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Our adventures on the high seas and other places
Sam arrived safe and sound
19 September 2008, La Linea harbour, Spain

Much to our relief all went well on Sam's flight to Australia and he's safely in the hands of Auntie Lynn. She's giving him a nudge if he looks like nodding off to sleep prematurely so that he can adjust to the jetlag. Meanwhile, the psycho mother can now relax here in Spain. We realised that we hadn't yet done the mandatory tour of the Rock so we headed to Gibo, scoffed an English Breakfast and some NZ lamb chops, then we jumped a taxi for the tour. First stop was the Pillars of Hercules. The Ancient Greeks believed that Gibraltar marked the end of the world and beyond it was the edge marked by an endless waterfall that ringed the world. They believed that Gibraltar was formed by Hercules, son of Zeus, who either pushed Africa and Europe apart or smashed his way through it. Next stop was St Micheal's caves so vast that it is now used for musicals and concerts. What a wonderful setting amonst the stalagmites and stalagtites. We then stood on top of the rock looking to our left at the Atlantic and our right to the Mediterranean while we fed the locals - the Barbary Apes - the last remaining wild primates in Europe. Very cute and very naughty. And the final leg of the tour was to the Great Seige tunnels, hand hewn by the British in the late 1770's. Apparently they got really enthusiastic and dug more than 70 km of tunnels throughout the Rock of Gibraltar. The Spanish, and anyone else, really didn't have a chance.

20 September 2008 | Nat & Tole
Hello dear Julie, Ray and Sam! We tried to get on you but perhaps you don’t have access to your email. Unfortunately, we couldn’t meet Sam at the airport…. we also don’t have contact tel numbers of your relatives & friends and so wouldn’t be able to give Sam a call. We will be so happy to see him and spent sometime with him if he’d like so. We are in Brisbane (didn’t go anywhere…) and will await your news. Lots of love & prayers.
21 September 2008 | Wozza
Jules & Ray

"You done well"

I'm attending in Mt Isa - slackest job I've ever had - 3 weeks, 1 week.

have you got a postal address?

Preparing Sam for trip home
Fine and warm with chilly nights
16 September 2008, La Linea harbour, Spain

Sam and I spent the day in Gibraltar finalising some of his school work and doing some shopping in prepartion for his flight home to Australia from tomorrow. He flies out at 11.50 and arrives in Brisbane, Australia Friday morning. He's going to Mooloolaba to his old stomping ground with his cousins on a camping holiday. It'll be great to see surf again. He's staying with several aunties so far. He's very excited about seeing friends and family who he's missed over the past eighteen months. I, of course, will be a mess until I hear he's touched down safely but I understand he'll be well looked after by the airline.

16 September 2008 | Leanne
Hi, just catching up with your trip. Wanted to say hi to you guys. Mom and I head back to
florida Oct 4th for 6 months. take care and I know you'll miss Sam. When will you head for home? Love Leanne and Marie
16 September 2008 | Phil and CHeryl Walter
Good to follow your travells and We hop Sam arrives in Brissie ok. He will have a good time with his cousins the sunshine coast. Cheryl and I are in Banff Canada at the moment and tomorrow travel on to yellowstone then to Milwaukee to New york and on to catch up with friends in Miami. I see on the news there are quite a few cheap boats for sale in the galveston to new orleans area. Happy wandering ... Phil and Cheryl
What a dilemma!
Fair winds at our backs and some swell
12 September 2008, La Linea harbour, Spain

Headed off from Tarifa at about 1.30pm after a quick whip around their fabulous old town full of castles and churches and city walls etc. I was a little hungover from drinks the night before with Isa (German woman) and Mussimo (Italian guy) off the catamaran 'Manta'. We new we needed to head through the strait today because conditions would be on the nose from Saturday and when the tide is with us we can benefit from the incredible current that sucks you along toward the Med. What we'd read about was that at the change of tide all sorts of bizarre current activity happens and when it coincides with bad conditions, the Strait really gets nasty. We were extremely lucky with 3 knots of current on top of our 5 knots under sail and motor and the wind at our backs. What was even more incredible was the whirlpool effect that surrounded us - small whirlpools, nothing nasty - as the tide turned in our favour. We cruised into the harbour around 6pm after a great trip but couldn't work out where we should anchor...Gibraltar or Spain? Spain won because there were no formalities required and we had a dinner date on Manta that night.

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Bringing her home
Who: Ray Jack, Julie Fullerton (First Mate) & Sam Jack (Crew)
Port: Mooloolaba, Australia
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