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Our adventures on the high seas and other places
Day 5 - Tha she blows!
15kts NNE-Speed 5kts- seas 6ft swell 2ft windchop
15 May 2008, 6.25pm

Whales!Today we saw whales. As I scanned the horizon looking across the whitecaps I saw a spout of water shoot up vertically. Then another and another. We could make out a couple of whales breaching in the distance but they were too far away for good look. Very exciting. Another lot of dolphins swam and dived beside the boat, speeding along beside us and chasing Meander through the water. By now the seas have settled significantly from 10-12 feet earlier today to around 6 feet with a 2 foot wind chop tonight. The winds are expected to drop throughout the night giving us a more comfortable ride tonight than previoius nights. That will be nice. Because the wind and seas have been against us, we've made little progress north and a fair amount of progress east. With the wind and seas abating we're going to making more northerly progress in the next few days. Herb has recommended we aim for 27N:68W by tomorrow afternoon.

Just sailing
Day 4 -This was our worst day
Wind 15kts NNE-Speed 5kts- Seas12-15 ft
14 May 2008, 3.30pm and 478 miles to Bermuda

We have travelled 89 nautical miles since this time yesterday which is quite slow. Conditions have continued to become more uncomfortable since yesterday with seas increasing significantly. Sam seems to have acclimatised but Ray took some seasick pills to help him through his watches. Food is of very little interest in these conditions and we certainly aren't going to cook while we're rocking around. We're concerned about Milo. He hasn't done his 'Number 2' for several days. He's used to going up to the nose of the boat and sorting that out but in these conditions he'd be chucked overboard. We've tried all manner of encouragement in other parts of the boat but he's just going to have to work it out himself. With the winds swinging north-east, we are going straight into it which has kept our pace slow. Apache, on the other hand, being a monohull, can go into the wind with less difficulty and in fact it is more uncomfortable for them to slow down in these conditions. So, we have tried to keep within reasonable range of each other so that we can keep in contact by VHF and tonight we will draw closer for the night. Herb has recommended we aim for 28N:67W by Friday to bring us closer to Bermuda but not close enough to be hammered by gale force winds. We had about 6 dolphins around us today for the first time so that was exciting.

Just sailing

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