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The dream
Things are happening
11/20/2008, Port Owen

After a period where it felt that nothing was happening it suddenly changed
The handiest guy I ever met was referred to us and he started with removing of the teak decking and repairs to the GRP under the deck. All of a sudden Mystic Rhythm is being transferred to her original beauty and we are most satisfied
The electrician has repaired the freezer which is a bonus and Associated Rigging came through on time and most professional. Our rigging is all fixed and the Pelican hook has been installed and we cannot wait to take her for a sail
In the mean time we found Southern Ropes in Cape Town had a Factory shop and we replaced all the working rigging from there at a fraction of the cost should we have gone the chandler route
I am adding a couple of pics.....

Whats up?
11/03/2008, Port Owen

Things seem to have come to a stand-still. We really want to get everything done on the boat, but I suppose that I must take lead times into consideration. We now have the Solar panels and regulators, but the stainless guy is still busy with the pipe work and all work must wait till the piping and brackets are fitted.
The teak decking has to be sorted before the life-raft can be fitted and this seams like the next headache. Should we remove the teak or repair/replace the teak? There are all sorts of opinions for and against and we must make up our minds?
Refrigiration is also high on the list, however we have decided that this will be done next year
The rigging has been sorted and we are making the inner forestay a removeable unit. Associated rigging from Cape Town will be doing this next week (if we can believe Cape time?)
We have found someone with a auto-pilot, SSB and wind genny which he wants to sell. As soon as he gives us prices we can make up our mind whether we will buy second hand (although un used) or new.
I attach a photo of the Port Owen opening cruise where Mads and I took Mystic to sea and found out that we cannot tack or jibe with the inner forestay in place (without great difficulty)
Well, warch this space.......

Home sweet home......
10/13/2008, Port Owen

Mystic Rhythm at her new mooring.....

The Family
10/12/2008, Port Owen

After a bout of heavy seasickness Juanita joined Neil and Mads and seems at ease with the sea.......

She seems happy??
10/12/2008, Port Owen

The skipper looks quite at ease.........

The first sail!!
10/12/2008, Port Owen

It finally happened.
On a cool Saturday 11 October 2008 we left the Mykonos harbour at 08h00 (and got out into the main harbour of Saldanha at 08h45 after getting stuck on a sandbank) and set coarse for Port Owen. The sea was a bit like a washing machine but we soon changed coarse and ran before the sea which delivered a most enjoyable sail.
We entered the Berg River at 15h50 and tied alongside the holding jetty at 16h00 and had a couple of drinks celebrating our maiden sail.
Mystic Rhythm handled the swell, which we estimated at 3,0 meters very well and we made up to 8 Knots of boat speed which really surprised me. She handles pretty well but you can feel that she weighs 12 - 14 tons as she reacts slowly to the wheel, however she is very dry and comfortable.
Its good to have her home....

Happiness is !!
10/07/2008, Mykonos

At last we had something happen on time
Mystic Rhythm is launched and looking spritely. A big thanks to all who helped
Hopefully the weather gods will be kind and give us a gentle Southerly wind to bring her to her new home
Keep watching this space......

10/05/2008, Mykonos

Well lets hope the second try works better
What ever came into me to think that I should personally do all the work on the boat? I can admit, that was not one of the more clever decisions I have ever made
If it was not for my old school pal, Piet Jooste, Mystic Rhythm would most proberly never be launched. However the new water lock and skin fittings are now installed and we are looking forward to the launch on Tuesday 7 October. She looks really pretty with her polished topsides and her new anti-fouling. (please note that polishing and anti-fouling was done by the Marina service and not by me!!
With all said and done the next exciting moment will be next Friday or Saturday when we sail her to her new home in Port Owen
Untill next time.....


At Mykonos fuel jetty

At Last!!
09/22/2008, Mykonos - South Africa

If the truth be told..... I was a bit nervous moving her in the marina with only me and Mads on board but it went without a hitch and we tied alongside the fueling jetty with no fuss. Thereafter the move to the Travel lift went well and boy O boy was there a sigh of relief when she was propped and the crane out of the way
She looks pretty good underneath but the surveyor is booked for tomorrow so till the report is written we will wait.
The damage sustained during the storm looks relatively minor. A deepish scratch below the water line and 2 skin fitting which are loose and to be replaced.
So now we will wait for next Tuesday for the launch and first sail which will be a trip from Mykonos to Port Owen.
Cheers for now

Change of name
09/15/2008, Port Owen

I suppose the time has now come to change the blog name to MYSTIC RHYTHM. So, tomorrow I will attempt to change the name and you should remember to look under "M" fom then on. I tried to fit a new VETUS Waterlock on Saturday but not very successfully as I needed some assistance. This will now be done on the hard. I did however seal the holes where it was leaking into the aft cabin due to the broken fairlead and pushpit. Also the free flowing stern gland is now only dripping every minute or so and the auto bilge pump has one less worry. Well I hope that tomorrow brings a change to the blog....

09/10/2008, Port Owen

We are still waiting to be slipped at the Saldanha Naval slip. Apparently the slip is damaged and repairs are only starting today so we have no idea as yet when we will be slipped.
We added an additional spring yesterday as the new warps are showing signs of wear. Hopefully the weather gods will listen to the SA met office and the winds will subside today so that we can sleep a bit easier.
We found that the skin fitting for the freezer unit has been damaged. this fitting is on the water line so we have a leak. The auto bilge pump is handling it quite easily, but we are somewhat worried and Mystic cannot be slipped to soon.
She is also leaking where the horn cleat and fairlead was torn out of the deck. We have purchased the new stuff and must now get around to fitting and sealing. I would think that a general look over for leaks is called for
Well watch this space .....

The Beginning
09/08/2008, Port Owen

Believe it or not - It has happened
This morning we signed over ownership of Daydream and took possession of Mystic Rhythm.
The weather is foul and stormy but our mood is ??? We cannot somehow believe that it has happened.
Now we will start the whole process of "Sell up and sail" - Scary hey!! - or Excited hey!!
We need some time to compose our thoughts and let the magnitude of our decisions sink in - So watch this space

Is this good or bad?
09/02/2008, Port Owen

There was a terrible storm raging Friday and Saturday which caused huge swells to hit Mykonos Marina. Now this is where I get a bit confused? Mystic Rhythm broke her mooring lines and close to obliterated the walk-on finger. Damage is just paint scratches plus a fairlead broken off and pushpit bent. This must be good news. Bad news is that the current owner has no insurance?
This is where the plot really thickens!
The current owner has by own admission said that he will take Daydream for a trade in plus we are to pay the balance which seems to be the best idea ever
If all goes well we should be the proud owners of Mystic Rhythm by round about 29 September - Magic hey!!
We have already moved the boat to another finger today which went smoothly and we replaced all the mooring lines and a couple of fenders

No Go!!
08/29/2008, Port Owen

Well, I suppose we should have known. With all the interest shown in Daydream it looked like a possitive sale, however the price was apparently just to steep and the offer could not be considered. Therefore we are still the owners of Daydream and cannot take possession of the new boat. We will not despair and believe that the right buyer is on his way - watch this space

08/25/2008, Port Owen

We had a couple looking at Daydream on Sunday and they seem very interested. Now we can only hold thumbs and hope that they come with an offer and then things can start moving. We started taking off all our personal stuff from Daydream and readying her for a possible new owner. This is in a way a sad moment for us as she has been instumental in many fond memories and we will certainly miss her, but the knowledge that should she be sold soon we will be able to replace her with Mystic Rhythm makes things very acceptable. All of a sudden the dream is starting to change a gear in the right direction - keep watching for up-dates

Mystic Rhythm
08/21/2008, Mykonos - South Africa

This is the third attempt to add post. We spent the day of 20 August on Mystic Rhythm doing an above water survey which proved to be acceptable according to the surveyor. If all goes well we will be moving her to Saldanha as soon as the current owner can get a booking with the SA Navy slip. We are ecstatic with her and cannot wait for the sale of Daydream in order for us to take possession of Mystic Rhythm. Follow the blog for news

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