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Our adventures on the high seas and other places
Don't they feel the cold?
7am and 6.5 degrees
13 January 2009

Local wildlife on the dock

Ray's Great Great Grandfather
12 January 2009

According to family tree research done by Veola's husband, Ron, their Great Great Grandfather was an Italian hero before he immigrated to Australia in the 1800's. His name was Michelangelo Tocchini who saved a Prince, among other people, from a shipwreck off the coast near Pisa. We went in search of the plaque that commemorates the event. It supposedly hangs in the Vittoriano, a building erected to in honour of Vittorio Emanuele II and is the tomb of the 'unknown soldier'. The plaque was given on Oct 24th 1867, some six days after he rescued the prince, on18th October 1867near Sanossoni, Bocca D'Avaro just out side Pisa. The plaque apparently says 'His Majesty on October 24th 1867 issues a royal decree to Micheloangelo Tocchini, a labourer, a silver medal of valour. The Prince earned himself a gold medal of valour for holding the line on the beach as Michelangelo swam out to rescue others.

27 May 2009 | Cheryl Gordon
We have just been on a family trip to Italy. We did not travel to Pisa, however we have also heard of the heroics of Michelangelo Tocchini who is my great grandfather. Did you find the plaque? Fascinating place...will have to look him up next trip!

Fires on the beach
Glorious weather
11 January 2009, Hello Johnny beach, Ostia Lido

Monica and Ole-Jonny on 'Kyrah' had a bright idea to have a BBQ on the beach. We got to see a fire pit, Norwegian style, which is much the same as ours but with a hose that you blow in to keep the coals alight. No doubt necessary when you go camping in the snow in Norway. These guys had us rolling on the sand telling us about their camping trip that ended up at minus 20 degrees (not predicted before they left) and with a campfire INSIDE the tent, with much smoke and coughing. Anyway, it was a lovely night and rekindled Sam's obsession with fire. In the end, the boys needed their own fire each because neither was doing it right, according to the other.

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