Lagoon 450 Moor R&R Kathryn Roper & Paul Rogers

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Cruising, maintenance in not so exotic places.

19 January 2018
We managed to be out of the boat yard, carefree and relaxed for less than 24 hours, when Kathy uttered those words again "I think we have a problem"

This time one of the over priced Italian make food cold boxes is instead warming food up.

Fridge gone South not us.

Will need to find someone to look at it and a berth somewhere to moor for the service people to get aboard.

Oh the sheer joy of it all.

Back to the water.

17 January 2018

Thursday after 10 days on dry land Moor R&R heads back to the water. Looking like a new one all shinny and painted.

We are anchored back up Tipplers passage for a few days R&R on Moor R&R Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Day 4,5 & 6 Hot, Hotter then Melted.

13 January 2018
Just when you think It could not possibly get to be any more fun, it does. Towards the end of day 4 (hot) there comes a shout from Kathy in the Port hull "we have a major problem". The contents of the Port Forward toilet bowl have been leaking out and collecting in the unused shower now re purposed as storage.

An hour an half later we finally have the mess cleaned up, have a shower and head out for dinner with Vicki and Tony at a Thai place down the way.

Day 5 the morning (hotter) was spent dismantling, cleaning the replacing Macerator pump and motor and re-assembly. After showering flaked out for the rest of the day.

Late on day 5 once again those chilling words " You will not believe this, but we have another major problem" This time Port aft toilet has started to leak. I thought they where "Jabsco" brand but may well be made by some bloke called Murphy.

So day 6 dawns with me back in the bathroom with my head stuck down another toilet while the temperature heads towards melting point. Lucky this has only just started to leak, so a new seal and o-ring after a good clean up and re-assembly all is good again for another 5 minutes.

While I was having so much fun playing with the toilets the polishing and anti foul painting continued outside. By the end of day 6 the girl was starting to look the business on the outside at least. Clean freshly painted bum. Sides and top all polished and gleaming. Stainless Steel (Now that has got to be the biggest lie when applied to a boat in history) rust stains removed and all polished and shining in the harsh sunlight.

In between playing with toilets, I managed to swap out the head-sail furler and 1st reef lines for new Spectra lines. Re-install the wiring that had been un-tied to facilitate the removal of stains from the Stainless Steel. Install the new hull anode and new Sail drive leg and prop anodes on each side.

We are managing to sleep ok with the aid of our portable 240 volt Air Con we purchased up in Townsville a few years ago. I would not describe the cabin as cold but at least it takes the edge off.

Day 7 Sunday dawns warm again, what surprises lay around the corner for me today. I keep checking the 3rd toilet it has not played up for at least 6 months, must be time any day soon.

Day 3 Boat works Jan 2017

10 January 2018
I am getting to old for this shit. Its very hot in the yard.

Progress was made but slower than day 2.

Correct size hose tails installed on new raw water valves.

Sail drives filled with oil and ready to go.

Fuel filters changed out on both engines no sign of the Diesel bug that was there in Townsville when last changed.

'Diesel bug' is a commonly accepted term for a number of contaminants that include microbial bacteria, fungi and algae that live at the point of blend between water and diesel. The water from the condensation in the fuel tank is what the diesel bug survives on, allowing it to reproduce at a very fast rate.

Lost track of how much Fuel Doctor (medicine for Diesel bug) I have put in tanks but it appears to have fixed it.

Finally sourced acceptable replacement for hull anode.

New 12mm x 32 meter Spectra 1st reef line sourced just need to install now.

New 10mm x 35 meter Head sail furler line not available ordered and will arrive Friday, I hope.

Guys polishing Hull finished and now onto the upper area fore-deck, the girl is starting to shine.

Hulls bellow the water line sanded and primed ready for anti-foul paint.

Drive legs and props polished up and ready for Prop-speed.

7 days to go but who is counting.

Did I mention how hot the boat is standing in a concrete yard.

Day 2 Boat works Jan 2017

09 January 2018
Good news for day 2 was all the anchor chain moved from boat onto a pallet to go to galvanizers.

Bad news is it is so badly rusted it needs replacing not just re-coating.

Had a win finding and installing some missing stainless steel clam shell outlet covers on the girls under side.

Also found some plastic covers to go over the outside of my generator vents that had been causing some water ingress of recent, this may help with the issue.

Hunt for replacement anode is still on, have a new one of different design, that will be usable just not as tidy an install as the original.

Vessel Name: Moor R&R
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 450 2013
Hailing Port: Wherever the Boat is anchored is Home.
Crew: Kathryn Roper, Paul Rogers, Mo and Omah (Cat Cats).
About: Mo (Black cat) and Omar (White cat) Moor R&R (Fat cat) Kathy and Paul cleaners, repairers and feeders.
Extra: One Glass of Red wine = 1 hour in the Gym no wonder I am so fit.
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Moor R&R Lagoon 450

Who: Kathryn Roper, Paul Rogers, Mo and Omah (Cat Cats).
Port: Wherever the Boat is anchored is Home.
"So long and thanks for all the fish" Douglas Adams