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China Rose
05/20/2015, Georgetown, Exuma Bahamas

Home in Washington, DC for Grace's college graduation. Will sail from Georgetown, Exuma to Luperon, DR in June.

Bahamas Bound
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Staniel Cay
05/03/2015, Staniel Cay

Dove Thunderball grotto yesterday. Wonderful cave with lots of fish. The weather has been pretty bad with a tropical low hanging over us and bringing lots of rain and wind. Were of to Black Point on Monday for a little fun in a local Bahamian town. We should have stirring NE wind for the next few days then should then to the SE and SW for our sail south to Georgetown.

Bahamas Bound
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Tonight Jim and Linda on s/v Double Trouble made a delicious lobster pizza. We had great fun sipping rum and talking about their adventures in the Caribbean. I am amazed they have taken their 30 foot Chrysler to Grenada and back. Tomorrow they'll stay the last part of their trip back to Florida.

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Day sail
clear East 15-18 knots no swell
04/05/2015, Spanish Wells

Set out 9AM from the Glass Window. Wind was on the rear about 15 knots. Cleared Current Cut at noon. Was making 8 knots through the cut with the outbound tide. Had to turn into the wind and fight my way up to Meeks Patch. But arrived at 3 and had time to explore the island. Just when I think I have the perfect anchoring spot, I look over my shoulder to see AZUCAR towering next to me. Really, they can't move away a little. It's a big island. AZUCAR is 130' luxory yatch which accomodates 10 guests and a crew of 7 and cruises at 24 knots with twin 2,732 HP diesel engines. It's a big ship anchored next to me.

Bahamas Bound
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04/04/2015, GiGi and Rods wedding

Ryan and I transferred my wedding photos as we waited for Rat Dog to arrival. Rat Dog the surf king was taking us, especially Cam, the only surfer in the group, to the best surf beach on the island. Being Australian he has the credentials.

Sure enough his beat up Woodie rattled up the road. After a short warning about car trash Cam, Jen and I piled in with Rat Dog. True to his word we were off screaming down the Bohamian roadway. The shocks had long since gone and the woody floated as if it was a cloud mobile. Then my seat started floating as well. Turned out the slide lock on the seat has also rusted away years ago so I grabbed the door to keep from pitching forward and backward as Rat Dog would break and accelerate. After a few miles we turned off on the dirt track. Up and down. Gullies and through massive sea grapes until we looked out over the most beautiful vista of curling sea. Crystal clear water. Looking through my polarized glasses I could see through every curl to the reef below. The only sign of industry was the surf shack which was little more than 8x8 palm lean-to fitted with a couple car sets firmly planted in the sand. Needless to say Rat Dog and Cam were in nurvana and took wave after wave for hours while the group took in the endless beach and sun. Rat Dog had another music gig that night so we returned to the house and retired to the pool. The time has come for me to take my leave. So I said my farewells to Gigi and Rod, and all my fast friends. It had been such fun I really didn't want to leave but it was the time.

Bahamas Bound
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Gigi and Rods Wedding

Friday 4:30, half hour to wedding time. I took the Nikon and began snapping photos having photographed a few weddings I figured I could at least complement to photos taken by the official photographer. The ceromony was ocean side, late afternoon, with a gentle breeze. In short a perfect setting. After a short vowes it was rum punch followed by conch salid and assorted appetizers. And then dinner of lobster, lamb and Bahamian treats. All the while I turned my attention to catching as many candid photos as possible without being intrusive. The DJ was replaced by the picking of Spider and Da Boys playing tunes from across the world including the famous Bahamian Rake an' Scrape. Ryan and Cam made fast friendship with Rat Dog one of the guitar players and longtime surfer. Late into the night Cam pulled out his guitar while the girls sang backup. With the full moon overhead we danced until the wee hours. Exhausted an full of joy and the wonder of how people find another in this big world I motored out to China Rose under the full moon.

PHOTOS- I have not posted the photos here but you can see the wedding on Facebook on Gigi Graf"s page.

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