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Sailing with Lala
Southern Bahamas
18 April 2009 | Georgetown - Bahamas
We are in Georgetown now, the biggest city in the southern Bahamas. This Place is known to every cruiser as the best, long term anchorage. In full season there can be as much as 500 boats anchor here. It's sort of like a day camp for adults, full of activities of all kinds. Our favorite is beach volleyball and everyday in the afternoon we all go to the beach and play, including Misiu. There are not that many cruising kids his age and if there are any, they are all the same and have a problem to make a relationship. But "uncle" Kenny and Everett are filling the gap and Misiu really is enjoying their company. Lala on the other hand has no problems at all. Every time she sees a boat with kids, she hops in the dinghy, fires up the motor and goes to "meets and greets". This way she gets to visit and spend some time on all different boats, including huge mega yachts.
But the best playing buddies are the cruising like her, happy and respectful to each other.
Georgetown among the cruisers is also called a "chicken harbor" because many cruisers don't venture any farther. From here south all the islands are more remote, without any services and places to provision. We might live tomorrow if the weather will be OK, if not we'll wait a couple more days. From here we'll go east towards Long Island, Rum Cay, Mayaguana Island, Turks and Caicos and planning to arrive in Luperon in the Dominican Republic. We heard from other people that fishing there should be better. So far we didn't have much luck. We only got one small shark and a huge monsters barracuda that we gave it back to the sea.
Got to go again. Bye!!!