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More Mischief Wherever We Go
Season 5 begins of five months or five years - October 30th, 2015
Galliot Cut / Cave Cay– Feb 6th.

We again had to wait for high tide before we could leave Little Farmers Cay. We motored out of the anchorage with about three inches of water under the keel. We anchored just outside of Galliot Cay that evening and had dinner with Karen Ann and Polar Bear. The plan was to get up early the next morning and head for George Town.

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Little Farmers Cay – Feb 2nd

We sailed down the chain another 10 miles to Little Farmers Cay and anchored by Oven Rock in just over 7 feet of water with Majiks. Polar Bear, Karen Ann and Odyssey arrived the day before and were anchored/moored in Big Harbor across from the Little Farmers Yacht Club. There is one dock and a dinghy dock and a bar/restaurant (sort of). Flextime arrived the next day and was anchored in the bay with us. The plan was to spend a few days here as this weekend was the islands biggest event held on the first Friday in February (5 F's). The locals are joined by Bahamians from other islands for a weekend of Bahamian C-Class racing. A new bar and grand stand was built this year for the event. The bar, believe or not was right beside the airport runway and people just walked runway as if it was a street. When a plane needed to land they buzzed the runway first to get everyone off it. The racing boats were sailed to the island or arrived on the supply boat. There were about 10 of these boats and one of the sunk at the start line of the race on the first day. It was dragged back to shore that evening. We really did not watch much of the racing as the schedule was typical of the Bahamas. Not when the race is going to start or where the race course is going to be. The first the race course was all through the boats that were anchored across from the new bar. We spent three lovely days there before moving on to our next stop.

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Black Point Settlement

Black Point was our next stop on the way down the Exuma chain. The village is the largest center of population after George Town. Many cruisers make a point of stopping here as the drinking water is free. There is a clean laundry facility and you can also grab a hot shower while you are waiting. There are a few restaurants and a very limited grocery store. We spent two days here Dan and Kath from Majiks and John, Jazzie and Mario from Star IV. We waited for a high tide departure before heading off to Little Farmers Cay.

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Sampson Cay

This neighboring Cay to the Big Majors Spot anchorage and proved to be a great spot for provisioning. They also had a great bar with sometimes $2.00 draft and half price appetizers. Beer was also free when it was flat.
It is a privately held island with great cottages to rent and a well-protected marina.
This picture is of John and Hanne from Star lV after enjoying a few refreshments.

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Big Majors Sound / Staniel Cay

We made our way here Monday January 23rd and anchored in the good holding behind Big Majors Spot just next to Staniel Cay in 12 feet of water. Again the water and scenery was awesome with many shades of blue and turquoise. This is a great place to provision and to watch the NFL playoffs.
We spent some time feeding the pigs that swim out to the boats that approach the south beach on the island. These animals created some anxious moments when they tried to join us in our dingy.
Lobster hunting began again as we were now out of the park and eager to bag a special meal. No luck that day as we combed the reefs looking for the elusive prize. While the locals say the hunting has been poor this year we are still committed to make it happen.
During this time period we were able to get the washing machine working and further reduced our dependence on Marinas etc.

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02/25/2012 | Frances
Happy Birthday Hilda - thought this would be the easiest way to send you the message. I am sure that you are enjoying the sun - Have a great day.

Cambridge Cay

The next stop south was Cambridge Cay for a night. We spent the day snorkeling again ready to move south again the next day.

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