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Busy Key Biscayne
Co-Captain 2
08 December 2012 | Key Biscayne
We arrived in Key Biscayne in record time. We sailed the entire day except when we motored out from Rodriquez island and when we came into the channel here. We averaged 7+ knots all day. Sailing all day was great but it did nothing for the batteries. We ran the generator a little while this afternoon. Very warm here and very busy. Coming in on a Saturday afternoon was probably not the best in planning. Only one panic moment today as we were verifying markers for the channel. The Stiltsville houses are interesting. I counted 7 left. There are several other boats anchored around us & several that came in after us. If the weather holds and continues like today we will had for Bimini early tomorrow morning. If we could have sailing winds like today and fairly calm seas it will be nice. Time will tell.