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Meridian Trek
Still in Fort Lauderdale.....
Terrie / sunny and a bit chilly!
01/26/2013, Florida

Good Morning! Hope everyone is well. It's a little too chilly here this morning! Burrrrrrr! This morning our neighbors, Ed and Lynn on "CONSTANCE" left for the Bahamas! They are planning on doing a 2 day sail, 130 nm to get to the Bahamas. We are planning on leaving late on Monday to do our crossing over to the Bahamas! It looks like a good window, for wind and waves! So with a little luck, and if the weather holds, we should be somewhere in the Bahamas next week!

I will keep posting as we know more! Till later!

Fort Lauderdale
Terrie/ Sunny and much warmer than HOME!
01/22/2013, Florida

Solar panels are keeping the batteries charged! I really tested them yesterday by hitting the inverter and then the water heater! LOL They work!

Next we need to get out to the ocean to test the water maker! However, tomorrow we are renting a car for a day to pick up a few last minute items! We have ordered sun/rain shades for the boat, as I was going to make a couple to cover our hatches, but Kim had the great idea of ordering camping tarps! Way cheaper than Sunbrella material and taking the time to sew them!

They will be here tomorrow and it looks like we may see a wind/ wave and weather window on Friday or Tuesday of next week...... and then we will cross over!

I do believe we are set to do the Bahamas and can be ready to go with only a short bit of notice! We are looking forward to the crossing! Wish us luck!

I will try to blog each day, and have contacted Verizon and will have a global package on my phone, which is also the "HOT SPOT" for my computer... so I will be able to keep up on the blog in the Bahamas... and send and receive text messages and phone calls!

Hope everyone is healthy and doing well! Miss you all, and want you all to come and visit!

Till later!

We moved out from the docks
Terrie/ sunny, some clouds and rain!
01/21/2013, Hooked to a mooring

We moved! We are now in the mooring field! Caught the mooring ball on first attempt, and this is our first mooring since our sailing classes, Nov. 2011! We did very well!!!!

We can now, test our solar panels! Kim finished hooking them all up yesterday, as we borrowed a car the day before, to run and grab more wire, however... when we returned from our trip to West Marine, we returned the car keys to the owners, Jeanne and Brian, and ended up on their boat, talking and drinking rum! So much for any electrical work!!! LOL

We have decided not to head south to Miami to cross over to Bimini... we will cross from here, along with Brian and Jeanne! They will be crossing over soon and we will leave at the same time and travel with them!

I just added a couple of pics to past blogs, and will now add a new album! I finally downloaded the pics from the cameras!

Not much else new, on this end... hope everyone is well..... I talked to Linda this morning and it was 9 degrees, below Zero!!!!!! That is frigid! Burrrrrrr! It's in the upper 70's here! Sure glad I am here!

Take care, till later!

Solar panels
Terrie/ full cloud cover! Chilly
01/18/2013, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

We were successful in our sewing project yesterday! The panels are now attached via heavy duty velcro to the Bimini! Kim is now working on hooking them up, installing the boxes, etc.

Kim did take pictures yesterday, and this morning. As soon as I can locate the cameras I will download those! The boat is in total disarray again! Every project we do, seems to create chaos, or at least it feels like that, due to the lack of "EXTRA" space in the cabin!

I am anxious to see how many Amps the two panels will produce!

The list of projects never seems to get any shorter, as one project is finished, we discover two more that needs tending too! Such is the life on a boat, as we are learning!

I will try to get the pictures loaded on here later! The solar panels look really nice on the Bimini! I think so, anyway! :)

Till later!

Las Olas Marina
Terrie / sunny, warm... some rain last evening
01/17/2013, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

We are still here. We were going to take off, but with the unplanned projects, decided to stay and install our panels. Yesterday Kim beefed up the Bimini frame with additional tubing, as our package from Sailrite arrived! It looks great! Today he and I will sew velcro to the panels, and attach a flap made from Sunbrella to match our Bimini to securely anchor the panels to the Bimini! Wish us luck! Will do a before and after photo...

While making breakfast this morning, a couple from Chicago stopped by, as they were inquiring as to the make of our boat... They, Brian and Jeanne, have a similar boat, named: "Clairvoyant" They will be moving their boat over to this Marina tomorrow. If we are still here, we will have to check out their boat. They too, are planning on heading to the Bahamas within the next couple of weeks!

The weather looks favorable to sail to Miami, tomorrow. If we can get through our list for today, we may sail to Miami tomorrow. There we will hang out and await our USCG updated documentation! Then we can sail over to the Bahamas, knowing we have all the documentation we need for customs! (I still can't believe that we didn't think to update the boats documentation with my married name! Geeze! )

Hope everyone back at home is staying warm! I hear it's been very cold!

We talked to Elizabeth last evening, she is saving her pennies for an airline ticket, and is hoping to come and visit us! She wants us to be in the Bahamas, as that is where she would like to vacation! It sure would be nice to see all the kids, this is the longest we have gone without seeing our kids! So we hope they all get a chance to come and visit us on the boat!

Well, better get my butt moving and work at making the "TO DO LIST" a little shorter!

Till later!

Have our solar panels
Terrie/ Cloudy and warm
01/15/2013, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Yesterday, we went to EMarine and picked up our 2 flexible Solbian 125 W solar panels and the charge controller, etc. We are awaiting an order from Sail Rite with the needle and thread to sew velcro to the panels so that we can attach them to the top of the Bimini.

We replaced our spigots for the foot pumps in the galley, as the fresh water spigot would leak each time we filled the water tanks! Kim installed a new water filter under the galley sink. While digging under the Vberth yesterday, he discovered parts of our macerator pump! That is falling apart, so a new one will be picked up today! (We have never used that pump, but will need to when heading to the Bahamas, etc.) So another project!

Our electrical issue appears to be fixed, we have had zero issues with overcharging! Thank goodness as we want to get the solar panels installed as soon as we have all the parts, and need to know that the entire electrical system is functioning as it should, and it appears that it is! YEAH!

We are also waiting for our mail from home! We are hoping to have everything by early tomorrow, as we are planning on leaving Fort Lauderdale, tomorrow or Thursday and heading off to Miami! We are hoping the winds will be favorable to do that leg, outside of the ICW. It is so nice to put up the sails and use wind power, which is so much quieter than the diesel engine!

Yesterday morning while doing laundry in the laundry room, here at the Marina, ran into a couple we met in Cape Canaveral, that were docked near us! We have new neighbors here, a couple from Annapolis, who were recently married and are heading to the Keys on their sailboat.

Today we will return the rental car, as we should have all our errands taken care of, and will spend the remainder of today and tomorrow, putting stuff away and prepping the boat to leave again!

Our bug bites have subsided! There were too many bugs at the parks the other day! Oh, my...... we stopped at the pharmacy to pick up ointment to put on the bug bites, we were both itching like crazy!

Will update, after we take off from here, and let you know where we are, and what our next plan is.

Hope all is well with everyone! Till later!

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