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China Rose
Preparation for Caribbean Sailing
Capt. Bob
09/13/2014, EastPort, MD (AKA - Annapolis)

I retired last week so the pressure is on for getting the boat ready to sail south before the days shorten too much and the cool fall nights close in. I've started charting the route down the Chesapeake Bay, through the Dismal Swamp and out in the ocean south of Cape Hatteras. This will take us through Hospital Point at Norfolk, Elizabeth City, Beaufort, out in the ocean past the Cape Fear river which juts out in the ocean and on through the night to Charleston. We should close the ocean leg in about 30 hours. We can rest up in Old Charleston for a few days eating shrimp and grits before heading out for Florida.

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China Rose
Who: Capt. Bob Starbird & Terry Thielen
Port: Annapolis, MD
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