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Meridian Trek
We are still in Port Canaveral!
Terrie/ gray.... kinda sunny
01/05/2013, Florida... of course

Hope you all had a great holiday season..... we decided to stay, since we had paid for a month at this marina, and get a few more things done, such as clean the anchor locker out and clear the drain to the bilge! Icky, stinky job, but makes sleeping in the V-berth much more pleasant. We have created a supply list for items we may need for the Bahamas, we have done all the shopping for dry goods, flour, sugar, pwd. milk, etc...... we spent days vac. packing and ziploc bagging everything and then stowing it on the boat. Some of the islands in the bahamas have no place for provisions, so we have heard, and if the weather kicks up and you need to stay at anchor for any length of time, you need to have enough food to manage... trust me, we have enough for maybe 9 months...... ( Kim thinks maybe longer..... LOL) You know me, rather be safe than sorry!!!!

We still need to pick up the extra oil, and tranny fluid... as we have more than enough filters and belts, extra regulator, alternator, water pump rebuild parts, etc..... on board. We will pick up those other things at Fort Pierce.

We had planned on sailing from here to Fort Pierce, but the winds don't look like they will be as favorable as we would like to we will most likely head back down the ditch to Ft. Pierce, and then figure if we will venture out from there as the inlet/outlet to the ocean is a relatively easy one. The inlet/ outlet here is wonderful, and we have been out doing a bit of day sailing! So nice to get those sails up and full of wind!

We are paid up thru the 8th, and most likely will head out then. After we move along again, I promise that I will update more often. We have been busy biking and walking and hanging out with Stew. We have gone to the movies, eaten out at several local and very good restaurants, went out on New Year's Eve.... dancing! We went to the Planetarium with Stew and his friend Kay. We had a wonderful time, then went out for Ice Cream after!

So we will now prep the boat to take off, once again... (collect all our belongings, such as the folding bikes and stow them, put the dingy back on board or stow it if the weather is favorable to sail outside on the ocean. We will be ready to head out shortly.... Kim will be brushing the furry, icky growth that has accumulated on the boat, from sitting here in the marina.........

Till later......

A needle in a haystack!
Terrie/ Sunny and comfortable!
12/20/2012, Cape Canaveral

We were up early to move things around, to get at the battery compartment, as "BOB" the electrician was going to be here at 8!

Kim got the battery compartment opened, to discover, that yet again.... the starting battery had boiled! Thank goodness for baking soda! The entire battery compartment was once again completely wiped down with baking soda water! (I think we have the cleanest battery compartment in the Marina)

Bob was here at 8am..... and so the search for the problem continued, each wire from alternator, regulator and battery banks, were tested... There was a bad wire from alternator to regulator! That was corrected and everything put back together, for an engine start up... it appears, the mystery has been solved!

For the first time, since Bob showed up yesterday morning.... he smiled! He was eager to get out of here, and Bob, who is, we think in his late 70's climbed out of here, without the steps in place! Go, Bob!!!

So, as you can see from the photo... we have some wiring to wrap and stow! Then the boat can be put back together....... and we can fire up the engine, let it run, while monitoring the output going into the batteries....... and we are hoping not to see any voltage much over 14 going into our batteries, ever again!!!!!

Well...... we paid for the dockage for a month, as we were only going to be here a few days, which has now turned into several.... and it was just simply cheaper to rent by the month, now....... and if the electrical issue has been addressed and corrected, it will be worth it!

I think that we will go through the boat while here, and make a list of exactly what we have on board, an inventory... then we will make a shopping list, as we are planning, (which is always subject to change) on heading over to the Bahamas... rather than heading to the Keys right now! We can go out and do lots of day sailing... maybe even some night sailing, as when we head to the Bahamas.... we will be leaving in the dark! :)

We will then hit up, Stew... to take us shopping!

Till later!

Day Sailing With Stew!
12/19/2012, Port Canaveral, Florida

Yesterday we took Stew out sailing with us! It was a beautiful day!

We left the dock about 11 a.m..... throwing off the dock lines and heading to the Ocean, with a mostly clear sky and a warm sun! Into the channel..... we had to spin a few, "YUK's" as a big cruise ship was just entering the channel.... and we thought we would give it as much room as it needed.

Once out in the ocean, we put up the sails, and cut the engine... that is always one of my most favorites parts of sailing..... the sound of "PEACE & QUIET"...... and it is very noticeable. The next favorite thing..... WIND, enough of that to power the boat thru the water..... and then..... believe it or not, Heeling! I LOVE IT.... it's such a rush.

Well we had okay winds off and on... there were a few times, that the boat was kinda stalled.......lack of wind, but then..... she kicked! We had about 24 knots of apparent wind...... so we were able to get to just over 6 knots out of the boat! Whoooooo hoooooo!

Stew managed to throw a line out, but nothing was caught.... so before heading back to the Marina..... I finished up the loaf of bread and the pot of spaghetti.... after securing the boat, we had dinner..... then off to trivia! It was a great day.

Today, the Electrician, "BOB" came back to check out our continuing electrical problem, that we all thought was finally taken care of, but turned out it was still there... and is, I am sad to say...... still causing us grief! Bob showed up today.... looked things over, and took our alternator along with the brand new regulator to a shop to have them both checked out....... all is well, with those, but not our system! So after some discussion.... Bob is coming back at 8a.m..... tomorrow! This has been ongoing since Sept. 9th..... since the new bank of batteries and the auto charging relay was put on the system... so... if anyone has an idea..... we are open to any and all ideas!

We had an electrician look over the system in Georgia....... and now again...... it is driving us nuts..... we want to head to the Bahamas.... but don't dare until the issue is resolved!

Tonight, we are heading out with Stew to take in a movie..... the Hobbit!

Till later!

Still in Cape Canaveral!
Terrie/ Was a beautiful day!
12/17/2012, Florida

It's been a bit, sorry about that. We have been busy!

Kim hung the new bell I got him for his birthday, and a "Welcome Aboard" sign that we found in a little shop somewhere in NC. I put up a few Christmasy kind of things, just to help it feel more like Christmas! Which it still doesn't, but we have 2 sets of LED Christmas Lights on board, as well.

We rented a car for a couple of days, so that we could get around, we drove to go and meet up with Josh and Shea, some friends of ours from Virginia..... They were on board with us, at the Turkey Shoot Regatta! That was the last time, we had seen them. We spent the day with them, had dinner with them, and then got them back to their boat that was anchored out in the river. We had made tentative plans to leave within a few days, and so far, we have not left.

We did take Meridian Trek out into the Ocean today..... we put up her sails, and had a great afternoon sail! We got back to the Marina at dark, secured the boat, made a quick one pot meal...... and Kim is now snoozing on the settee, as I am updating the block!

Kim talked to Stu earlier this evening, to invite him to come out sailing with us tomorrow! We also invited him to take his fishing pole, maybe there will be fresh fish for dinner!

I will take a few pictures of our day sail tomorrow so that you can meet "Stu"... he sure is a nice guy, we really enjoyed his company.

This picture was taken on our way back into the Marina tonight! Another beautiful sunset! I have photos to put in an album, check them out. Pictures we have taken here, at Cape Canaveral!

12/14/2012, Cape canaveral.....

Yes, we're still here...... We got the new regulator today.... Along with a box of our mail.

We rented a car for the past two days, as we needed to do a bit of running..... Stu, has been awesome, but couldn't continue to have him drive us..... So we rented a car..... Finished up the boat errands, like grocery shopping, x mas shopping..... And meeting up with, JOSH & SHEA..... Have not seen them for two months. So we hung out with them , had a great day, a great dinner.... Then met up with Stu, for the. Women's volleyball..... Michigan lost..... Bummer.

Kim n I did a bit of shopping today...... I am done with all my Christmas shopping........whew, I think I would rather do dishes.... Tonight, Stu picked us up and we went to the Planiterium........ Great show............... Back at the boat.... We did wrapping.......and minor clean up..... Time for bed, as I think we will be heading back to the ditch.....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHUCKIE....... I Love you, tons..............12/14 / baby is....27? How can that be?

Hope all is well with all of you.... Did I mention.... That I met the, nicest lady the other day.... While on my bike..... I had gone to the Wells Fargo bank, but it was closed, and I was in need of quarters for the laundry, the ATM.... doesn't dole out quarters........... but had a nice.... conversation... with a very nice young lady.... so, still shows... there are awesome people in this world.

Ok.... Till later.

Still here
Terrie/ raining
12/11/2012, Cape Canaveral, Florida

We went to the post office today, Stu, very graciously gave us a ride so that we could send out the regulator, and the new one is on it's way, we should have it on Thursday! Kim can install it, and then we should be good to go! We are certainly hoping that this puts an end to the charging issue! We would rather get back to polishing the stainless and refinishing the teak! :)

Let's see... we have gone to dinner with Stu a few times, tonight we went to the West Marine store, then had dinner, followed by the new "James Bond" movie, "SKYFALL"! AWESOME movie!!!!!

Our friends Josh and Shea are in the area. They are just a bit south of us, in Cocoa.

It is raining!

Till later!

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