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Spinnaker very useful... and it sails well too.
pretty calm
04/04/2012, En route to San Jose del Cabo

We left Los Frailes and motored down to San Jose del Cabo, where the plan was to splurge on a marina slip for the night to fuel up, water up and get some final provisions before checking out of Mexico at Cabo San Lucas. This accomplished, we headed out the next day, 20 miles further west to Cabo.

04/05/2012 | camilla
Ahh nothing like a good nap on a good sail.
Missing you guys as always and enjoying your great pictures and fantastic comentary. Still living vicariously. fair winds Lv, C&D
Our friends make the jump but we sit like lumps
as nice as ever
04/04/2012, Los Frailes

We saw a couple of more Polynesia-bound boats come and go while we were in Frailes: Ladybug II from Vancouver Island and a singlehander from California on a Lapworth 36 called Clover. At the time, it felt right for us to keep puttering away on little projects and wait it out - probably a good choice as the boats that left that week had to put up with about four days of very calm conditions off the Baja: as Don put it on the nightly radio net, they just parked the boat and flopped around for a couple of days.
The 'puddle jump' radio net has been a great source of info and entertainment for us - boats that signed up for the Latitude 38-sponsored Pacific Puddle Jump got together Buena Vista did a great job of organizing an SSB nightly net where everyone who is at sea can check in and give their position and weather conditions. It's pretty cool to hear your friends hundreds of miles away! There is a different net controller every night who directs the traffic, so to speak, and Marni had done it three times now - a good way to get over radio shyness.

Lovely Los Frailes
so nice
04/04/2012, Frailes anchorage

We ended up staying a week in Los Frailes, and so said farewell to Buena Vista and Chapter Two, the island packet, who left after a couple of days there. They are now more than half-way to the Marquesas! We did a bit of hiking and snorkeling in this really lovely and peaceful spot. A highlight of staying there were the constant displays of schools of jumping manta rays - they seem to just be cavorting around, leaping out of the water three or four feet, flapping their 'wings' wildly as they get a few seconds of air time. Some of them do somersault flips! These displays went on all week, sometimes just a ray or two a time, but on some days they all got together in groups of 20 or so and splashed around like mad for 15 minutes at a time.

04/05/2012 | Mom/Susan
I do hope you are getting pictures!! Glad to hear your boating buddies are doing well on their trek across the Pacific. Think about you often. Take care, Love Mom/Susan
I don't know about the other two, but we were racing..
strangely cloudy for one afternoon
04/04/2012, En route to Los Frailes

Our day started out calm as the three 'puddle jump' boats left Bahia de los Muertos, but a nice breeze filled in and we had a great broad-reaching sail in 12 to 18 kts for about 30 of the 50nm to our next anchorage, Bahia de Los Frailes. Near the end of the day we had the familiar old Sea of Cortez 'buffaloes,' steep short-period wind-waves to bobble us along. We are convinced that Picara won the 'race' on corrected time as we were traveling in company with a Peterson 46 and an Island Packet 42. The Peterson passed us just as we got to the headland and the three boats came blasting into the anchorage together under sail, quite a sight I suspect!

Sunrise in Bahia de los Muertos
always great
04/04/2012, Bahia de los Muertos, Baja

Well as it turns out we weren't quite ready to leave, in the sense of really leaving Mexico, after our last post! But all has been well on Picara, we are just tending to a few minor details and are not in a rush... as usual.
After tearing ourselves away from La Paz, we first headed to Bahia Falsa, about 10 miles north. We caught our breath there and the next day motored north and through the Canal San Lorenzo which divides the Baja Mainland from Isla Espiritu Santo to the north. Once around the end of the peninsula, we swung south and down through the dreaded Cerralvo Channel, where we got some breeze and crazy tidal chop as we got close to the famous wind sport spot at La Ventana. That night we anchored in Los Muertos with our friends Deb and Don on Buena Vista and another Marquesas-bound boat out of England.

04/05/2012 | Mom/Susan
Oh wow! what a sunset. Almost as good as ours!! Enjoy life!! Mom/Susan xoxo
Poco a poco, toward the big ocean!
you should be here!
03/12/2012, La Paz

Dock party at Marina Don Jose

After six weeks in La Paz, we are finally going to pull out of town, bound for points south of the equator! We will take a week or so to relax and make our way down to Cabo San Lucas which is our jump-off point for out inbound destination: Atuona on Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia.... Hard to believe it's come to this!
The cruising community in general and the folks here at the dock in particular have been absolutely amazing, generous and helpful. Our neighbours on Eyoni are sharing lots of technical advice, not to mention delicious carnitas! Buddies Kim and Rob on Keetya I helped out a lot too especially by lending their car for our last big batches of groceries and the final run to the ice factory for the icebox. The Buena Vista crew have been angels of organization, cat-herding all of the 'puddle jumpers' into a radio net so those of us with a HF radios can stay in touch while we cross the pacific.
Last night there was great dock party. We felt premature nostalgia for Mexico when the pizza delivery guy drove his motorcycle down to the end of the dock with our order! But the crowning glory was a beautifully decorated ocean cake with dolphin and sailboat artwork, from amazing boat kids Eleanor and Zada. Thank you so much!
I hope to get in another post before we leave the country so stay tuned next week...

03/12/2012 | Mom/Susan
Sounds like you will really miss Mexico. Good luck on your next adventure. Will think of you both every day. Wishing you a good trip. xoxoxo
03/12/2012 | Serge & Sheila
We wish you all the best! We miss you and will be thinking of you on your next journey. Look forward to tracking your voyage. Safe sailing!
03/13/2012 | lester
Bon Voyage!!! You will be in my thoughts as you make your trackless way across the Ocean. Looking forward to your Polynesian blogs. Namaste. Lester.
03/13/2012 | Norm
Hey you guys are having such a good time and being so well treated why do you want to leave Mexico?
03/16/2012 | Terry Preston
I wish I could be there to see you off. Congratulations on your accomplishments thus far. You have to give yourselves a lot of credit. You have come a long way baby!! Have a great sendoff and we wait to hear more!
03/18/2012 | Rick & Jude
Happy Trails! You two, we will look forward to your blogs as we cruise the BC coast this summer. Let's compare rain data.
03/18/2012 | Rick & Jude
Happy Trails! You two, we will look forward to your blogs as we cruise the BC coast this summer. Let's compare rain data.
03/19/2012 | Kelly and Carol
Glad we caught you on 22A just before you left La Paz...we'll follow your blog with great interest as we head northward in the Sea and then home. It will be great to read your first hand experiences as we determine what next year holds for the INTREPID II crew!
03/21/2012 | Louise
Hey Sailors!!
So great to hear from you, I love getting the updates! I just want to wish you both the most fantastic trip and my thoughts are with you guys. Safe travels to you, Picara will take great care of you!!
Lot's of Love,

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