Lagoon 450 Moor R&R Kathryn Roper & Paul Rogers

Incorporating the world famous photo series East Coast Australian Walks "Paul did not do" plus the much rarer "See Paul Walk" series of photos. Although two photos hardly a series make. As for grammar, spelling and punctuation (Forgetaboutit)

5 days in the marina.

07 December 2017
We had some heavy rain that washed the salt off the boat, followed by a spectacular Rainbow.

Caught up with Wendy and Mark for his Birthday aboard Temptress.

We have been through every locker on board and anything not used in the last 12 months is going ashore for storage.

Ruth and Phil came over for a night and we had a very nice Greek meal down at Bulimba.

Headed down to Boat Works this morning. To arrange the lift out and bottom painting of the boat in first week of New Year. Also to catch up with a Lagoon 450 that has just come in from overseas.

All the numbers back in Brisbane.

02 December 2017
In to the East Coast Marina, Manly, Brisbane for a Month over Xmas.

Days Away: 191

Miles traveled: 2,364 nautical miles or 4,160 kilometers for Land lubbers.

Fish caught: way more than last season, but still not enough.

Fuel used: more than we would like, but if we didn't we would not be here yet.

Alcohol free days: way, way more than last season, do we feel better for I do not believe so. I will let you know once I have a drink.

Walks avoided: most of them I belive, allthough the promise of a Red Wine did get me up to Zoe Waterfall on Hinchinbrook Island.

Contacted me old mate Phil to say hi and see if I could borrow my car back for a month, he seemed cagey and has put me off till next Wednesday claiming Ruth is busy, then this photo arrived by anonymous e-mail. Should I be concerened.

Nah probably not even my van just a look alike, although the old bolke in the red T-Shirt does look like Phil from behind.

Time for crew of R&R to have some R&R before starting out all over again next year.

It's a tough life but somebody has to do it.

Merry Christmas to all of you blog followers out there.

Down in the gutter, then the frezzer comits hara kari.

02 December 2017
Last nights sunset at Pelican Bay.

0500 was kick off to Cross the Wide Bay Bar we had decided to try the Fishermans Gutter a short cut from the normal route out. That involve a short intense bit of disturbed water.

The wind was twelve knots fron NE and about a 1.8 meter swell running in. Clear Horizons turn behind us to head into the Gutter.

Probably about the upper limit when I would use short cut in future. We got slammed by a large wave on our Port Beam that I did not see coming.

That was enough for the freezer on the cupboard that has been there for 3.5 years since we got on board full time. It decided to dive for the floor.

It ripped its door off, threw its contents on the floor and wacked the cupboard door bellow it on the way down.

Due to the number of people that left behind us and the lack of marina berths at Moolooaba we decided to make a push into Morton Bay. Ending up at the Southern end of Bribie Island. Exactly 12 hours from Pelican bay total distance 94 miles avg speed of 7.8 knots.

22 miles to Manly marina tomorrow and that's another year of cruising over.

The day of extreme rain.

30 November 2017
We departed Bunderberg at 0545 into what can only best be described as threatening skies that soon stopped threatening and began to pour with rain, which was pretty much all it did for 8 of the 11 hours it took to get to Fraser Island.

View toward Moor R & R from Clear Horizons.

Do not know why I thought it would be a good day to fish, but I got lucky with an 1100mm Spanish Mackerel.

Finally, late in the afternoon, we emerged from the rain.

This seemed like an opportune time to transfer some of the fish to Clear Horizons so they could also have a fresh fish supper. View as they range up on us for the delicate procedure of chucking a packet of fish on to their trampoline for them.

They then lead the way into a very tranquil South White Cliffs anchorage with fish in hand.

After a very quiet night it was off at 0815 to head down to Pelican Bay to get ready to cross the Wide Bay Bar tomorrow morning, all being well with the weather.

Currently, there are 9 Cats, 3 monos, a power boat and a Large Police boat anchored waiting to cross the bar. So it will be a busy morning start me thinks.

Funder, lightning and sea food.

29 November 2017
This blog is becoming a bit same, same. Forecast was for 10 to 15 knots from east, and small swell as good as forecast as we have had in many a week. Started out at 0540 with it rough out the front of Pancake Creek, but with easing conditions and the wind finally went from South to South East to East. Not perfect conditions but enabling us to motor sail at 8 knots which was as good as a win at this point of the journey.

2 hours out of Bunderberg the storm clouds started looming, the wind went back to the South East and started to pick up. By the Time we turned for the Entrance channel at Bunderberg it was approaching 30 knots and pouring with rain, with very confused lumpy seas.

Clear Horizons, who had a sleep in, were half an hour behind us, they managed to slide in behind the rain that hit us, but recorded over 33 knots of true wind.

Once we turned down wind for the marina we where surfing up the shipping channel at 8 to 9 knots. With all the motoring we had done since Townsville we needed to get fuel, Don and Suzy with a hand held VHF were at the Fuel wharf to grab a line. After docking we proceeded to spend $1050 on diesel to re-fill the tanks.

We had booked a berth which was on the other side of the fuel dock for the night to catch up with the crews from Storm Dancer and Vamonos and was going to be free as marina guest are given an 11.5 cent/lt refund on fuel purchases.

By the time we had finished refuelling, the wind now up around 25 knots blowing straight into the marina, had lines of waves coming in tossing the dock and boats around like so much drift wood.

This was when I had an attack of the sensibles and abandoned the idea of trying to get into the marina pen and made the call to head up river and anchor. Dropped anchor and showered, jumped into the dinghy to head back to the marina, of course it started raining on the way just for good measure.

Fresh seafood platters from the local fish co-op had us enjoying a very pleasant evening aboard Vamonos with Suzy and Don.

Del and Craig from Storm Dancer also joined us.

A good night was had by all.

Off at 0600 today to head down into the Great Sandy Straights. Radar already showing rain squalls - this trip just keeps on giving. NOT.
Vessel Name: Moor R&R
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 450 2013
Hailing Port: Wherever the Boat is anchored is Home.
Crew: Kathryn Roper, Paul Rogers, Mo and Omah (Cat Cats).
About: Mo (Black cat) and Omar (White cat) Moor R&R (Fat cat) Kathy and Paul cleaners, repairers and feeders.
Extra: One Glass of Red wine = 1 hour in the Gym no wonder I am so fit.
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Moor R&R Lagoon 450

Who: Kathryn Roper, Paul Rogers, Mo and Omah (Cat Cats).
Port: Wherever the Boat is anchored is Home.
"So long and thanks for all the fish" Douglas Adams