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10 October 2017
10 October 2017
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01 October 2017 | Outside Quebec City
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Given up looking like a local in Cancun

15 October 2017
After all we are in Mexico but we still like their Hello.
In Canada we were not able to look like locals despite Lewis's Tilley hat.
In New York we lost the Tilley but still stood out like a sore thumb.
Now that we are in Cancun all the hawkers know Yankees when they see them even though we are Dodger fans.
So far we have bought one condo, two time shares and several really cool excursions. We have also taken a couple of taxi cab rides that we did not need.
When we cruised Mexico on our sailboat we did not have to deal with this onslaught.
Luckily Cancun and Cabo are aberrations.
We are enjoying the beautiful waters and our friends.
Happy Crystal Blue water trails until we Blog again.
Mary Lee and Lewis

Trying to look like you are not from California on the subway

11 October 2017
Everyone, especially Mary Lee and Lewis, from California are trying to look like we are locals.
Not easy and even less successful.

Yesterday Lewis tried to looked like a New Yorker by wearing his Canadian Tilley hat on the subway.

We got a ten trip pass and right away used two swipes for one admit.
We then were looking at the subway map. That apparently is a sign that you are not local,and have no idea what you are doing.

We were vocalizing that we wanted to go to Chinatown on the 1.
A subway angel told us your goal on the subway is not to find the furthest station to stop at but rather the closest. He told us to take the 1 to 59 and then take the D to Grand.

On the way back we got off on 53,and quickly jumped back on. This observer asked us if we we had finally figured out where we were going.

Today Lewis lost the hat to take the subway to Hello Dolly. Did not work on the plan to look like a New Yorker.

Since it was a straight shot on the 1 we looked OK.

You really look like an alien when you can not successfully get through the turnstiles. Lewis managed to even mess that up to the surprise / delight of three guys. He had these three people get him through the handicap gate.
Definitely from California
Wow,embarrassing again.

Hello Dolly was lots of fun with Bette Mittler.
We are safely back in our room with no more embarrassing moments reportable.
But tomorrow always has lots more possibilities.

Happy look good trails to you until we Blog again.
Mary Lee and Lewis

Even the upside down picture illustrates our issues today.

Tomorrow always has the potential of another glorious and wonderful day.

Room with actually two views.

10 October 2017
Since we have a corner room, we not only have one great view, we have two great views.

Happy beautiful views from your trails to you until we Blog again.
Mary Lee and Lewis

Room with a view

10 October 2017
We successfully disembarked from the Insignia and almost made a tragic mistake in picking a taxi to get to our hotel.
It became quickly apparent that Lewis made a tremendous budgeting mistake when he made hotel reservations.

Check out the view.

Happy views to you until we Blog again.
Mary Lee and Lewis

New York, New York

10 October 2017
We are at the end of our wonderful cruise but we are just beginning our visit to NY and then on to Cancun.

Happy beginning trails to you until we Blog again.
Mary Lee and Lewis

Newport Rhode Island

09 October 2017
After ten days of insufferable beautiful weather, we finally got a cloudy, rainy day.
The last time we entered this harbor, we also came by boat. It was 25 years ago on a friend's 42 ft sailboat. We started out from the Savannah river in Georgia and went up the East coast eventually ending up in Maine. That time we got preferential mooring in the inner harbor. This time we had to moor outside.

Happy ocean trails to you, we are almost caught up.
Mary Lee and Lewis
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