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Sea of Cortez
La Paz at last

Pulled into La Paz this morning! Have spent the last week on the beautiful islands of the national marine sanctuary. Furthest north was la Isla San Francisco where we met new cruising friends & went for gorgeous hikes. Worked our way south to la Isla Partida where we found awesome snorkeling! La Isla Espiritu Santo had great anchorages with more fun hiking and gorgeous coral & marine life! Not to mention some fun, fast sailing in the northerly winds. Finally got to anchor on the Baja peninsula at the fabulous Puerto Balandra.
We have traveled 1137 miles and all still love each other. Getting sad to say bye to Teresa & Tim but its snowing in Utah!
Photo is of Isla San Francisco
Love to all

Front coming
11/09/2012, Bahia de Los Muertos

Covered lots of ground with quick stops in Turtle Bay, Bahai Santa Maria, fueled in San Jose de Los Cabos, Los Frailes and now Bahia de Los Muertos where we found a lovely taverna with Internet. Loving sailing all night with balmy, star filled Sky.. Been hot so jumping into fabulous water real treat. We are all adapting to the cruising rhythm - four hours on/four hours off. Working in teams which is going well.

Off after dinner toward La Paz where we will find a protected island anchorage to wait out the Northerly and do some exploring before kids have to fly out.

Love to all!

11/10/2012 | Roger
Sounds nice. Partida should be sheltered from the Norther. It can still blow, but the water will be pretty flat.
11/11/2012 | Marilyn
More Pics!
11/12/2012 | Adi
Sounds wonderful. A world apart from everything that's going on over here. Thanks for sharing.
11/12/2012 | Jean Voge
Hello family!
Glad you made it to the Sea of Cortez safely! Taking a dip in that water sounds fantastic. It was 26 degrees in Paso last night!
Pain level so much better! Only trouble now is tennis elbow from crutching around really hurts. Gena massaging it for me. Using a wheelchair to get around at work. Started PT again. Getting my stitches out Wednesday. Writing up the last of the teacher evals.
Love and miss you,
11/17/2012 | Kathy apRoberts
Jim and I are enjoying following your time on the water. You certainly know how to live!!!
Getting warmer
11/03/2012, Turtle Bay

Spent 6 hours in San Quintin resting up after an all night motorboat ride. Got to sail most all the way (26 hours) to Turtle Bay under clear skies and balmy breezes. Low point was wrapping the reacher around the forestry. Tim was the hero - see photo!

Eating a meal out! Found restaurant with Internet. Food great on boat.

Departing in AM as wind to be good again. Destination TBD.

Love to all!

11/04/2012 | Adi
Wow, it's probably good you had Tim there.
I love how you always put: Destination TBD. That's awesome!
11/04/2012 | Nancy Gloye
Hi Mary: I was thinking about you guys so i just read your blog. You have already had adventures. I hope you are having some reading time. Its beautiful here on the central coast. 86 deg today. we are ready for cool weather. Take care and hugs to Kirk and the rest of the crew. Love your pix. N
11/04/2012 | Debbie & Randy Huhn
So fun to watch and hear about your adventure! We will be checking back often.
11/04/2012 | Margaret
Go, Tim!
You deserve a nice dinner out and some time on solid ground. All that motoring! I'll bet it is really gorgeous and that you are having a blast! I sure love you.
11/05/2012 | Sarah Riley
Hi Mary and Kirk,
Sounds like you are having fun! It is fun to see pictures! What memories you are making.


J & C
11/08/2012 | Brennan
I should have given you my spinnaker net for the trip! I didn't even think of it. I made it all the way to Hawaii without a single wrap. I'd love to say it was because of my fantastic downwind driving skils, but that is definitely not the case - all credit goes to the spinnaker net for keeping my forestay clear.
11/09/2012 | jonathan & CHRISTINA
we are definitely missing the millers. it just ain't the same around here without your smiling faces and great company..............
but we're hoping life is good wherever you are down dere.

lotsa love,

J & C & bear
Life is Good
Wind in forecast
10/31/2012, Ensenada

Motored all but one hour of 24. Heavy fog (radar still works), crazy traffic - aircraft carriers, hovercraft, freighters, unlit Mexican fishermen plus a few sailboats.
We are loaded with food, water, and fuel and hanging at the beautiful Coral Hotel/Marina until Ricardo returns with some new electronics. He seems confident we will be able to leave this afternoon. Destination TBD by depart time and amount of wind.
Staff here totally geared to facilitate cruisers entry into the country. Expediter accompanied us and took care of EVERTHING. We highly recommend this Coral.
Our phones are shut off and, as handy as they are, it sure feels good to be less encumbered! What a treat to have Teresa and Tim aboard!

10/31/2012 | Buzz
How dose the hotel keep water in the pool?
10/31/2012 | Adi
Sounds like an interesting adventure so far. Put some details in there and there is a book in the making!
Thanks for the posts, it's nice to stay in touch.
11/01/2012 | Ulysses McKeown
Hello family!

Glad to hear you're safe in Ensenada. Bummer about the electronics, glad Uncle Kirk can navigate with paper charts, old school style. I like Adi's idea for a book!

11/03/2012 | Mark @ Nicole
Say ..Hi there , just wondering how that entry to ENSANADA was ..WERE trying to get down that way next fall....keep up the Blogs..fair winds..[email protected]
Off for Ensenada
10/29/2012, Avalon, Catalina Island

Have spent a spectacular week in Avalon. Just missed our friends on the Bill of Rights ( but made special connection with Stuart (happy birthday on the 4th) and have been hanging out with Brennan Johnson (congrats on Single handed Sailors Society).

Teresa and Tim (electronics healed themselves when our engineer arrived!) arrived yesterday and we are off this AM for a light wind sail/motor to Ensenada.

10/29/2012 | Stuart
It was so great meeting you guys!
Thanks so much for the birthday wishes and the movie!
I am back in channel islands harbor for a bit.

Many blessing on your travels!

10/30/2012 | Paul Connelly
Hey Kirk,

Thanks for the link to your blog, great seeing what you're up to. Hi to Mary! :)

~ Paul
10/30/2012 | marilyn
Hi Guys, Hope it's even half the fun it seems like! Your slip has been busy! We are heading to Baja for the Shrimp Festival, miss you!'Alls well in Jersey except our boardwalk is gone, : (
10/24/2012, Avalon

Had easy sail to Santa Cruz Island on Monday. Sailed all the way to windy lane where we had to turn on the engine! Departed Smugglers Cove at 0415 with the wind and sea at our backs. Had a cold beer on the mooring in Avalon at 1730 - good 75 mile ride.

Plan is to relax here until Teresa & Tim arrive @ the 28th. Also looking for Raymarine technician as we have lost all of our electronic goodies. Good news is I followed my advice to my students and carry paper charts and navigation tools.

Love to all!

10/24/2012 | Roger
It's good to practice dead reckoning once in a while - just like the old days! When we were sailing novices in Santa Barbara Channel, I asked the broker who sold us our boat, for navigation tips for going to Catalina (I was thinking about shipping lanes and the like). He said, "Go out of the harbor and turn left."
10/24/2012 | Adi
I remember you telling me to carry a hand held :)
10/24/2012 | Roger
By the way Kirk, are you getting power to your electronics? If they all failed, maybe you have a short or corrosion in your power supply to the e-goodies.
10/26/2012 | Marilyn
So happy for you guys, living the dream! Congratulations on casting off.
10/26/2012 | Greg
Looks like all is well (except the electronics). Who needs that stuff anyway. You're a real sailor. Take care and enjoy.
10/27/2012 | Lenny
Looks like you are on your way....what was the electrical problem...have fun

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