a Coconut challenge where teams of cruisers buddied up and set out in their dinghies to compete for the largest collection of coconut. Despite the attempts of sabotage by our mates on 'Eira' and 'Sandollar' they weren't able to beat the competition but they did a fine job trying.

7 March 2008

This is the centrepoint of Volleyball beach and the hub of activity amongst cruisers - the Chat'n'Chill Bar. From Kalik (Bahamian) Beers to Bahama Mama rum punches, and the best ribs in town, this is where cruisers come to veg out and meet other cruisers

Dinghy float - how bizarre!
Spectacular evening - 10knots and clear
19 February 2008, Elizabeth Harbour, Georgetown, Exuma

Tonight there was a dinghy float in the middle of Elizabeth Harbour. This is one of the more bizarre activities I've seen in some time but it was fun. Everyone was invited to come by dinghy to this spot in the harbour and raft up to one another. You take a plate of nibblies that you can pass from dinghy to dinghy and bring your own beverage and just float and chat and tell jokes as you float down the harbour. I think we ended up with about 25-30 dinghies all joined together floating down the harbour. We even passed close by a superyacht and they joined in as we passed. We asked them to provide ice but they didn't seem keen.

21 February 2008 | Ralf
...Camelot should still be there... hehehe!
We would have loved to go to Cuba, but the US of A is such a pitiful country - so full of freedom! - that is does not allow it's inhabitants to go and visit Cuba... then again, looking at said inhabitants, it might be better for Cuba anyway!
Glad to see that you guys are still having fun.... I'll be following your adventure via this Forum!
How's Ray's arm, btw.?
1 March 2008 | Wozza
Oi Jules & Ray

Just caught up with your latest mission status. What's the big pic?

Here at Anga? Well, tell you what mate - we've been blessed with relentless ground swell since Xmas. And mostly S or SE winds. A couple of days have been HUGE at The Point. All the crew are gabbing about the best Jan & Feb ever.


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