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The Adventures of SV Mulan
AIS revisited & other stuff

My enthusiasm for using AIS as a defence strategy are previously reported, but today, a big honking container ship was coming right at us. We initially slowed down to let him pass ahead by more than the 0.2 miles the AIS indicated, even though he was still over the horizon. But then a funny thing happened - he changed course. Wow, someone on their bridge was watching out, and saw little ol' Mulan up ahead before they had a visual. Cool. Yesterday, a freighter passed us that listed its length in mile terms - 0.179nm. It was like watching a small mountainous nation stated slide by. Today we are motoring NNE again in search of wind. Stay tuned. The GRIBs indicate that is where it will be later today. Paul caught a fish this morning - we think it is an albacore tuna, but it doesn't show in Grant's Guide. Maybe Aussies don't do albacore.

03/09/2010 the middle of the north pacific, as we get sucked into the next big high. On the bright side, we have finally seen some ships - three freighters, two of which came within 1.2 miles. The 2nd we changed course for, as he was 884 ft longer than us! And finally, after hurting my eyes looking at every sunset for the past year, the other night I saw the green flash. cool. Last night we blew out the genoa halyard (why does stuff always happen at 3am!). As the spare halyard is not configured the same way. we don't want to run the risk of the big sail getting wrapped in the furler, so we have hoisted the smaller heavy weather jib. and you guessed it, we are now in light winds and could really use the big sail. maybe time to try the iron jib and head north, again. Finally (to get all the bad news out), the giant bag of peanut m&ms has run out. Another crisis to deal with. cheers, Team Mulan.

high, what high

The high that has been camped out causing us to struggle towards its northern frontier in order to sail east, decided to head out of town just as we scented victory. Chased out by a mean old low and associated front, that had us doing some interesting middle of the night gybes to cope with its associated wind shifts. We are now headed east, but will gain some more northing as soon as winds permit. Getting cool - have cracked out the winter woolies and sleeping bags. Cheers, Team Mulan

Great day sailing

We are still looking for the elusive top end of the high. Winds have gone very soft, so we must be close to the centre bit. Winds have eased to 8-10 kts, so we have spent a beautiful sunny afternoon on a spinnaker run in almost flat seas. Boat speed is close to 6 knots, which is great given the wind velocity. Certainly faster than motoring! Cheers, Team Mulan.

Ways with fish
27/08/2010, still in the pacific

Keith said he would make fish & chips. Yeah, right. But there at dinner last night, we were chowing down on battered mahi mahi, deep fried chips & onion rings. Put together in a 25 knot squall (not Worksafe BC approved conditions). Keith is a star. He even brought along his own apron!

Sailing the Dorado Ocean
26/08/2010, The pacific

Well, if the wind doesn't cooperate, go fishing. So far, we have caught 4 dorado/mahi mahi/dolpin fish, but only landed 2. Oh, for the want of a swim platform. Our arms are not long enough to reach the net or gaff down to secure the beasts. But there is only so much fresh fish one can eat. Keith is at this moment scanning the recipe books for a new angle on mahi mahi. The other cool fish story was the presence yesterday of several very large dolphins, who swam along side rather than the usual playing in the bow wave. Even better, upon going below (downstairs for the non-nautical), you could hear them talking to each other. Awesome! Cheers, Team Mulan

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