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Back North to Osprey Marina for the Summer, Myrtle Beach, S.C.

10 November 2017 | Rivers Edge Marina St Augustine
05 November 2017 | Ortega River Marina, Jacksonville Fl
29 October 2017 | Lady's Island Marina, Beaufort SC
26 October 2017 | Lady's Island Marina
24 October 2017 | Harbor Walk Marina, Georgetown S.C.
16 October 2017 | Osprey Marina, Myrtle Beach S.C.
06 September 2017 | Rivers Bend Campground, New Haven Vt
01 July 2017 | Riversbend Campround, New Haven Vt
04 June 2017 | Osprey Marina, Myrtle Beach S.C.
08 May 2017 | Beaufort, S.C., Lady's Island
05 May 2017 | Sisters Creek, Jacksonville Fl
29 April 2017 | St Augustine, Rivers Edge Marina
24 April 2017 | Palm Coast Marina, Palm Coast
20 April 2017 | Cocoa Beach Fl
16 April 2017 | Vero Beach City Marina
11 April 2017 | Sunset Bay Marina, Stuart Fl
09 April 2017 | Ft Myers City Marina
06 April 2017 | Ft Myers Beach mooring field
31 March 2017 | Ft Myers Beach

St Augustine, Food Folks and Fun

10 November 2017 | Rivers Edge Marina St Augustine
Craig, 60's.......
Our trip to St Augustine Monday staeted out in sunshine and quickly became foggy! The crew was a little uneasy but fortunately it never really closed in. We had a mile of visibility until it lifted around 9:30am. The current was against us all the way down the St Johns River...sometimes 3 or 4 kts which meant I had to crank it up a burn some fuel to maintain 7kts of speed! 17 miles later we got back into the ICW and it was like we wers shot out of a cannon! 10 kts which meant the trip to Augustine would be about 3 hrs instead if 4! Amazingly, we saw 2 boats all day heading south...very strange there arent more. About half way to St Augustine near Pointavedre the tide reversed and we got a push of 3 kts all the way to St A. When we arrived at the inlet to head up in town we noticed huge plumes of black smoke. We found out later this is what they are doing with all the hurricane vegetative debris....burning it! It reduces the pile by 90% and ash is cheaper than whole trees to move to land fills I guess. Within a half hour we were motoring up the San Sebastian River to one of our favorite marinas, Rivers Edge Marina. Great folks run it and the rate for 2 weeks was very reasonable. We pulled into our slip at dead low, got tied up and went next door to Hurricane Patty's, a favorite watering hole. Great crab dip and chicken wings! Summer Wind showed up the next day and it was great to see Bruce and Claudette again! They were here for 3 days before they pushed on to Daytona and points south today, Friday. Tuesday night we went over to Kath and Dan Craigs house, cruiset friends we met 3 yrs ago in the Bahamas. They sold their boat Majiks last year and have settled in St Augustine. Kath made her world famous chicken parm which was heaven. They have a beautiful house near us that they have rehabbed themselves....just gorgeous. We heard rumblings about buying a boat again and our fingers are crossed.just a fantastic evening reminiscing about old times and friends topped off sitting around their gas fireplace out back in their yard. Thanks again guys!Wed. I checked out where the water was getting into the forward bilge. Donna emptyied the mid cabin where our water heater lives under the bunk. As I suspected...the water heater was leaking and basically was rotted we ordered one from the Boat Shop here and it was to be delivered the next day. Bruce and I rode a couple of loaner bikes to West Marine and another commercial marine supplier in town to pick up a few things natical. Claudette, Bruce, Donna and I went to Hurricane Patty's for Wing night on Wed and as usual they were great. Donna had the Jerk Quesedia which was fantastic and half price!. Bruce and I decided to catch the 7:00 pm movie out of town at the Epic Uber ride later, we were there for our man date!! Lol We watched Thor..Raganock which was very good. Ubered home after and we were home by 9:45. I forgot to mention we got a phone call from Brian and Jane from Mar A Lago fame, who were on there way to Mexico to visit friends. We sure do miss them and I'm pretty sure they miss us and the adventure of the ICW. Anyway, Thursday morning the new water heater was put in by a guy named Bobby who is a third my size so he could get into the tight space that our water heater lived in. 2.5 hours later and a lot of wrestling, we got the old one out and the new one in! The hole it came out of was 13 inches wide and the heater was....wait for it.....13 inches wide. It took some armstrong tactics and a couple of feet to get the new one in!. It works great and it was good we did it when we did as I could put my finger right through the side!! Last night after Donna went to the thrift stores and I put the boat back together, we went out with Dan,Kath,Claudette and Bruce to the Chianti Room to have 2 for 1 beers and a free slice of pizza for happy hour. Dan and Kath Drove us in to town in the old section to the restaurant thank God because my back has been acting up. A little Sciattica I think which I havent had in years. Ugh. This too will pass I hope! Kath and Dan had never met Bruce and Claudette so they were in fir a treat. Claudette started telling some of her stories and there was non stop laughter! We ordered Pizza, Donna's fav and spaghetti with meatballs, my fav. So good! We walked around Old Town and got some uce cream and checked out the shops. We then drove back to the Marina and said good bye to Claudette and Bruce who were shoving off at 7am this morning. We woll see them down the road and we even made plans to travel down from Miami to Marathon un Dec. We will see Kath and Dan again over the next week so no need to say our good byes yet. There are no nicer people in the world than Dan, Kath, Bruce and Claudette and we are glad to be able to call them our friends. Today Donna got up at 7:00 to help Summer Wind on its back saud Im staying in bed ...thank you very much. When I did get up, I peddled my bike down to Target to get a heating pad and a Copper Fit back only hurts when I move!! Hopefully things will get feels more like a muscle pull so hopefully it will heal soon. We are hear for another 9 days so I have time to recuperate. Thats all for now kids except one more thing....a cold front came through today and highs were only in the 60's brrr. It will be in the 70's again next week.Lastly, thank you to all the veterans out there. Without you, there is no us!

Fair Winds and Calm Seas
The Crew of Mighty Fine

Blue Angels and Free Beer

05 November 2017 | Ortega River Marina, Jacksonville Fl
Sunny mid 80's
After we left Beaufort we headed to Isle of Hope Marina 60 miles away so we could hit Hell Gate at near High tide on Tuesday, another ICW trouble spot! Like 3 ft at low tide! While at Isle of Hope Marina we went out to a cool Mexican Restaurant via courtesy car near the Marina....great cheap Mexican food! The next morning we headrd out at first light, 7:15 am, for Hell Gate which had an extra 5 ft if water when we went through the cut. Our original plan was to stop half way to Brunswick for the night but we were making such good time that by noon wr had gone 50 miles, so we pressed on to Brunswick, makong it through the Little Mud River on a rising tide of 3 extra feet which we needed because we hit a couple of 6 ft spots which would have been 3 ft at low tide! Yikes! Anyway after a long day, we arrived in Brunswick at 5:15 and tied up for two days to enjoy a Halloween Party at the Clubhouse Tuesday night and a cruisers party the next night. The beer is free the laundry is free and the folks are friendly! We even ran into Marathon friends, Cincinatti Bob and Katie! Donna and I went as Giants fans decked out in our Giants gear. The marina provided free pizza too! Brunswick Landing Marina is always worth a stop! Thursday we headed out at 8:30 so we could get through Jekyl Creek which is another shallow area. Well the fog was pretty thick but I could see the shore and out a quarter mile so off we went....the tide was falling fast in Jekyl and we had to get there before 9:30 to safely make it through. My bride was not a happy camper but the choices were few. We have radar and gps on our plotters so I could tell if any ships were heading our way but it was still scary. Fortunately the fog broke just as we reached the creek and made it through still reading some 5 ft depths! Next was St Andrews sound which can be a bear but Thursday it was like a mill pond! The rest of the rise to Sisters Creek free dock was a piece of cake. We even made it through the shallow areas at Fernindina without any problems even at dead low tide. Our Navionics plotter got us through nicely. We arrived at the free dock at Sisters Creek around 4pm and fortunately, there were 4 other boats there and we got help getting in as the current was pretty strong. We knew a couple of the folks and we had a couple of beers and discussed winter plans. Sisters Creek is right before the St Johns River which goes up to Jacksonville. We decided to go visit our friends from our Bahama trip 3 years ago, John and Jennifer Botterbusch, who live on there boat, Lady J at Ortega River Marina in Jacksonville. John works at the Marina part time and got us a slip for 3 nights! It just so happens there was a Blue Angels Air show this weekend! John invited our friends Kath and Dan who owned a boat called Majiks before they swallowed the anchor last year. It was great to see them again and we will see more of them as we spend the next two weeks in St Augustine whete they live. We all went out on Lady J which is a 40 ft Manta catamaran sail boat, to watch the air show right by the naval base. What a great show of death defying acrobatics. The show started at 11 and ended with the Blue Angels at 4 pm. The Angels were just amazing with their precision flying jus inches away from each other! Just a great bucket list show! Today we hung loose, Donna did some laundry and John drove us to Lowes and Walmart. We bougjt some 105 lbs of barbells at Walmart because Mighty Fine had develooed a list since the couch wad removed and replaced with much lighter chairs. So....I added more weight to the starnoard side to level us out! It worked! Lol. We had dinner on Lady J tonight and talked about future plans. We will see them down in St Augustine in 2 weeks for the festival of lights where the town turns on a million Christmas lights in the park and puts on a fabulous Holiday show....this is iur 4th year attending this event which is a blast! So tomorrow we head out to Rivers Edge Marina in Augustine where we will meet up with Claudette and Bruce of Summer Wind fame who just put their boat in the water at nearby St Mary's. It woll be great to see them again! Thats sll for was a busy week but we are in Florida again!! It is always great to meet up with old friends again!!
Fair Winds and Calm Seas.

Wazoogle Time and a Carriage Ride

29 October 2017 | Lady's Island Marina, Beaufort SC
Sunny and cold....low 60's
Well we've had a ball in Beaufort doing things we've never done on our 8 previous visits. Friday we went to the only plastic Kazoo factory in the US complete with a museum and gift shop. We learned way more about kazoo's than we ever needed to. It was fun and part of the tour is making your very own kazoo which we accessorized and customized. When you add 2 bell horns, it becomes a Wazoogle! Donna and O ate ready to start a band! Dylan is not a fan however and tends to run off when I pick it up! We highly recommend the was very fun and funny! We also had to make a stop at West Marine for a new power cord.....the old one had some burn marks on one of the prongs that was attached to our 50 amp to 30 amp converter. Yikes... A big cause of boat fires and the cord is probably 8 years old so $89.00 later we have a new cord. Yesterday the Fillin' Station Bar next door had $12.00 steak night.....oh man, a 16 iz plus steak cooked to order with a salad, cheese baked potato and a side of fresh corn...heaven. They do it once a week and it is well worth it! Today, even though its football Sunday, and folks know how I love football, Donna decided we should take a horse and buggy historical tour in town...fortunately, the Giants are on their by week. Some would say they have been on the by week all year....1-6! So into town we drove the courtesy car and met our driver and horse whose name was Newman in town, and off we went with 8 other folks on the tour. We learned a lot about the old mansions and the fact that Beaufort was attacked early in the Civil War because Lincoln wanted a town with a deep water port that he could run the shipping blockade of the south and place for Union hospitals for all the casualties. After the war northern Carpetbaggers came down ans boufht out the town! The plantation owners were basically booted out because they couldn't prove ownership or pay the back taxes! Anyway it was a great hour tour well spent but it was a little winsy and cool... The tropixal storm missed us with the rain but the wind has been honking all day in the 20's and 30's. High temps were in the low 60's today! Tonight into the 40's! We head to Sacannah tomorrow to Isle of Hope Marina so we can be close to Hell Gate cut on Tuesday to catch the high tide. In fact we wont leave here tomorrow until 10:00am so we wont hit Fields cut to early. If we get there around 2:30, we should get an extra 4 ft of water! We do love Lady's Island Marina and their staff and we will return in the spring! Hope everybody up north gets through the big storm unscathed!

Fair Winfs and Calm Seas

Beautiful Beaufort...pronounced Buuufort!

26 October 2017 | Lady's Island Marina
Sunny, cool, mid 60's., 40's at night...brrr
After Georgetown we headed 50 miles down the ICW to Isle of Palms City Marina. But before we left, we had our breakfast fix at Thomas Cafe..yummy for like $4.00 each! It is a throwback to the 50's. Lots of good homemade food in an old time atmosphere. Anyway, the ride to Isle of Palms was uneventful because we hit all the bad spots at high tide, which gave us an extra 5ft of water. Low tide depths of 4 ft are around McClellanville so the extra water was welcomed...hey I planned it that way. This morning we left at the crack of dawn, yes its true, because it was about 80 miles to Beaufort, our next stop. Again because we had high tide in the middle of the day, eater depths werent a problem. Some of the cuts are down to 4 and 5 feet at low tide! Amazingly, we only saw 3 boats all day moving south! We don't know uf we are ahead of the heard or in the middle but we know a lot of boats are behind us. It was a little brisk and we kept the platic and canvas down all day.Fortunayely it was bright sunshine so the bubble as we call it, warmed up nicely. We arrived at Lady's Island Marina around 4:10, so the trip took 8 hours and 40 minutes and that was with a pretty good tidal push all day of a couple of kts. Sometimes you get lucky but it is a hard thing to time because so many of the cuts and rivers have tides going the opposite direction. Mary, the Dockmaster told us the best thing to do would be to back in against the current after spinning around in the creek which has a kt or 2 of current....gulp! Amazingly,I got Mighty Fine in the slip without breaking anything...after 12 years of practice( how long we've owned the boat), I think I've got it! Go slow, look like a pro! We were planning to stay 3 nights because of the storm coming up the east coast. Well guess what, stay 3 nights, the 4th night is free! So we are here until Monday. We love this town and the marina had a loaner car! Jenna our daughter, insists we go to the only Kazoo factory in the U.S in Beaufort...she went last year and said it was fun and you get to make your own kazoo!! I'm going to buy the biggest baddest kazoo they make because its the only instrament I can play and yes, I called it an instrament haters! We plan on checking out downtown and maybe even doing an historic tour/ carriage ride.
Beaufort is one of our favorite towns on the ICW for sure. Back to the coming storm for a second. Its not supposed to be to rainy or windy here but we will wait it out just in case something weird happens. We've heard the Northeast is going to get the worst...lots of rain, up to 8 inches, and lots of wind... Hunker down folks. After Beaufort we plan on heading to Savannah for a couple of days before we push further south. We still have to stay north of Florida before Nov. 1st for insurance reasons. Insurance companies dont like boats in Florida during hurricane season for good reason. Thousands were sunk during Irma in the state!. Thats all for now. I almost forgot, we must have seen a hundred dolphins today! Thwy were everywhere in the ICW which was great entertainment for Dylan. Hw loves to bark at them! Occasionally, they roll ovet and look up at him with one eye as if to should try this wake surfing....its pretty cool! Oh ya, I forgot to mention we have a stow away on board....a little green gecko from Osprey Marina! We think he's good luck! Lol

Fair winds and calm seas

First Night.....Georgeton S.C

24 October 2017 | Harbor Walk Marina, Georgetown S.C.
Craig, Sunny mid 70's
Well today we were off at 9:00am after saying goodbye to everyone at the Marina and getting a final pump out! We love the folks at Osprey Marina,...very friendly and a great hurricane hole! We will be back next spring to leave Mighty Fine for the summer.Fresh water us a bonus....much easier in the boat than salt water. Anyway after last nights thunder and lightning, today was sunny and gorgeous for the trip to Georgetown. There was quite a lot of boat traffic heading south but everyone was very considerate and slow passes ruled the day. We arrived in Georgetown at 1:00pm at Harbor Town Marina....we usually anchor out here but we decided to splurge this time and take a slip. It will make it easier to go to our Favorite breakfast place on the whole ICW, Thomas's Diner. Donna took off for shopping at all her favorite spots in town but unfortunately, her favorite second hand store was closed for the day. Oh well...when she came back we had docktails with our biat neighbors...a nice couple of couples from Annapolus on their way south to the Bahamas. Then it was off to the Big Tuna Bar with Dylan for another cocktail. Back to the boat to watch the World Series tonight. Tomorrow its off to Charleston but were not sure where we're staying yet....this side of Charleston at the Isle of Palms or the other side at St Johns Yacht Club. We'll see as the day goes by.. It should be high tide as we pass through McClellanville a notorious shallow section which is good extra 6 ft of water covers all low water sins. Lastly, it was great to watch our son in law Chris, on the Show Lucifer on Fox last night. Very cool to see his dreams coming true! We'll all be moving into a Hollywood mansion in a few years! Lol
I would be remiss if I forgot to mention how much we miss our old buddy boat Mar a Lago...maybe next year guys?

Smooth waters and fair winds
Craig, Donna and Dylan

Osprey Marina and getting Ready to Head South !

16 October 2017 | Osprey Marina, Myrtle Beach S.C.
85 and humid....every day!
Just a quick note. We are at Osprey Marina in S.C. near Myetle Beach having a ball. More details will follow as we get ready to head south next Monday!
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Extra: We winter in Marathon in the keys and leave the boat in S.C. for the summer. For 3 months we stay on our RV in is good!
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