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Tall Tales n Outright Lies
The Cheese Sandwich Day 10
03/29/2011, 11 07N 120 14W

"A person that goes to sea for pleasure, would go to hell to pass the time."

This quote has been going through my head for the last couple of days now. It's because I'm living in a world that is never still. Usually the exact opposite - in the extreme. Take a grilled cheese sandwich for instance. (which I just had) Seems like a simple want in life. But the mere act of standing is difficult, well, pretty much impossible to do it in one spot, unless you have something indestructible to hang onto, and you've been working out lately.

So you go through the motions of going to the fridge to get some cheese and butter out, in a sort of jerking epileptic kind of goofy walk - think of a giraffe on Quaaludes - that really hurts if you get the timing of the waves wrong. If you DO get the timing right you only LOOK like you've got the balance of an 8 month old, BUT you are actually in as much control as possible.

So you manage to get the cheese out of the fridge, then, you look at the knife display. All six of them lined up razor sharp and you realize it hasn't even begun to get dangerous until now. To get the full scope of what I'm trying to describe here, imagine this. Have you ever seen popcorn being popped? Good. Now imagine jumping into the middle of the popping corn, only it's not corn, it's knives. Now you can see what was going through my mind while I looked the knife set.

Well, while this was all going through my head, Yuka came down from outside and asked what I was doing. And since she's just a tiny little thing, AND she does this sort of thing all the time, I kind of acted all nonchalant and said, "oh nothing, just making a sandwich" and summoning all the macho I had after 5 months in Mexico, I made a big grab for the smallest knife.

She was kind of watching me now with an odd little smile on her face. So quickly, while I still had my chest puffed out, I started to cut some cheese slices, all the while lurching, lunging, and side stepping to keep my balance on this roller coaster ride from hell that I had paid so dearly to be on..

Just another day in paradise..

03/29/2011 | Ken and Carole
Sounds like a roller coaster ride! I was just reading Sarah Jean's and they said the same thing. Love reading your blog updates!
04/10/2011 | val
love your blog ....
think of you often when I glance in the yard next door...happy to see you are doing what you want...take care my friend... :>)
04/28/2011 | Donna Payne
Just love what you're doing and look forward to your posts. The giraffe on ludes is quite a visual! LOL!
Be well and safe, dp
05/02/2011 | Barbara Tramelli
I am finally catching up with you. What a fabulous adventure. Rick and I are still sitting in Sun Harbor on Chili Pepper hoping someday to follow your lead.
Approaching the Equator Day 12
03/29/2011, 09 18N 123 17W

Well, life has been fairly routine for the last week or so! Once we hit the trade winds on day 4, we've had 15 to 20 knots of wind the whole time. We pretty much just set the sails a week ago, and haven't done much to them since! How cool is that! We are going almost dead downwind now so the boat is rolling around a bunch. Doing ANYTHING is a bit of a chore, but we're pretty used to it now. You get used to having your legs splayed out anytime you stand - and many times when you're sitting too! We've been eating fresh tuna as much as we want. I've had fresh (like hours old) shashimi, avocado and tuna shashimi salad (a little weird but deeee licious!), and an incredible fried rice with tuna and veggies dish.... I'm getting spoiled out here.... Yesterday I woke up and there were tuna jumping all over the place. I've never seen anything like it. They were going after flying fish. The sea was just alive with them. SO! I put my line in and caught 4 before it was my turn to hit the bed. We had enough so I released them. We both love it out here. It's so cool to look out and see nothing but ocean... day after day... night after night...

03/29/2011 | Asger Kjeldsen
Keep it coming. Make one feel good to read of others adventures.
My is still in the future. -but it will come, eventually!
We're on our way!
03/22/2011, 16 46N 107 28W

Hi all! This is our 3rd night out on our trip from Manzanillo Mexico to the island of Hiva Oa in French Polynesia. Our voyage so far has been pretty calm... unfortunately. There hasn't been much wind at all and we've motored for 27 of the 54 hours we've been gone. We're getting a breath right now that's nudging us along at about 4 1/2 knots. Everything is quiet and peaceful out here. Yuka has been keeping herself busy sewing up some towels and beautifying the boat. Giving it a woman's touch and making it her own. I've been doing small jobs that always need doing on a boat, but mostly just relaxing, catching up on sleep, and enjoying being out here on this great big ocean. Check out the map on the right side. Hopefully it will show you where we are! Cheers for now, Mark n Yuka

A day in the life of Mexico
03/18/2011, 19 06N 104 20W

It seems every Mexican anchorage has at least one hotel. And at every hotel, there is LOUD music played on the beach, through big, and broken, speakers. Till the wee hours of the morning.... Right in front of where you're anchored.... Nothing remote and primitive on this coast. But all the dance music you can shake a stick at. Which I did on a couple of occasions when it just got too damn much. Sometimes ya just gotta sleep! Un chuka un chaku un chaka un.... Only cuts it for a couple nights. After that it's "I'm gonna kill the sumbitch that's playing that terrible music....! BUT! Like everything else in this country.... You get used to it. You live with it.... You think, well, this is about as bad as my life gets right now... I guess it's not that bad.... Loud music and broken speakers is the extent of my worries right at this particular time, so I guess I shouldn't complain too much. That's it. That's all I can possibly think of to complain about. Fuck.... Life IS actually grand right now! I guess if I really thought about it, I COULD find something to complain about.... Like..... Um....... Hang on a minute..... I'm thinking.... OH! I got it! I didn't catch a fish today! FUCK! I had my lines out all day..... Nothin'! FUCK! And then, when I had taken the lines in, and we were almost at the anchorage.... Already inside the bay..... A fucking tuna swims up to the boat, (he really did!) sticks out his tongue (ok, I don't know if he really did that)... But he seemed to be smiling as he swam off.... I could almost hear him saying.... Nananana! Didn't get me! Stupid fucking tuna.....

04/29/2011 | gayle
Well my son Marky Mark. What great writing. It is so descriptive. I am enthralled just reading what you and Yuka are doing. And, do I love mangos.
Beautiful. Love your other mom
Magic in the water

The one thing about the waters in Mexico is the incredible amount of LIFE inside them.

I've never seen so much sea life anywhere. There is always something swimming or jumping in the water, even in the marinas!

One of my favorite things to do on this trip was to make the trip out to the boat after dark while we were anchored in La Cruz, just north of Puerta Vallarta. The phosphoresces was an electric green that almost jumped out of the water at you in it's brilliance. I could never tire of simply watching the never ending neon bow wave slide silently through the water. But what was the absolute best were the flying fish. Hundreds of them. The dingy would disturb and frighten them and they'd go darting through the water, neon green little torpedos, then they'd jump out and fly through the air for a few feet that ended in a tiny iridescent splash. And I'd think.... How fucking cool is THAT!!

Then anytime we took the boat out for a day cruise in the bay, we'd see humpback whales for sure, dolphins, and maybe even some flying manta rays.

Coming down the coast yesterday from Chamela Bay to Tenacatita Bay, we saw three different whales, a pod of about 100 dolphins came to play with us for awhile, and the sea was practically agog with sunning sea turtles. I told Yuka the turtles reminded me of all the crab traps I had to go through on the coast of Washington. There were tons of them and it was surprising we didn't hit any!

Not to mention the millions of jellyfish that we passed for about an hour. Them being so damn thick I kept checking my engine temperature, thinking they'd clog the raw water intake for sure.

Waking up every morning there is always something to see down here. Fish are jumping and swimming around the boat, making the surface dance a little, and exciting your imagination with what is actually down there.... Pods of rays sometimes swim by to say good morning, the ends of their wings coming out of the water and fluttering slowly in the morning light. Or sometimes there's the blow of a far off whale to tell you they're around.

It really is magical in a lot of ways. This life of living on the sea....Our tiny craft feels every wave and ripple, every current and eddy, keeping us in close touch with the pulse of mother earth in a very intimate way. Showing us, if we just keep our eyes are open, how incredible, and breathtakingly beautiful, simply living with nature can be.

03/15/2011 | Ken and Carole
Wow, your write up makes us feel like we are right there with you......

some pics

03/06/2011 | Ken and CArole
Look forward to more pics.....
03/18/2011 | Vic
I am in love with Yuka. Please help.
03/22/2011 | byron Brisco
is this in sayulita?
La Cruz

We are in La Cruz right now, doing the last minute things to the boat. Getting her ready for the trip across the Marquesas!

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