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Sail the sea with The Merry Lee
Mother Nature 1,Experience 0
28 February 2009 | El Cid Marina, Mazatlan
Hola Amigos, Since we were making our way back we felt that we were seasoned veterans. We were planning on making fewer mistakes, hopefully learning from past mistakes and generally having an easier trip back. WRONG!
We are not at the point where we can give advice. We can only shake our heads knowingly in agreement when cruisers share with us their errors.

We first decided that we would go further out and miss those pesky illegal long fishing lines supported by old soda bottles. First of all, those fishermen have changed their floats to ones that look like small balloons. They are less obvious so much harder to spot. Second, they have moved them further out. We are much better at putting our engine in neutral when passing them.

The trip to Mazatlan was a whale spectacular. We must have seen over 100 whales and fortunately no close and person experiences. Again our whale pictures are not good but ML is not complaining. We think that whales are not as attracted to boats with their engine's running. Listening to some cruisers, when whales see an anchored boat, they have the same urges as a when a dog sees a leg. They say that when who smell a foul odor near your boat it could be a whale. They apparently do not have good dental hygiene,

Last time we were entering El Cid Marina, we went at low tide and had our encounter with the Dredger. This time we were going to time the tides and dredger perfect and waltz in. Well were we happy when we saw dense fog a few miles from the entrance? Not exactly. We have gone into Marina Del Rey in dense fog but there we had accurate charts, familiarity with the wide entrance and a line on our chart showing our track as we left. Here the charts are over 1 mile off and don't even have the marina. We were lucky to find a wavepoint for the marina entrance. Using radar and that wavepoint we slowly crept in. Right before the entrance we had almost 100 yards of visibility. ML had drawn a picture of the entrance, which was helpful. We saw the red and green entrance markers and slowly went in looking for the dreaded dredger and looking at our depth. The dredger was moored to the side, we had plenty of depth and as we came through the channel, the fog lifted. YAHOOOO.

Have we learned our lesson about being too confident? Probably not. Another good example of not fully learning from your previous mistakes. Mother Nature keeps on teaching us lessons.

We are here in El Cid Marina, Mazatlan for 2 weeks.

Happy lesson learning to you until we blog again.

Mary Lee and Lewis
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