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Sail the sea with The Merry Lee
Hola Amigos,

In the movie Cat Ballou (1965), Lee Marvin won an Oscar for a scene where he gets dressed for his last big gunfight. When Lewis was working, Mary Lee always arranged his pants and shirt and tie for him. This was embarrassing because our Grand-daughters pick out their own outfits.
This morning at 2:30AM Lewis had to pick out his own outfit for his watch. ML was asleep and there was no Internet so he could not “Ask Andy”. Here are the sad results:
Deck shoes: Sebago
Wool socks: Clark
2 pairs of polypro pants: Pearl Izumi
Underpants: Kirkland (Too much information)
Polypro undershirt: Patagonia
Wool sweater: Kirkland
Fleece jacket: Patagonia
Foul weather jacket: West Marine
PFD/ Harness: West Marine
Polypro/wool face mask: Gucci knock off
Peruvian Hat: Outdoor Research
Glasses: Harley Davidson
Fleece/Gortex mittens: Mountain Hardware

We brought the Merry Lee into Ensenada through a cold, dark, moonless, windy, (did we say cold yet?) and foggy Mexican night/morning.. But we did bring her in and we docked her in Coral Marina at 7AM.

Wednesday, 5-4. After leaving Turtle Bay at 6AM, the wind was light and the seas were flat; just as per the weather guru’s prediction of a perfect weather window with no wind. As we approached nightfall the winds picked up to 20 knots, the seas picked up and we had another miserable night of bashing but only slowing down to 4.3 knots. Sleep was possible. So much for predictions.

Thursday, 5-5. By 10 AM we were going 7.2 knots with light winds and small seas ( just as predicted). This weather pattern continued until ( can you guess what is going to happen?), night fall when the winds picked up.
ML did a 7:20 PM to 10:30 PM watch, Our Crew did 10:30 PM to 2:30 AM and then our Fanshionista woke up.

Happy Trails to the Mall to you until we Blog again,

The Merry Lee
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