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MOONBEAM: Circumnavigation 2013 - 2015

Who: Capt Ken and Lil Bardon
Port: Marco Island, FL, USA
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Current Position

FEB-MAR - Thailand, get boat ready for shipping to the Med

APR - boat in Marmaris, Turkey

MAY - sail from Turkey to Crete

JUNE - sail the Greek Isles, thru the Corinth Canal and up the Adriatic

JUL-OCT - Croatia, Italy, France, Monaco, Spain, Gibraltar

OCT-NOV - cross the Atlantic to BVI’s

NOV - Thanksgiving in the BVI’s

DEC - ?????


EARLY APRIL: depart New Zealand for Brisbane, Australia

MID APRIL - EARLY JULY cruise North towards Cairns along the Great Barrier Reef

JULY - OCTOBER cruise islands of Indonesia to Bali

MID OCTOBER - NOVEMBER sail from Bali to Thailand with a stop on Singapore



JAN 13 - depart Marco Island for Panama

MAR 11 - Panama - Marquesas

LATE APR - Marquesas - Tahiti

MID MAY - Cruise Pacific Islands

MID JUN/JUL/AUG - Tahiti - Fiji via Cook, Samoa, Tonga Islands

MID AUG - Cruise Fiji Islands

MID SEPT - Fiji - New Zealand

OCT INTO 2014 - Moonbeam in New Zealand
02/10/2013, 09 08'N:79 48'W, PANAMA

Moonbeam is now in the middle of Lake Gatun proceeding South towards the last three locks to Panama City and the Pacific. Yesterday, we did the first three locks up to the lake, and moored overnight. Our new Canal Advisor, Ricky, arrived at 06:15 to guide us across the lake and into the Pedro Miguel lock and then the two-chamber Miraflores lock.

At the position noted, we are in sight of the Barro Colorado Island, a research facility under the care of U.S. Smithsonian Institute. Scientists from countries around the world come here to work and study local plant and animal life. Although the island can be visited to see some of the nature of Panama, we pass by, heading to our schedule in the locks ahead.

The picture is of the crew for the crossing. Clockwise from top left is Steve Errera, Ken Bardon, Nancy DeVries, Lil Bardon and Lee Henderson.

02/10/2013 | Geoffrey
I think I see you in the lock now. Rafted with another sailboat with an awning up.....
02/10/2013 | Fred
A life time memory with more to come. Glad to see Lil has joined Moonbeam. A heart toast to each everone of the crew
02/08/2013, 09 22'N:79 57'W, PANAMA

CAPT Ken: his lines and tires.
For rafting protection as well as in the locks, six tires will be hung from each side of Moonbeam. They were delivered, with four 150 ft. long lines, which will be set up fore and aft. Our transit is tomorrow afternoon, Feb 9th.

Here's the schedule:

SATURDAY... 3:30 pm > We will be leaving the dock early enough to reach the port of Cristobal and anchor at The Flats before 3:30, when the Canal Advisor boards our boat from a pilot boat and we begin motoring toward the Gatun Locks. Enroute, we will raft up with one or two other boats.

4:00 - 6:00 pm > There are 3 locks to go through. One of these has the web cam for viewing the locking. Search on google (Panama Canal Web Cam) for the link and you can watch. After rising 85 ft., we reach the fresh water Gatun Lake and anchor overnight.

SUNDAY... 7:00 am > A Canal Advisor rejoins the boat and we motor 31 miles across the lake.

12:00 pm > A noon arrival is anticipated at the beginning of the last three locks.

1:00 - 3:00 pm > During this time frame, we transit these three to finish Moonbeam's "locking through".

The first, Pedro Miguel Lock, takes us with a drop of 31 ft. to the Miraflores Lake. It is only one mile to motor across the lake before we enter the two chamber lock known as Miraflores Lock. A web cam is located within this section (search on google for the link).

When the transit is finished, we will shout, PACIFIC OCEAN AHEAD!

02/05/2013, 09 22'N:79 57'W, PANAMA

We have just been informed that our transit time has been pushed back to Saturday, February 9.


02/06/2013 | roberto marcio da silva
Around the Horn next time , then ,huh ?

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