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Sea Change
Cruising on our Catamaran, Murihiku, in the Mediterranean
The name Murihiku
21 May 2012
The boat name was Yamuy which is cat in the native Puerto Rico Taino language. It has now been registered as a New Zealand boat NZ1898 and renamed Murihiku. Murihiku means “tail of the bird” or “last joint in the tail” (bird or fish) in Maori and was the name of my father’s boats. He named them after a boat sailed by his grandfather’s brother that represented Southland in national competitions.

In the photo taken when they were competing in Wellington in 1921 he is the one second from the left. I haven’t got any photos with me of either of Dad’s two Murihiku’s, can any of the family send one? I have taken one off the net but I don’t know if its Dad or the new owners.

Ange is giving me tutelage to get the correct Maori pronunciation but I am not sure it wouldn’t be more culturally correct to use the Southlander’s pronunciation!
Rebecca Stewart
24 May 2012 03:22:56Z
Cool story Mum! I didn't know that was why it was named Murihiku. I guess at least there's no Maori people around to ask you to "please stop" speaking their language like there was in France.. heheh
Jo Breese
05 June 2012 20:49:59Z
I have been wondering about this so you have answered my question. How proud your dad would be to think of you keeping the tradition alive and having such wonderful sailing adventures - great photo. Cold wet and stormy here - a reminder about what you are missing!
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