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28 April 2011 | Tahuata Island, Hana Moe Noa Bay
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12 April 2011 | Atuona, Hiva Oa Island, Marquesas
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The Cheese Sandwich Day 10

29 March 2011 | 11 07N 120 14W
"A person that goes to sea for pleasure, would go to hell to pass the time."

This quote has been going through my head for the last couple of days now. It's because I'm living in a world that is never still. Usually the exact opposite - in the extreme. Take a grilled cheese sandwich for instance. (which I just had) Seems like a simple want in life. But the mere act of standing is difficult, well, pretty much impossible to do it in one spot, unless you have something indestructible to hang onto, and you've been working out lately.

So you go through the motions of going to the fridge to get some cheese and butter out, in a sort of jerking epileptic kind of goofy walk - think of a giraffe on Quaaludes - that really hurts if you get the timing of the waves wrong. If you DO get the timing right you only LOOK like you've got the balance of an 8 month old, BUT you are actually in as much control as possible.

So you manage to get the cheese out of the fridge, then, you look at the knife display. All six of them lined up razor sharp and you realize it hasn't even begun to get dangerous until now. To get the full scope of what I'm trying to describe here, imagine this. Have you ever seen popcorn being popped? Good. Now imagine jumping into the middle of the popping corn, only it's not corn, it's knives. Now you can see what was going through my mind while I looked the knife set.

Well, while this was all going through my head, Yuka came down from outside and asked what I was doing. And since she's just a tiny little thing, AND she does this sort of thing all the time, I kind of acted all nonchalant and said, "oh nothing, just making a sandwich" and summoning all the macho I had after 5 months in Mexico, I made a big grab for the smallest knife.

She was kind of watching me now with an odd little smile on her face. So quickly, while I still had my chest puffed out, I started to cut some cheese slices, all the while lurching, lunging, and side stepping to keep my balance on this roller coaster ride from hell that I had paid so dearly to be on..

Just another day in paradise..
Vessel Name: Merkava
Vessel Make/Model: Fraser 41
Hailing Port: Vancouver
Crew: Yuka n Mark
About: We are from Squamish, it's a small town about an hour north of Vancouver, BC Canada.
Extra: We are in the south pacific! First stop will be French Polynesia, then across to Tonga and finally to New Zealand. After that! Who knows!
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Who: Yuka n Mark
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