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Met some Aussies
8 August 2009, Gouvia anchorage, Gouvia

Today was a massive washing day. Ray was at it for hours getting through our laundry loads while Sam and I cleaned the boat and hung things out. After Sam sleeping in the saloon for a month, it was nice to put everything back where it belongs and have a bit of space again. We met Ray and Judith on 'Just a Breeze' today. The were flying a yellow and green kangaroo flag so they were pretty easy to spot, and were tied up to the dock at the marina just where Ray brought the dinghy in. Nice folk and we ended up heading into the Blue Cafe with them for a quick ale and some food. Unfortunately for Sam, the pool was closed for the night and there wasn't a kid in sight, so we took him back the boat to entertain himself.

Back to Gouvia
7 August 2009, Gouvia anchorage, north Corfu

Now that Milo's sorted, we've officially checked out and Zoe's happy in her hostel, we're off back to Gouvia where we know we can fill our tanks with potable water and can provision up for our crossing. We're checking out the weather options of course since we met a skipper in the Immigration Office yesterday that said he'd just had an horrific crossing in a power boat from Italy with waves crashhing over the boat. He said there was a hideous weather system currently travelling down the Adriatic, so we're not going out in that. Need to pull some GRIB files and check out what's going on. It's nice to be back in Gouvia. The anchorage is pretty and the water's pretty clean. There's great wifi at the Blue Cafe ashore and they also have a pool. So, we think we'll hang around over there for the day and pull some weather info.

Poor Milo
6 August 2009, Garitsas Bay, Corfu

After dropping Zoe ashore with her huge suitcase and helping her into a cab, we headed into town to speak to the vet that might be able to do the TITRE test. He took him immediately and that's when the trauma began. The draw the blood from the front paws or neck and given that the last time he had it in the neck and nearly screamed the vet down, this vet decided to go with the front paws. Well, Milo hates his front feet being played with and with Ray holding him they attempted to find the vein and extract some blood. Well, you'd swear he was being murdered. Eventually I suggested giving him a sedative to help calm him so he could at least get the needle in the right spot. The vet agreed and within minutes Milo was this groggy floppy stuffed toy lying on the table. Of course the downside to a sedative is that the heart rate slows and it's harder to get the blood. Anyway, after several jabs on both legs the vet felt he had enough blood to send off for testing. He assured us that a quick 'wake up' needle would have Milo bouncing back to his usual self in not time. He woke up enough to be able to slowly dawdle out the door and up the street but after weeing himself and falling over a couple of times I was on the phone to the vet. He said he just need to sleep and he'd be fine soon. We went back to the boat and found a cool spot for him to snooze. Six hours later he still wasn't right so the vet said to bring him back. By the time we got back to the vet he'd perked up considerably and we were looking like was awful...we thought he'd had a stroke or something...anyway he's in fine form now.

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