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Our adventures on the high seas and other places
Day 6 - Dawn told the story
No wind - speed 5kts - waves 2ft
16 May 2008, 8.15pm and 343 miles to Bermuda

We woke up to glassy conditions this morning and a beautiful sunrise. We've travelled only 134 miles in the past two days and we're all ready to put some miles behind us and step foot on Bermudian soil. The seasickness has gone altogether now and we're all feeling so much better generally. Once our boidies adapted to the conditions we were all fine. Even Milo is more spritely today. He's still not allowed up the front of the boat to do his business and he manages to find a way to get it done Without wind it is straight motoring. Ray's alternating the motors. Having both motors on only gains us a half a knot but burns twice the diesel. We don't want to run out of petrol (gas) before we hit Bermuda. Ray's just topped up the tanks from our spare gerry cans so when that runs out, that's it.

Just sailing
17 May 2008 | rob & Ev
Sounds like the sailing has been very challenging but you are coping very well. The watches would be difficult to get into a routine. Congratulations to Sam he is working as a team member and is very responsible. What a great experience for everyone. We have some good news Sarah was accepted for Emirates and leaves 20/6/08 to live in Dubai. Very proud but will miss her to bits. She was only 18 chosen in Brisbane from 250 on a recruitment weekend. Still leaving Australia to arrive Paris 30/6/08. What way of communicating will work best. Any suggestions. Best of wishes
17 May 2008 | The Eira Crew
Hello all!
Great to see you are approaching Bermuda! We are enjoying The Abacos-great hunting and gathering, mahi and conch are in the frig.
Daniel and John say "Hello Governor" to Sam!
Stay safe,
Val and Menno
18 May 2008 | N & T
Hello Julie, Ray and Sam! we missed you much and at the same time are proud of you all, esp Sam! have a wonderful time in Bermuda. look after yourself.
Nat & Tole
18 May 2008 | Diane, Clint, Noah and Cody
Looking forward to your safe arrival in Bermuda! Can't wait to see the pictures of that beautiful island. So proud of Sam for pulling watches along with you! The boys do miss him!
18 May 2008 | Tony and Ursula
So very proud of you guys for sailing to Bermuda, especially Sam doing his shift. Hope you arrived safely and are tucked into a nice harbour or marina, enjoying a good meal at a fine Restaurant.
Can't wait to hear your storries. Best to you all.
Day 5 - Tha she blows!
15kts NNE-Speed 5kts- seas 6ft swell 2ft windchop
15 May 2008, 6.25pm

Whales!Today we saw whales. As I scanned the horizon looking across the whitecaps I saw a spout of water shoot up vertically. Then another and another. We could make out a couple of whales breaching in the distance but they were too far away for good look. Very exciting. Another lot of dolphins swam and dived beside the boat, speeding along beside us and chasing Meander through the water. By now the seas have settled significantly from 10-12 feet earlier today to around 6 feet with a 2 foot wind chop tonight. The winds are expected to drop throughout the night giving us a more comfortable ride tonight than previoius nights. That will be nice. Because the wind and seas have been against us, we've made little progress north and a fair amount of progress east. With the wind and seas abating we're going to making more northerly progress in the next few days. Herb has recommended we aim for 27N:68W by tomorrow afternoon.

Just sailing

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Bringing her home
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