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Mar en Calma
02/16/2011, Playa del Borrego, San Blas


You're right Fran, this is a surf town but as you can see surf was not up while we were here. However the beach was packed with Mexican tourists since it was a long weekend.
We did catch some waves a few days later, at Punta de Mita - no photos of that though as we didn't want to bring the camera in the dinghy for the surf landing. (Actually landing was easier than we thought, behind a small breakwater and carefully timed to miss the bigger sets of waves).

Another perfect Mexican sunset…
02/16/2011, Marina San Blas, in the Estero el Pozo

Feb 5

This area is notorious for being very buggy, but our visit luckily coincided with a 'cold snap' where the temperature dropped down to about 12 degrees Celsius at night for a few days, which must have killed off some of the no-see-ums since we hardly even noticed them!

02/16/2011 | Mom/Susan
What a beautiful sight. Glad to hear all is well. I Can see new snow on the malahat this a.m. Love to you both. Mom/Susan
Saint’s Day Festivities
02/05/2011, San Blas

Feb 3

We were very lucky to arrive here in time for the celebration of the town's patron saint. San Blas day, is a big annual holiday with lots of dancing processions, music, fireworks etc. The fireworks were the best part. They build a wood and metal tower in the center of the town square, held together with copious amounts of string and supported by ropes tied to palm trees. The tower eventually reached to about eighty feet and had many different sections that once ignited spun crazily around showering anyone standing to close with sparks before finally consuming it self in an unbelievably bright flash. The final section was shaped like a giant butterfly with a sphere on top that eventually blasted off and arced away over the town! Of course before the show could begin some dude had to climb up a corner of the tower and untie the very top piece, he just climbed it like a ladder while the whole thing swayed around. Guess he was confident in his knots. It would defiantly have made any Canadian safety inspector break out in a cold sweat.

02/06/2011 | camilla
You Two are haveing a grand adventure and I am soo pleased to be getting these posts and pictures.
We are thinking of you lots here and are looking forward to your homecomming.
Much love, C
02/06/2011 | Mom/Susan
Am always so excited when I see your updates. The pictures are wonderful and sounds like you are seeing so many wonderful things. Miss you lots and think about you every day. Love Mom/Susan
02/08/2011 | Mom/Susan
Bring back some vanilla- and Lindz would like some too. xoxo
02/09/2011 | krystal
Hi Mike and Marni,
So glad to hear about all your cool adventures...we are definitely living through you at the moment. Added a new mix to the family, a new puppy named poppy. CUTE! But can you believe I have to get up a couple of times a night, I thought those days were done. Oh well, everyone is well. Thinking of you lots! Lots of love the Beley Bunch....we miss you!
02/10/2011 | fran
Hey guys,
Glad to hear you guys are enjoying the Mexican holidays. Looks like you guys got there at the right time. San Blas is suppose to be great for surfing so I hope you guys are catching some waves. We're getting excited about our trip, 4 weeks to go! Miss the tropical sun. Keep up with the reporting, it's great hearing about your adventures. Take care, miss you guys Fran and Jen
02/13/2011 | Mom/Susan
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO YOU BOTH. As Kylin says "It's a nice grey day out Mummy" Love to you both. Mom/Susan
At the crocodile farm…
02/05/2011, San Blas, Nayarit

Feb 3

Crocodiles have no tongue; instead they have a membrane in their mouths that opens up once they've closed their jaws. The membrane also works to regulate temperature - they will spend long periods of time with their mouths open to absorb heat.

02/06/2011 | camilla
Oh what big teath you have Mr. Crock !
In the mangroves
02/05/2011, San Blas, Nayarit

Feb 3

We took an early-morning panga tour of the nearby mangrove estuary, where we saw an amazing array of birds, including about five different kinds of heron, ibises, storks and cormorants. Ricardo, our tour guide, was really knowledgeable and had a keen eye.
The birds were amazing, but the highlight of the trip was the crocs!! We stopped at a crocodile 'farm' where we could get a really close look at some big ones, but also saw 12-15 of varying sizes in the wild.
This guy didn't mind the panga getting close, we even splashed him with our wash and he didn't even twitch.

The Bells of San Blas
02/05/2011, San Blas, Nayarit

Feb 2

We treated ourselves to a marina stay in San Blas, which is luxurious (Picara is getting a thorough de-salination) and is also a convenient way to explore the town.
San Blas was an important Spanish port from the mid-18th to mid-19th centuries. and is now a medium-sized, friendly town with cobblestone streets and a few old buildings, although many were damaged in a hurricane in 2002.
An old ruined cathedral and fort stand on top of the only hill in town - the cathedral was the inspiration for Longfellow's poem "The Bells of San Blas."

02/06/2011 | cam
Ohh ! how Mexican, Beautiful.

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