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Party aboard Rockhopper
Clear blue skies and hot
7 May 2009, Anchored off Gouvia

Rockhopper invited all the boats in the anchorage over for drinks and dips at 4pm so we went along with Argonaut (USA), the Swedish couple we met in Roccella and who have since arrived here, and a Dutch couple who none of us had met. The afternoon started off very nicely with nibbles and drinks and very civilised chit chat and then progressively dissolved as we all hoofed into the Greek wine and beer. Things really picked up when the dancing started and when the gents visits to the bow to check out the roller-furling increased and we all felt we'd lose one of them over the side as they staggered forward. As the sunset at around 9.30 and Ray had developed a whole new wriggle in his dancing style it was time to pour him into the dinghy and head back home. He managed getting into the dinghy very well, considering everything. Our Swedish mate wasn't so lucky and managed to take a dip in the drink. A sobering moment. With his wife at the oars, she then rowed him home....I think he might put the motor on the dinghy today.

10 May 2009 | Fran
Home computer is currently offline in case you are trying to contact us. Hope all is well with you in Greece.
11 May 2009 | Kyrah
Its sounds like fun in Greece, we woud like to see Ray new dancing style :) Engjo, and say hello to every one we know. Leaving for Kroatia to day, finally
Anchored off Gouvia
Spectacular weather and warm at last
6 May 2009, East coast of Corfu Island, Greece

We are anchored only a couple of minutes dinghy ride to the little village of Gouvia where there a newish and very expensive marina that can haul us out for our repairs, however, we are exploring less expensive options.

Checked into Greece
Another nice day
5 May 2009, Gouvia harbour

We had to go by dinghy to Corfu town, about 3 nautical miles, but it was calm conditions and it only took us about 7 minutes with our 15 hp engine. First we went to immigration where he checked our passports and there were no charges here but we can only stay 3 months in six unless we apply for an extension. Then we went on to the Customs official who, because our flag is non-EU he took all of the details of the boat and crew and issued us with a Transit Log that needs to be filled in at every port. This was at a cost of 30 euros and the boat gets to stay for six months, even if we don't. We then went on to the Port Authority who sited our Customs receipt, we then paid a further 15 euros in taxes, provided them with our passports and crew list and they stamped our Transit Log. Pete on Rockhopper was a bit miffed because as an EU-flagged vessel the whole process should have been simpler for him but when it came to paying the taxes he had to walk into town to the tax office. Mind you we all tagged along and ended up having a really nice Greek lunch with souvlakia, tsatsiki, greek salad and kebabs....ooooh it's nice to be here. Found the greek yoghurt and honey as well.

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Bringing her home
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