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MOONBEAM: Circumnavigation 2013 - 2015

Who: Capt Ken and Lil Bardon
Port: Marco Island, FL, USA
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Current Position

FEB-MAR - Thailand, get boat ready for shipping to the Med

APR - boat in Marmaris, Turkey

MAY - sail from Turkey to Crete

JUNE - sail the Greek Isles, thru the Corinth Canal and up the Adriatic

JUL-OCT - Croatia, Italy, France, Monaco, Spain, Gibraltar

OCT-NOV - cross the Atlantic to BVI’s

NOV - Thanksgiving in the BVI’s

DEC - ?????


EARLY APRIL: depart New Zealand for Brisbane, Australia

MID APRIL - EARLY JULY cruise North towards Cairns along the Great Barrier Reef

JULY - OCTOBER cruise islands of Indonesia to Bali

MID OCTOBER - NOVEMBER sail from Bali to Thailand with a stop on Singapore



JAN 13 - depart Marco Island for Panama

MAR 11 - Panama - Marquesas

LATE APR - Marquesas - Tahiti

MID MAY - Cruise Pacific Islands

MID JUN/JUL/AUG - Tahiti - Fiji via Cook, Samoa, Tonga Islands

MID AUG - Cruise Fiji Islands

MID SEPT - Fiji - New Zealand

OCT INTO 2014 - Moonbeam in New Zealand
03/11/2013, 08 56'N:79 33'W, PANAMA

The crew has assmbled and is ready to depart for the Marquesas. Pictured from left to right are Ken, Jane Petro, Jim Drinane and Betty Bishop. Behind is the Bridge of the Americas. Today has been a frustrating day with three visits to immigration at different locations and two visits to the port captain (again at different locations) in order to get our clearance out of Panama. Finally accomplished after six hours, we brought Moonbeam to the dock to get our fuel, only to find out that they might not have enough for us. We are now back on our mooring hoping to get a call that they got a delivery of diesel and still fuel us this afternoon. If not, our departure will be delayed until tomorrow AM. STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES.....

03/11/2013 | Nancy
Sounds like a tough day. Remember that new skill we learned earlier? It's called patience. But you will soon be on your way. Stay safe. Nancy
03/11/2013 | Carolyn
Well, at least the delay was bureaucratic and not weather or injury-related! Hope the rest of the evening goes smoothly. Be well and safe.
03/12/2013 | Marilyn Picard
Lord give me patience...and I want it NOW!
Looking forward to all of your crossing blogs.
03/12/2013 | Lil
Well.....that answers my question. :) I hope today goes better.
03/12/2013 | al picard
Seems that every country has their own form of red tape. Such a pain!
Sail well and keep us informed.

With Ken and the crew from Florida to Panama having returned home, our friends, Denise, Caren and Becky (right to left) have flown down to Panama to babysit Moonbeam. Ken and the new crew for the next leg will all assemble in Panama at the end of this week to get ready for the major crossing to the Marquesas departing on Monday March 11. The blog updates along with daily position reports will restart then. The new crew will be Jim Drinane, Jane Petro and Betty Bishop.

03/04/2013 | Nancy
Great photo. Wish I had been there with you three.
03/09/2013 | Tom Luckett
Love the Ladies T Shirts are they available for purchase?
03/10/2013 | jane
Can't wait to get my new t-shirt!!!!
03/10/2013 | Alan and Carol Saroknan
While you are relaxing on Moonbeam, keep an eye out for the cargo ship Ever Decent today (3/10/13) due to arrive at the canal with my new boat aboard!
02/12/2013, 08 56'N:79 33'W, PANAMA

Incredible. Awesome. Satisfaction. What word to best describe?

All of the above. Jan 13 to Feb 12. Now, at anchor, close by the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal and just past the Bridge of the Americas. The passage of Moonbeam completed: Florida to Panama and through the canal.

Here there is a buzz of activity: large ships arriving for transit, canal pilots being delivered to the big boats, fishing vessels heading out for the day, launches servicing the mooring field, and more. With an afternoon spent yesterday in the "old city", followed with refreshment at an outdoor café in Plaza Bolivar, we finally sense having arrived.

So for the moment, there will be a pause in the blog posting. That is until the next crew arrives in the beginning of March. Until then, hasta la vista.

02/12/2013 | Rebecca DeVries
What an adventure! I have truly enjoyed following along!
02/12/2013 | John Linnartz
Really enjoy your blog! Especially since we just dug out from 22"+ 0f snow! What were the refreshments? pain killers? dark and stormy's, fine french Bordeaux or Champagne?

john Linnartz PERIDOT
02/14/2013 | David Safir
Unfortunately, I missed the crossing, but was glad to see a picture of it. Love your blog. Won't say "I wish I was with you" as Lil warned me about what to wish (LOL), but happy to be following your journey from the comfort of my apartment. "Pacific, here we come!"
02/15/2013 | Ruth B
Well done !! I loved sailing along with you without doing any of the work. You have a right to be proud of yourselves -- I am too.
02/15/2013 | Beth Downey
Wish I was there enjoying the view and the refreshments! So glad my dad Lee was able to do this first portion of the trip! I know he has had a wonderful time and I am so happy for him!! LOVE YOU DAD!!!! xxx ooo
02/17/2013 | Milly
"Satisfaction" totally deserved. Wonderful planning, excellent on-the-job learning at the Canal. Quoting Ruth B, "You have a right to be proud of yourselves ."
02/17/2013 | al picard
Wonderful coverage and I am jealous. Marilyn wants me to leave my passport at home when we come to visit you. See you soon.
02/18/2013 | Sue Barrett
Herb and I have been enjoying following your journey!!! What a wonderful trip you're having!!!
02/18/2013 | Wink
And to think that I was excited when on a cruise I took a taxi to the canal locks.
02/22/2013 | Tony B
What an exciting adventure, sure beats digging out from 28 inches of snow. I did not see the actual canal transit but thanks for the picture, it must have been marvelous. Safe journey.
02/25/2013 | Nigel & Leila
We love following you along! What a fabulous trip already, so far. Your sea & canal adventures are so MUCH more interesting than land travel... especially since we just returned to finally dig out the 38" of snow in our driveway.
04/01/2013 | Doug Kadlec
you are living the dream! Good on you.
Who's that under the hat ?
Are you blushing Denise?!

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