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Our adventures on the high seas and other places
We caught one!!!
6 May 2008, via San Salvador Island, Bahamas

We left beautiful Conception Island this morning at about 8.30am and arrived in San Salvador at around 5pm. A great trip for all of us but no school work got done. Just 40 minutes out of the Riding Rock Marina at San Salvador, Julie finally hooked her first Mahi Mahi (Dolphin fish in the Bahamas, or Doratos in Hawaii). It was 40 inches from snout to the fork in her tail and a lovely greeny-yellow with irridiscent blue spots. So, there was much cleaning of the fish and filleting and cutting into steaks. We all arrived in harbour ready for fish and chips, and I have to say it's the best fish we've ever had. Milo agrees.

Gone fishin'
Running out of food...aaagh
Blowing 25knots from the South East
7 April 2008, Hog Cay, Jumentos

A good haul of fish today courtesy of Sam the master spearfisherman. A couple of snapper and a grunt made a nice change from the packet rubbish we've resorted to lately. Oh for some fresh fruit and veg. I'm pumping Sam full of vitamin pills each day to try to keep something decent for that fast growing body.
Iris and Graham from Pelagic have been been very generous. They've provided us with a huge selection of movies and given Ray some more up-to-date navigational charts. Very kind of them. Sam's very excited of course but knows that school work comes first or else.

Gone fishin'
Who needs trout when there's sea bass?
14 November 2007, Brunswick Landing Marina, Brunswick GA

Wow...landed a sea bass. And on the second cast too.

Gone fishin'

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