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Blue, blu water
Co-Captain 2
09 December 2012 | Alicetown, Bimini Bahamas
WE MADE IT!!!!! We left Key Biscayne about 6:45 this morning along with 6 other boats. There was no official "buddying" up but it almost seemed like someone yelled start and we were all off. 3 other boats that left with us arrived about the same time and we always had each other in sight. 2 boats headed further north. All the sails went up just after we cleared the Key Biscayne Channel. We ended up motor sailing a lot of the trip. The winds did not come as southerly as expected. The trip was great. It took us about 8 hours. One of the boats followed us into the harbor. He said he had trouble the last time he came in. Very trusting considering we have never been here before. The boat behind had reserved the end of the dock. We have a slip that was tricky to get into. The tidal current was really strong and it wanted to push us sideways as we backed in. We finally got us in.

The water became more and more blue as we sailed. Our depth meter stopped reading at 500 feet about an hour off the Florida shore. It started again about a mile off the Bahamian shore. The water became clear, aqua as we got close to shore. The waters around here still blow us away every time we see it.

We are staying tomorrow instead of leaving for West End. We are going to explore the town and beaches.