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Meridian Trek
From Ten Bay to Govenors Harbour
Terrie/ Hot and Lots of Sunshine
04/25/2013, Eleuthera

We left Ten Bay, yesterday morning, heading N. into dark gray skies!!! Yup, we hit rain.... that doesn't happen real often here, and we sure didn't mind, fresh water is great and the boat needed a bath with fresh water!

We headed to Runaway Bay Marina, we planned to do a quick stop, dropping the anchor and jumping into the dinghy to grab a bag of ice.... however, after dropping the anchor, Kim did jump in the dinghy to paddle over to the Marina, only to find, it was closed due to damage from a hurricane. What hurricane? We have no clue! But they were closed and so, no ice!!!! Bummer!!!! We pulled anchor, and had planned to anchor for the evening just a short distance away, but since we didn't get any ice, decided to head to Gov. Harbour! We pulled into the harbor, shortly after one, but since we made several attempts to get a good anchorage........ without coral heads that could possibly foul the rode!!!! Due to lack of sunshine, it was tough to see into the water. We finally got a good spot, but the anchor didn't stick in as well as we hoped... so Kim had to dive and stick it in!

We had a good laugh while Kim was out snorkeling around the boat.... after setting the anchor, there was a fish, about 4 inches long, flat as a pancake and kind of beige and white striped, with a horn like thing sticking out of the top of it's head..... A unicorn fish? Anyway, the horn thing was stuck in the painter on the dinghy! It looked pretty funny hanging there!!! We left it stuck there till we arrived on shore, where I had to step on it, to pull it off, however, the hornlike thing stayed behind! It was barbed like a fish hook!

Today we are planning to pull up anchor and head up the coast a bit........

We did not find out where the lock washer came from! We checked out every possiblity... and came up with nothing! Maybe a bird dropped it, however, we did notice that on our last night in Ten Bay, our snubber came loose, both ends, if you can believe that..... how weird is that, and Kim had to get in the water and dive to the bottom to fetch it!

Kim wanted me to elaborate on the shackle that needed changing ... It was a "TWISTED "D" SHACKLE".... Not to be confused with a twisted, D Shackle!!!! LOL

Anyway, hope everyone is well, we hear that there is still snow at home... ick! Hope it all melts before we get back....

Oh, one last thing.... "CONGRATULATIONS TO ALVINA ROSE" We heard that she got all "A's" on her last report card!!!!! Way to go, girl!!!!! WE are VERY PROUD OF YOU.

Till later!

TERRIE/ Warm, rainy, a bit breezy

We left Rock Sound 3 days ago... and spent 2 nights in Ten Bay. We visited that beach while with the family..... in search of Sand Dollars! We had only planned on staying one night, but... things happen, like finding a lock washer on the deck of the boat, causing us to wonder... where it came from. So, the next morning, we spent with Kim at the top of the mast, and me at the winch sending him up and bringing him back down... twice! The lock washer did not come from up there, however..... his first trip up, he discovered the shackle for the Stay Sail..... was rusted and had a rather large crack in it!!!!!! Luckily it didn't let go the day we sailed to Ten Bay...... so of course that was exchanged for a new one!!! (Yes we had a spare on board!)

So we stayed the night, and left Ten Bay yesterday morning, and sailed into a little rainy weather......

The last one's to leave Eleuthera!
Terrie/ Hot, Breezy and wonderful of course!
04/21/2013, Rock Sound

A lack of internet is the cause for the delay in the update! Sorry!!!

Well, it seems that Mike & Judy did not make their connection in Nassau, and they ended up having to spend the night somewhere along the way in the U.S. So they were late in getting home, but did make it home, safe and sound! Whew!!!!

Friday morning, Kim & I were up early, we packed up our stuff, and brought our stuff back out to our boat! All of our clothing, snorkeling gear, etc., that we had brought to Stella Di Mare, fit in the Dinghy... one trip from dock to boat! Yeah!

Kim headed back to Stella Di Mare, to return the car to Kerry and Sandy. Both Kerry and Sandy drove Kim back, and joined us, on Meridian Trek for a light and simple lunch. We all headed out to the beach, in search of "BEACH GLASS"... We climbed across limestone and searched in the little pockets for glass..... we found several nice pieces. Sandy and I were within chatting distance of each other for a few minutes, when a large wave crashed against the rock we were searching, without looking up, Sandy says, "that was a good one." I sat their dripping! That "GOOD ONE" hit me, and drenched me from head to toe, without getting her! How does that always seem to happen to me! I always get the bulk of the waves that crash onto the boat as well, and Kim is seldom hit! During a wedding I performed on a large boat in Marquette, I got nailed several times, one of which was right in the middle of the ceremony! It hardly mattered that I got that wave, since it was hot it felt good, until of course it started to dry... salt water makes you feel, STICKY!

We were heading back down toward the car, I took my shoes off, and of course had to walk in the water! I managed to actually get knocked down by a large wave!!!!!!! I was the only one drenched for the ride back! Kerry suggested a quick stop by "Rosie's place a.k.a. The Nort Side Restaurant & Bar" for a few beers and fritters! Sandy and I had wine while the boys, enjoyed a couple of beers! The fritters were great and Rosie had a few stories to tell! We met two couples that happened to be anchored near our boat. We chatted with them for a bit before heading back.

At the dock, before getting into the dinghy, we said our "GOOD BYES" to Kerry and Sandy, although they had invited us for dinner, we thought we would decline, giving them a bit of time at Stella Di Mare, by themselves! They said they were going to have a game of Cribbage... I wonder who won?! :)

Kerry & Sandy were planning to fly their plane back to Florida, then off to Georgia to visit with their 3 children, all of them live within a 10 mile radius of each other! Then they planned to fly back to Michigan, and back to the grind of "WORKING"...... ICK! LOL

We were watching for Kerry and Sandy's plane yesterday morning.... didn't see them, however there were lots of clouds and heavy winds yesterday! We heard a few planes take off, but didn't see any of them. We hope they made it to their destination safely!!!! We will most likely see them briefly on our trip back to Michigan!

We took our dinghy to the dock, as we needed to top up our phone... we were down to $.02 on our phone!!!! So we walked to the little store, bought a book to read, and topped up the phone... then went on the the grocery store to pick up some pears and batteries for our headlamps! Then on to the bait store for some frozen squid for fishing! On our walk back, we decided to stop for a late lunch at the 4 Points Marina Village Restaurant and bar. What a nice place! After a great lunch, we headed back to the boat!

Kim donned his wet suit and armed with cleaner and a scrubby, he climbed into the water to scrub the stern of Meridian Trek. Where the exhaust exists the boat, she was covered in a black film... this is common, and she needs her butt, scrubbed every so often! Then it was on to remove the algae that had grown below the water line!!!! There was lots of it! Kim scrubbed the bottom just before we left Great Harbour Cay, and we were amazed at how much was on the bottom! It looked like the boat had a long green fur coat on her belly!!!!!

Kim needed the metal spatula, or flipper....... thing that I use to flip eggs in a skillet... what is the proper name for them?! I don't know..... but anyway, he used that to scrape the heaviest growth from around the water line. Then he used the long handled deck brush to scrub the rest of the bottom! The handle is stainless the brush is fashioned from a block of wood, with light blue bristles and a metal band around the edges! I never thought that it resembled a fishing lure. While Kim was busy, thrashing around, trying to remain close enough to the boat while scrubbing and scouring... he had noticed a Barracuda hanging about 10 feet away. Since there had been such heavy winds earlier and the waves had stirred up the bottom... he only had about 10' of visibility. That is not usually the case! He had thought that the barracuda had lost interest in what he was doing, as he had not seen the fish in a while. Well, surprise! The Barracuda came up and attacked the brush, trying to bite it! In response, Kim pulled the brush back and smacked the Barracuda on the snout! This did not deter the barracuda, who must have thought that scrub brush was going to be dinner!!!! He did not retreat, but hung out in front of Kim, with it's mouth open. Kim pushed the brush up and out of the water, thinking that the metal band was probably keeping the attention of the Barracuda.
While watching the barracuda, and realizing that it wasn't going to just leave... Kim decided that the bottom cleaning session was over! GOOD IDEA! Meridian Trek is as clean as she is going to get for now!!!!

Since we had purchased a 24 hour code for internet service here on the boat... from Dingle Motors, we watched a movie on Netflix last night... first time in a couple of months!

Yesterday it was in the mid 80's and only dropped down into the upper 70's last evening! All hatches and ports were open, we had a nice breeze blowing through and very little wave action! It was a good evening!

Kim was up bright and early today, to listen to the weather report from Chris Parker... however, he does not broadcast on Sunday! Most of the time, we don't know what day it is!!!!

Our plans have changed. We were going to start heading back to the States, via Andros, however... Kim would like to spend at least a month on Andros exploring and since we would have only maybe a few days we could spare, we will sail N along the W coast of Eleuthera, to the Abacos. Then will round the Northern tip of those islands and turn SW to West End. There we will refuel, etc...... and then sail for Fort Pierce, Florida. Once there, we will most likely find a secure marina, where we can put the boat on the hard... I will not like leaving her, so far away from us. We will need to purchase a car, load up and head N... toward Michigan. Jeri Ann and Alvina are on the way through, so we will be stopping by to see them, and then on to visit with Kim's parents for a day or two, before heading over the MIGHTY MAC and into the U.P. We will do what we need to do, with dealing with the house etc., but we do want to head back to the boat, ASAP..... There are so many islands we haven't seen, and still want to see....

So, for now.... Andros will have to wait, along with all the other islands we haven't seen! We will be back~

I will update, as we have internet, but am guessing it won't be for at least a few days! So.......

We hope everyone is well........

Till later...................

Safe travels back to Michigan, Mike & Judy!
Terrie another great day in the Bahamas
04/18/2013, Eleuthera, Bahama

Judy and Mike left this morning, heading back to Michigan! Safe travels!!!

Yesterday, Kerry, Mike, Judy & Kim flew up to the northern end of the island, to fuel up the airplane, while Sandy and I headed out in the bay on the dinghy to do a bit of fishing since the boys, who went out snorkeling at 5:45am... came back empty handed! We were hoping for fresh fish for Judy and Mike's last evening meal, here at Stella Di Mare.

Sandy caught to Jacks... I caught a Barracuda! The Barracuda went back into the bay, while we kept the Jacks. Kerry and crew, flew over us, as we were out fishing!

After Kerry and crew returned, Judy and Mike headed out fishing, while Kerry and Sandy took a walk down the beach, and Kim & I relaxed on the beach... Judy and Mike headed toward shore, to show off their catch, before heading back out... they ended up with a total take of 4 jacks and a mutton snapper!!!! Yes, we had fresh fish for dinner! It was delicious, and as Mike would say, "Can't get this in any restaurant!"... I feel very lucky, to have been able to spend all this time, with such great people! It's been wonderful getting to know them, better!

Today, we, the last 4 of us...... are heading out to do a bit of snorkeling! Then we will haul up dinghies and prepare for departure. We will take Sandy and Kerry out for the nickel tour of "Meridian Trek"...

Kim & I are planning on sailing from here to Allen's Cay... to check out the Iguanas, and then onto Andros, before heading back to the States!

We will most likely be heading back toward Virginia, to leave Meridian Trek on the hard somewhere... as we head back to Michigan to deal with the house, and our stuff there, before venturing off again, indefinitely... there are so many more islands yet to explore!

Will update one last time before leaving Stella Di Mare...

Check out the newest photos!!! Lots of fun was had these past two weeks!

Till later..................

Happy Belated 70th Anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Matthews!~
Terrie/ Yes, it's yet, another beautiful day here in the Bahamas
04/17/2013, Stella Di Mare

On April 14th, Kim's parents, Charles (Bud) and Ellen Matthews, celebrated their "70th" Anniversary!!!!!!! Congratulations! That is "FANTASTIC"...... We are so sorry, we are living on Island Time...... and most days, don't know the day of the week, let alone the day of the month!!!! So, again.......... Happy Belated Anniversary!!!! 70 Years! WOW!!!

We have been busy, snorkeling, shelling, relaxing, playing Dominos, and just sitting around enjoying being together!!!!!

Yesterday, Kerry exchanged the little car, for a KIA.... something or other, a 5 seater, but Kim and I sat in the cargo area, with our feet hanging out the back.... we drove up to the N. end of the island to check out the Looking Glass Bridge! What a view! We stopped at a few little shops and ate lunch at one of them!

We got back about 6ish.... I think it was. Made a quick dinner of grilled marinated pork roast... and tons of left overs, which were great! We had a game of dominos, and Kim won, and beat his brother Kerry by 1 point! The rest of us didn't fair as well...... the night before last, Kerry was the winner... I lost miserably!

We got loads of shells yesterday, as we stopped at a few different beaches!

The guys were going to go out night snorkeling..... but after dinner, everyone lost their momentum... so they got up before sunrise this morning.... (5:45 a.m.) they just got back..... 8am... they had a good time, but returned empty handed.

I have no idea what the agenda is today, but whatever we do, I am sure it will be loads of fun.

Judy and Mike leave tomorrow morning.... Bummer! We hope they have a safe journey home.

Well, will update later, maybe......... I have some good pics to post and will do so, ASAP.

Till later!

Safe Travels
Terrie/ Sunny... Warm... great weather!

Amanda, Blake, Owen and Katelyn flew off this morning at about 8a.m. where they will sit in the Nassau Airport for 7 hours! (bummer) Wishing them a safe trip back home.

It sure was great getting to know them! What a great bunch! By the way.... I beat Katelyn last evening at "Sequence"...... it was the first time she ever played, and I won..... then we went on to play Dominos with the crew! Great fun! Kim beat us all.... however the other night, he had the highest score ever..... 450 points!

Kerry, Sandy, Mike, Judy, Kim & I had a quick breakfast this morning, then headed off to do a bit of snorkeling...... Kerry and Judy were towed behind the boat on our way back in, and found 4 queen conch! Nice big ones! Conch fritters tonight!!!!!

Heading back out to go snorkeling......... catch you all later! Hope everyone is well.....

Till later!

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