Lagoon 450 Moor R&R Kathryn Roper & Paul Rogers

Incorporating the world famous photo series East Coast Australian Walks "Paul did not do" plus the much rarer "See Paul Walk" series of photos. Although two photos hardly a series make. As for grammar, spelling and punctuation (Forgetaboutit)

It's the early bird that wins the meat tray. alt title see Paul walk again!!!

19 February 2018
I know, I know 3 times in the same year, do not write in or e-mail me, I am not sick, I was just coned into walking again and while my back was turned a picture was taken.

Back track to Saturday and I was booked to help Greg move Sunshine from it's mooring up to Marmong Point Marina, mean while Kathy let lose in Greg's car took off to the fabric shop for some retail therapy, before picking up a couple of I-Phone 4S's I had purchased of Gumtree.
Now we have 2 spare working phones on board and a spare sim card for the next time we lose or drop one at inconvenient time.

Kathy then came and collected us from the marina, we then went to look at an alternate site for the Lagoon gathering at the end of the week. This is when it was suggested that we need to walk around for a better look.
(coned again)
On returning from the boat delivery we took Moor R&R back around to Rathmines Bay for the following days early Bird kick off event. We moored next to Margret and Bob SV Casablanca.

Early Bird get together on Sunday from 3:30 pm had crews from Arkydes, Blue Glass, Casablanca, Cats Paw, Lazy Bones, Moor R&R, Tres Amigos and Vamonos plus a couple of mono hull owners but we are very liberal in the company we keep. Enjoying a quiet drink and meal at the Rathmines Bowling Club.

It would be remiss of me to not mention that having purchased $10 of meat tray raffles I then won 3 of the meat trays . This brings my meat tray count to 5 won in 7 days for Total outlay of $30. So my idea of going to the shops to purchase meat has morphed into lets head down to a club again for a quiet drink and pick up some moor meat. (Works for me so far this week)

A couple of busy days

16 February 2018
Thursday we where off early with Greg down to Pittwater to look at a Lagoon 440 he is interested in.

After the viewing we went to Church Point for Lunch and caught up with John Cowpe from TMG.

We returned to Kilaben Bay in time to watch the sun go down through the trees.

This morning dawned (which is always a good start for a day) with a very misty lake.

Then we returned to Wangi Wangi with Clear Horizons following.

We moored up for the day then headed in to the R.S.L for dinner with Greg, Audra and Steve.

Both Greg and myself won a tray of meat in the meat raffle. Two out of two so far, I am on a roll, well at least a round steak this time. Tomorrow Kathy is driving Greg's car up to Marmong Point Marina via a couple of fabric shops, while Greg and myself take his Catamaran up to the Marina for next weeks Lagoon event.

Pool Party

15 February 2018
Crews from Bluglass, Moor R&R, Sunshine joined Val and Rick from Arkaydes in training for the Lake Mac Summer Escapade. With a another couple of non-Lagoon owning boat types, a very pleasant time was had by all.

Boys being boys at the Pool Party.

Washing, water and shopping must be Monday. Rare See Paul walk shot.

12 February 2018
Yesterday started with an early 2 hour generator run to get the 3 loads of washing done. We then headed across to the Styles Point Public Jetty to fill up with water. Then headed off to do some provisioning. (Out of spuds the horror of it all)

We headed over to Toronto a 5 mile motor. When we arrived there was 4 small boats strung along the public wharf with just NOT enough room to fit a 45 cat between any of them, so we dropped anchor.

While preparing to dinghy ashore all the owners returned within 5 minutes of each other so we upped anchor and tied up to the wharf.

This wharf is at the end of The Boulevarde the main shopping street in Toronto. As can be seen from the map Coles, Wollies and Aldi are all in walking distance (even for me). 1st see Paul walk shot for 2018.

There where numerous Restaurants, cafes and specialty shops along the way to the supermarket.

Back to the vessel after 2 hours and we headed back to the Rathmines area for the night.

Bowl on over to the Bowling Club.

11 February 2018
Yesterday morning I went for a dinghy ride early into the next bay to see how crowded it was, as luck would have it the public mooring had just been vacated, so off we set before breakfast for the next bay. This would be a better protected place for the Southerly change forecast for later in the day.

Cooked Breakfast with left over Pide toasted once we where moored.

The Strong change came in as predicted and on time and had us spinning around for a half an hour till the Southerly set in for the afternoon. We decided to give the brass band concert a miss and arranged to catch up with Val and Rick at the Bowling Club at 4 pm.

This was the former Officers Mess in the RAAF Base hay days during the Second World War. We took the dinghy back around to The Rathmaines Bowling Club at 4 pm. Ellen & Geoff King off SV Blueglass where arriving with some friends as we tied up so with a a table of 10, a very good singer/guitarist for entertainment and very reasonably priced food I had the $10 bangers and mash, Kathy went up market with the $15 Lasagna. A great time was had by all.

To the right of the officers mess can be seen the lakeside swimming enclosure, this some what rickety structure today, is our our dinghy dock to tie up to. The problem is it is less than 300mm wide so a bit of a balancing act to get back out to the dinghy after a few drinks. Luckily neither of us went for a swim.

Vessel Name: Moor R&R
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 450 2013
Hailing Port: Wherever the Boat is anchored is Home.
Crew: Kathryn Roper, Paul Rogers, Mo and Omah (Cat Cats).
About: Mo (Black cat) and Omar (White cat) Moor R&R (Fat cat) Kathy and Paul cleaners, repairers and feeders.
Extra: One Glass of Red wine = 1 hour in the Gym no wonder I am so fit.
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