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The Beautiful Exumas

18 May 2012
Sassy watching Cathy paddleboard

This blog has been a challenge as internet connections run on island time.....real slow. They actually tell you to have a sip of your Kalik Beer (The beer of the Bahamas) while waiting for the connection and continue to sip as you wait. Eventually the connection will seem a lot faster

We have been extremely active between bicycle riding, walking, snorkeling, diving, paddle boarding, kayaking, swimming and eating all the local fish, conch and lobster that Tommy and his Bahamian dive buddies catch or spear. Tommy, Cathy's brother, joined us in Nassau the day before we left for the Exumas and he has been a delight to have aboard on our travels south.

I am off to get a couple more Kalik beers for dinner and upcoming internet connections and Tommy will make Bahama Mamas for he and Cathy, the main ingredient being coconut rum. Cathy has been sleeping real well since the introduction of Bahama Mamas aboard Moonlight Shadow

We finished two plus delightful weeks in the Exumas before heading back to Nassau so Tommy could catch his flight back to the SF Bay Area. We made stops at Highbourne Cay, Exuma Park at Warderick Wells, Compass Cay and Staniel Cay. We have had very active and full days and enjoyed the uniqueness of each stop. Snorkeling at Exuma park was fabulous as we saw some beautiful reefs, lots of fish and several lobsters. Since you are not allowed to disturb or take anything out of the park, we were not able to add to our freezer of fish. The signs at the park say "only take photos with you and only leave foot prints behind".

Our last night in the Exumas at Highbourne Cay we had a great Bahamian buffet put on by the locals as the only restaraunt on the island closes on Mondays. That night one of the mega yachts treated everyone in the marina to a wonderful fireworks show. Not sure what they were celebrating but it was a fabulous display.

Upon arrival at Nassau, we were able to restock the boat with provisions, give Moonlight Shadow a good washing and enjoy some great conch salad before Tommy departed for home.

Vessel Name: Moonlight Shadow
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau 46
Hailing Port: Galveston, TX
Crew: Bill & Cathy Truscott & Sassy
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Who: Bill & Cathy Truscott & Sassy
Port: Galveston, TX