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Living the dream
11/13/2011, Marina Seca Guaymas

Hello to everyone, we are at last back aboard Picara and everything appears to have survived the heat of summer. There are larger gaps around some cabinet doors and a weirdly melted rubber glove but no bugs and mostly dust-free down below.
It is nice to reconnect with folks we met last year and more people are arriving daily. There are the usual range of projects and unrealistic time lines. We hope to be floating in another week or so. We just put the first coat of bottom paint on yesterday and are prepping the top sides for a fresh coat. We have had great success finding all of the supplies needed including a late-night antifouling delivery by a couple of very friendly Mexicans.

11/13/2011 | C&D
So glad to hear that you are back 'home' and she survived unscathed, with out you.
We miss you tons and are happy to see your post.
Lv, C&D
11/14/2011 | Andrea
Nice Picture , glad all went well !
Wishing you a great Voyage to be continuied and sending you Greetings fromPort Mc Neill.
A & K
11/14/2011 | Susan
Good to know all is well. Marni looks busy. Miss you and love to you both. xoxo
11/14/2011 | Henrik
Glad to see that you're back. It brings some warmth to the cold weather in Alaska. Maybe you would be so kind to have a quick check on Bika, to see if the cockpit drain is not clogged up? We're looking forward to read about your sailing. Take care.
11/14/2011 | Serge and Sheila
Good to hear that you guys got rolling on the boat work right away. Temptress just got her bottom painted too. Aren't all Mexicans very Friendly? hugs and beer S&S
11/14/2011 | Terry Preston
Boat looks great, zt least from the underside....Hope the work goes smoothly and you are back in the water real soon!
11/15/2011 | Chris Wyckham
This is your former neighbour growing up as kids. I am completely amazed to find this blog. We actually bumped into you guys in the Broken Group last year. We kayaked up and talked with Marni about our own plans with our Niagara 35. You must have been below!

Wow. Drop me an email!
11/16/2011 | Carol
Thanks for the update; hope all goes well. P.S. Checked with Tom re: bringing Mike's surfboard, but vehicle is already in San Francisco, where he will fly down to help drive to Mexico.
11/17/2011 | Sam
Hey! Glad to see you guys made it, we only made it as far as San Diego last Christmas but Dad made it to NZ this year!

I was flipping through some of my photos from the trip and found some I took of you coming in under the Golden Gate bridge.

I hope all is well with you :)
11/20/2011 | Jen & Fran
Lookin' good. I see it is the same as here...Marni doing the work while Mike takes pics =) ha ha

It will all be worth it once you get on the water.

Take care,
Jen Fran
11/21/2011 | Spence Family
Glad to hear you made it safely back to Mexico and the boat is good... Ry keeps asking about when he can go surfing with Mike haha
Big red rocks...
Take care
J, S, R and J
12/02/2011 | Randall
Mike and Marni,

Glad to see you back aboard Picara for another season and looking forward to hearing which way you're headed this year. I miss the color of Baja mountains. Hope all is well!

Aboard Murre
Nawiliwili, Kauai
Time to head north
Still hot and dusty!
04/26/2011, Mariina Seca Guaymas

After a week on the hard we have done lots of socializing and a little bit of work, and finally packed ourselves up for the journey home to work for the summer.
This is our last night on Picara! We will miss her but be glad to see everyone at home!
Thanks for following our maiden voyage and for all of your comments and encouragement -- see you soon!
Marni and Mike

04/26/2011 | Norm/Dad
See you home in a day or so - looking forward to seeing you! Have you greased up all the gaskets for the heat?
04/29/2011 | Louise
WELCOME HOME .... if you are indeed home. So looking forward to seeing you two travelers soon!!
Hauling out at Marina Seca Guaymas
Hot and dusty
04/26/2011, Guaymas, Sonora, MX

On the afternoon of April 20 we pulled into the haul-out slip here at Marina Seca Guaymas on the south side of the harbour. The approach is somewhat shallow and shoaly on either side but luckily we had done a reconnaissance mission earlier, and talked with Gabriel the yard manager so knew the way in.
The yard here is dusty but has a great feel about it -- I don't think that there are any two boats that are the same here, and homebuilt steel boats are well represented so we fit in well.

Last Anchorage of the Season
Hot sunny and windy
04/16/2011, Caleta San Juanico

We spent a week in beautiful San Juanico, sitting out one strong blow in its protected waters, meeting some great new friends and exploring the area on foot and underwater.
Now we are in Guaymas after an uneventful overnight crossing of the Sea, getting ready for Picara's 'hibernation' and the trip back home!

04/16/2011 | Susan/Mom
I think you both will miss the lovely warm weather. Looking forward to seeing you both soon. Love Mom/Susan
04/17/2011 | Terry
Better hang out there a little is still cold here. Sunny today but possibility of snow overnight!! Yikes.
Desert flowers
hot sunny and windy
04/16/2011, Caleta San Juanico

Walking along the beach we found these tiny little flowers were growing on a leafless bush tucked amidst other spiky dry plants -- you could easily walk by them without noticing.

04/16/2011 | Mom/Susan
I have flowers in the garden. These look really pretty. The daffodils are almost finished but the blossoms are coming out on the trees.
Hiking in Steinbeck Canyon
hot and sunny
04/16/2011, Puerto Escondido, Baja

We left Isla San Francsico and visited Bahia Agua Verde and a few days later made our way up to Puerto Escondido, a very protected bay considered a 'hurricane hole' but where we shockingly had to pay to anchor in the main bay!
We got up early one morning and hiked up a nearby canyon where seasonal rains have carved out interesting rock formations in between the giant boulders. At one point the route involves crawling through a short cave underneath the boulders, creepy! But spectacular scenery the whole way along.

04/16/2011 | Mom/Susan
I think I would like to climb that rock. Looks like you are having a wonderful time. See you both soon.

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